Lucio Alves – Cantando depois do Sol (1961)

Philips  P 630.440 L

Although most music by romantic singer Lúcio Alves has been already presented on Loronix a decade ago, an attempt to post it now is not that easy as in the meantime most of his recordings got copyright protected and Depositfiles‘ magic copyright check identifies & deletes them immediately after upload. Still, I managed so far to upload two of his albums which show no signs of digital fingerprints.
Anyway, this does not mean that sooner or later they will not be also copyrighted and removed from server.

The morale of the text above is:

Be quick today or tomorrow you may find the absurd DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY advice instead of a working link.

This is, by the way, a premiere of a Lúcio Alves career album on Parallel Realities.

Accompanied by orchestra under the direction of Carlos Monteiro de Souza, he sings:

01. Emília (Wilson Batista / Haroldo Lobo)
02. Tema Sem Fim (Lúcio Alves)
03. Madrugada 3:05 (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria/Reinaldo Dias Leme)
04. E Nem Sei do Amor (João Mello)
05. Verdadeiro Amor (Gilvan Chaves)
06. Esperei (Daisy Amaral)
07. Festa de Luz (Bidú Reis / Murillo Latini)
08. Lamento No Morro (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
09. Rio à Noite (Renato Amorim / Sergio Gomes)
10. Minha Palhoça (J. Cascata)
11. Alfa e Ômega (João Mello / Baden Powell)
12. Poema da Chuva (Claribalte Passos)


Créditos: Jorge


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