Boca de Ouro de Nelson Rodrigues – Soundtrack (1963)

San Remo RS 1002
A 33 1/3 rpm EP with just two compositions as part of the soundtrack for Boca de Ouro de Nelson Rodrigues.
Composed and directed by Remo Usai:

1. Abertura (Remo Usai)
2. Tema (Remo Usai)

By the way, I am watching quite a lot of movies lately and some time ago I have decided to create some IMDb lists of films which I enjoyed very much for various reasons and which I recommend watching.
There are no links for download of movies, but for the majority it should not be a problem to find streams on the net by entering “Movie title (year) watch online” in the search.
I added the links to these lists in form of several movie posters on the right column of Parallel Realities Music which are grouped according to topic or manner and which you may click to access the lists with all information available about the plot, writers, directors, actors etc, as well as images.

This soundtrack presented today is also the start of a new list named Soundtracks presented on Parallel Realities, containing links to IMDb information about most of the movies that were presented here.

All lists will be updated accordingly.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Verde Vinho – Trilha Sonora da Filme (1981)

Continental 1.01.404.247

A soundtrack from Verde Vinho or Griechischer Wein as Udo Jürgens‘ composition is originally named.
The film I have not watched but some information, mainly about the music, you may find in the back cover text signed by Reinaldo Varela. Or, you can search the net and, maybe, find a streaming copy of the movie.

Or you can skip watching and just enjoy the music:

01. Verde Vinho (Griechischer Wein) (Udo Jürgens / Michael Kunze / Vrs. Paulo Alexandre) – Paulo Alexandre
02. Voltei Pra Ficar (Palmeira / Mário Zan / Paulo Alexandre) – Paulo Alexandre
03. Gosto de Pecar (Afonso Correia Leite / Armando Rodrigues) Instrumental
04. Fandango (Tradicional) Instrumental
05. Menina Moça (Tema de Mafalda) (Remo Usai) Solo de Piano – Remo Usai
06. Madeira Fever (Tema da Ilha da Madeira) (Remo Usai) Instrumental
07. Adeus Meu País (José Maria Rodrigues / Remo Usai) – Paulo Alexandre
08. Agora Ou Nunca (Nóbrega e Souza / Antônio José) – Paulo Alexandre
09. Desgarrada (Mário Rocha) – Paulo Alexandre / Maria de Lourdes
10. Malhão (Tradicional / Adpt. Remo Usai) Instrumental
11. Rancho da Camacha (Tradicional) Tradicional da Ilha da Madeira Gravado ao vivo
12. Vira (Tradicional) Tradicional de Viana do Castelo Gravado ao vivo
13. Vida de Artista (Remo Usai) Instrumental
14. Verde Vinho (Griechischer Wein) (Udo Jürgens / Michael Kunze / Vrs. Paulo Alexandre)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

O Assalto Ao Trem Pagador O.S.T (1962)

San Remo 1001

Although I have received this soundtrack via Pedro & 300discos,
it has not been, as usual, transferred and scanned by Pedro, but was found somewhere on the Internet and sent to us as it is a rarity.

About the film O Assaldo Ao Trem Pagador (which I have not watched) I can tell you just that it is about a robbery that has really happened, and that it is directed by Roberto Farias. Also that the soundtrack itself has been composed and directed by Remo Usai.

The soundtrack consists of:

1. O Trem Pagador (Remo Usai)
2. More Uma Criança Na Favela (Remo Usai)
3. Assaltantes Em Fuga (Remo Usai)
4. Tentação (Remo Usai)
5. O Fim (Remo Usai)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos + The original uploader

THE MOVIE by Nilton Maia:
I watched the film when it was launched (1962) and until now I consider it a very good film, with the good soundtrack you have posted. So, if you want to watch it, here is the link.
The Youtube link hasn’t English legends, but I think you could find them in internet. One of the links indicates “with legends”, but I don’t know if they are in English