Orquestra e Conjunto RGE – Sucessos (1961)


Orquestra e Conjunto RGE with the soloists:

Rubens PerezPocho” (Piano nas fxs. 1 e 11)
Hector Bisignani (Sax nas fxs. 2 e 9)
Renato Cauchioli (Trombone nas fxs. 3 e 10)
Omar Izzar (Gaita nas fxs. 4 e 8)
Geraldo Aurieni (Pistom nas fxs. 5 e 7)
Nino Mafra (Acordeom nas fxs. 6 e 12)

are performing:

01. Calcutta (Heino Gaze)
02. El Matador (J. Bowers / I. Burguess)
03. É Fácil Dizer Adeus (Tito Madi)
04. I Love Paris (Cole Porter)
05. Mulher de Trinta (Luis Antônio)
06. Devolvi (Adelino Moreira)
07. Palhaçada (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
08. Alguém É Bôbo de Alguém (Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool) (Howard Greenfield / Jack Keller)
09. Speak Low (Kurt Weill / Ogden Nash)
10. Não Sabemos (Rubens Caruso)
11. Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velasquez)
12. Assim É Se Nos Parece (Fernando César)

OH, CALCUTTA! New link

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Pocho e Conjunto RGE – Parada Dançante Nº 3 (1958)


An excuse first of all: While sorting and deleting the usual spam out of comments today, I accidentally deleted also several comments arrived from friends. Sorry for that, but this action can not be undone.

This album by Ruben PerezPocho“, as well as the next that will follow are not premieres as they have been posted already on other sites. But they are at the moment (as far as I know) nowhere to be found. Besides, this is another rip out of the private collection of Eliane and Sérgio, kindly sent to me a short time ago.

Dance and parade on the dance floor while Maestro Pocho (and the Conjunto RGE) perform:

01. Guarde A Sandália Dela (Germano Mathias / Sereno)
02. A Farewell To Arms (Рaul Franсis Webster / M. Nasсimbene)
03. Por Causa de Você (Tom Jobim / Dolores Duran)
04. El Reloj (Roberto Сantoral)
05. Love Me Forever (Вeverlу Guthrie / Garу Lуnes)
06. Mister Lee (Нeather Diхon / Нelen Sathers / Emma Ruth Рought / Laura Webb / Jannie Рought)
07. Viva Meu Samba (Вillу Вlanсo)
08. Around The World (Victor Young / Нarold Adamson)
09. Diana (Рaul Anka)
10. Viver Sem Você (Fernando Сésar)
11. An Affair To Remember (Нarrу Warren / Нarold Adamson / Leo MсСareу)
12. Alone (Selma Сraft / Morton Сraft)


Créditos: Eliane & Sérgio