El-Son 7 – Brasilia Jovem (1968)


El-Son 7, an unknown (to me and also not listed on Memória Musical) septet lead by tenor sax player Elson, has his premiere on Parallel Realities with their album Brasilia Jovem, released at an unknown date…

If anybody has any more information about El-Som 7, besides the few words (mostly about Brasilia, the new capital of Brasil) on the back cover, he is welcome to share it.

The septet members are:

Elson – sax tenor
Luiz Carlos – bateria
Mozart – guitarra
Castro – contra-baixo
Wilson – órgão
Marcos e Taky – crooners

The compostions and their renditions are Jovem Guarda as the title suggests:

01. Love is a many splendored thing
02. These boys
03. Eu te amo, te amo, te amo
04. My dream
05. O Milionário
06. Fascinating rhythm
07. Live for life
08. Ode to Billy Joe
09. Não valho o que choras por mim
10. Samba de Rei


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

REVIW by brazilliance:

What a strange selection of songs… George and Ira Gershwin meet The Beatles and Francis Lai.. But what a fun album it is!

According to raridadesdopipiu.blogspot.com and senhorf.com, this group was formed in 1963 as The Good Boys. When saxophonist Elson joined in 1967, the group was renamed to Elson & Seus Good Boys. In 1968, Wilson and Tachy joined and they finally became El-Son 7.

This album was probably recorded in 1968 when they allegedly played with Eliana Pitman, Elis Regina, Roberto Carlos, Wilson Simonal and Sergio Mendes. In 1969, the group split and the members continued as 7 Elson and Os Mugs. 7 Elson recorded one more album in 1972, before Elson died in 1974.

Unfortunately, Elson doesn’t seem to have a surname. However, his sax tone is solid and it seems that El-Son 7 was quite a local celebrity in Brasília in the late sixties.

By the way: this is only the third version of ‘Samba de Rei’ recorded in the sixties after Leny Andrade and Eumir Deodato and his Catedráticos in 1965.