Nossa Orquestra – Saudade Amiga (N/D)

Ritmos/Codil CDL 13013

Nossa Orquestra has recorded this one album on a date unknown to me. Honestly speaking, the existence of the orchestra itself has also been unknown to me up to now and probably to most of you and has so far never ever been presented on the net. At least, not that i know of such a presentation.

In short: A rarity!

More about Nossa Orquestra may be deducted from the names of it’s prominent members and the instruments they play, luckily all neatly printed on the back cover, together with a text about this LP (in Portuguese). 

The musicians are:

José Zimbres (Regências, Piano)
Sebastião BarrosK-Ximbinho” (Sax alto, Clarinete)
Waldir Brito (Flauta, Flautim)
José Miranda Pinto (Sax alto, Clarinete)
Pedro Nogueira Filho (Sax alto, Clarinete)
Fernando Barros Pinto (Sax tenor)
Giuseppe Sergi(Clarone)
Luis Bittencourt (Guitarra)
Pedro Vidal Ramos (Baixo)
Juvenal Nunes Sampaio (Bateria)
Sebastião Gomes (Pandeiro, Tumbadora)
Geraldo Fernandes (Ganzá, Reco-reco)

Special participation by Radamés Gnattali (Piano, fx. 7)

The music is:

01. Meu Amigo Pixinga (Radamés Gnattali)
02. Estamos Em Férias (Luis Bittencourt)
03. Aviso ao Morro (Sebastião Gomes)
04. Saudade Amiga (K-Ximbinho)
05. Cinco Companheiros (Pixinguinha)
06. Assim É Melhor (Radamés Gnattali)
07. Velhos Companheiros (K-Ximbinho)
08. De Déu Em Déu (Miranda Pinto)
09. Thaís (Luis Bittencourt)
10. K-xintema (K-Ximbinho)
11. Dando Topada (Pixinguinha)
12. Triangular (Pixinguinha)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos