Kuntz Negle And His Orchestra – Midnight Dance (1957)

Musidisc Hi-Fi 2003

Maestro Kuntz Negle (or Naegele) was already presented in this parallel reality as member of the Os Copacabanas and as musical director and alt sax player on Copa Combo‘s Bossa & Go Go.
Also, with his conjunto he was one of the participants on the Festival of Jazz (1957) recording.

Finally we have the opportunity to listen to his only (?) career album:

01. Something’s gotta give (J. Mercer)
02. The Night has thousand Eyes (B. Bernier / J Brainio)
03. Tenderly (W. Gross / J. Lawrence)
04. Ebb Tide (C. Sigman / L. Arcaraz)
05. Caramelito (L. Arcaraz)
06. Dancing in the Dark (A. Schwartz)
07. La Macarena (B. Monteverde / A. Calero)
08. I’ll see you in my Dreams (I. Jones / G. Kahn)
09. Lullaby of Birdland (G. Shearing / B. Y. Foster)
10. Love me or leave me (W. Donaldson / G. Kahn)
11. Because of you (A. Hammerstein / D. Wilkinson)
12. Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Copa Combo – Bossa & Go Go

Codil CDL. 13.021

About Copa Combo, presented for the first time in this parallel reality, I have no information whatsoever, except for facts found on the back cover:

The names of the participants:

Kuntz Naegele – Sax alto
Moacyr Marques (Bijú) – Sax tenor
Alberto Vianna Gonçalves – Sax baritone
Wagner Naegele – Trumpete e Bugle
Antonio Pereira Guimarães (Macaxeira) – Trombone
Miguel Cidrás – Piano e Orgão
Irio Nepomuceno de Paula – Guitarra
Luiz Marinho (Chapinha) – Baixo
Durval dos Reis (Reizinho) – Bateria
Alice e Myrzo Barroso – Cantores

Produced by Miguel Cidras

Musical direction by Kuntz Naegele

The track list:

01. Know It All (João Donato)
02. Pressentimento (Helton Medeiros / H. Bello de Carvalho
03. Benvinda (Chico Buarque de Hollanda)
04. Can’t Take My Eyes Of You (B. Crew / B. Gaudio)
05. Corrida de Jangada (Edú Lobo / Capinan)
06. Samba do Bituca (Waltel Branco)
07. Movin Wes (Wes Montgomery)
08. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Paul Francis Webster / Johnny Mandell)
09. Fool On The Hill (Lennon / McCartney)
10. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (W. Schwant / F. Andre / G. Kahn)
11. Goin’ Out Of My Head (T. Randazzo / B. Weinstein)
12. Moon River (Henry Mancini / J. Mercer)
13. Spooky (Sharpe / Middlebrook)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

IRIO DE PAULA by Stu Blagden:
Wow really groovy album–never knew about this one. Irio De Paula on guitar!–he moved to Italy and had a great career there.

Quincas e Os Copacabanas (1955)

Copacabana CLP 3015

The fresh package sent by Pedro & 300discos has just been unpacked and I am posting the oldest album out of it: A 10 Inch by Al Quincas backed by Os Copacabanas, with whom he has recorded altogether four albums of which the one presented today is the first one.

Here is the complete list of musicians:
Al Quincas (Sax tenor)
Kuntz Naegele (Clarinete)
Wagner (Piston)
Vadico (Piano)
Waldir Marinho (Contra baixo)
Sutinho (Bateria)
Guará (Pandeiro)

The list of the eight tracks:

01. Está Chegando A Hora (Tradicional / Adpt. Henricão / Adpt. Rubens Campos) Samba
02. Choro Nº 3 (Dima Gomes) Choro
03. Chorinho de Gafieira (Astor Silva) Choro
04. Sonâmbulo (Édison Marinho) Choro
05. A Little More Of Your Love (Leo Robin / Nicholas Brodszky) Samba
06. Baseado (Kuntz Naegele / Édison Marinho) Choro
07. Jura (Zé da Zilda / Marcelino Ramos / Adolfo Macedo) Samba
08. Se Acaso Você Chegasse (Lupicínio Rodrigues / Felisberto Martins) Samba


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos