Os Mocorongos – Baile de Estudantes

Mocambo – LP 40046

The second album for today out of Bugs’ backpack is an album by Os Mocorongos a musical group of students from Belém  (Pará, Brazil). The names and dates about who studies what and which instrument is played by whom is displayed on the back cover.
Pedro‘s additional information is that Sebastião Tapajós took part of it and that it is highly probable that it is his first recording.
Instead of retyping all names here, I will limit myself only to two crooners singing on several tracks:
Celia dos Santos Reis (19 years old at the time) and Luiz Fernando Alencar (17 years old).

The compositions played and sung are:

01. A Noite É Nossa  (Lubin / Roth / F. Cesar)
02. Nosso Sonho de Amor  (Fred Alencar)
03. Vai e Vem do Amor  (Celita Rey / Romulo dos Santos)
04. Till  (Sigman / Danvere)
05. Summertime In Veniсe  (Iсini / Sigman)
06. Ingratidão  (Celita Rey / Romulo dos Santos)
07. Вlue Moon  (Rodgers / Нart)
08. Carinho e Amor  (Tito Madi)
09. Buenas Noches Mi Amor  (Fontaney / Giraud)
10. Lágrima  (Ulisses Souza / J. J. Paes Loureiro)
11. Bom Dia Morena  (Gelmirez Mello e Silva)
12. Fim de Caso (Dolores Duran


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