Idalina de Oliveira – Idalina (1964)

Chantecler CMG 2284

After the traditional chaos & confusion accompanying the coming of the New Year, the atmosphere in Belgrade has cooled down considerably, changing to a more quiet preparation for Christmas, which is celebrated according to the old calendar. So is the the New Year’s eve which also takes place two weeks later than in most other countries of the world. As you can imagine, everybody is celebrating both the old and the new New Year, as well as any other date that offers potential for a celebration.
Maybe it is the right time to wish a Happy New Year to all my friends in Serbia and abroad!
At the moment, Belgrade is also extra filled with tourists from other countries (where curfew starts as soon as the shops close and where only on weekends you may find other people outside their homes, unfortunately mostly dead drunk). They have all discovered that the fun here never ends: Regardless if it is a special date or a normal working day in the middle of the week, the streets are full of people day and night, the restaurants, bars and clubs are crowded and you may smoke in all of them, just to mention a few of the highlights.
What connection does the text above have with the album I am presenting now, you might ask.
The answer is simple: None.
But the joys of discovering and presenting forgotten cantoras continues with Idalina de Oliveira a singer I do not know anything about, except that she recorded this album in 1964 and several 78 rpm records before that. I found her some time ago on Orkut forums, posted by forum member Luiz Fernando.

The twelve tracks she is performing are:

01. Pissi Pissi Bao Bao (Migliacci / Meccia / Vrs. Paulo Queiroz)
02. Amorzinho Querido (mariquila Bonita) (José Luis Martinez / Vrs. Joaquim Gustavo)
03. Tristeza Em Meu Coração (Nelson Luis / Hélio Ansaldo)
04. Chove Em Meu Coração (Raining In My Heart) (Felice Bryant / Boudleaux Bryant / Vrs. Carlos Américo)
05. Fim de Noite (Miranda / Maio)
06. Vento Do Mar (That Happy Feeling) (Guy Warren / Vrs. Hélio Ansaldo)
07. Gosto de Você (Adpt. Idalina de Oliveira)
08. Vai Trenzinho (Nelson Luis)
09. Passeando Pela Praia (Nelson Luis / Valéria Luvercy)
10. Convencido do Sete Sete Nove (Maria Thereza)
11. A Canção Que Te Ouvi Cantar (La Canzone Che Piace a Te) (Ruccione / De Paolis / Cutolo / Vrs. Joaquim Gustavo)
12. Furugudum (Paulo Rogério)


Créditos: Luiz Fernando

EDIT: I just received a comment informing me that this album was posted 29.12.2011 on the Sanduiche Musical blog, a site previously unknown to me. I don’t know if it is the same vinyl rip, but the copy on Sanduiche has two bonus tracks from a compacto and a perfect front and back cover, which the version posted here lacks.
As much as I avoid posting here albums which can be found somewhere else, it happens occasionally.
Anyway, here is the link to the post on