Déo e Marco – (1967)

Сontinental РРL 12341

Marku Ribas is premiered today on Parallel Realities with an album from 1967 on which he is a part of Déo e Marco, a duo with only this one career album in their discography.
Who is Déo I do not know, but Marku Ribas continued with a solo career, recording his first LP six years later: In 1973.

Déo e Marco are piloting through these songs, accompanied by Portinho e Sua Orquesstra:

01. Sinta Comigo (Déo / Marku Ribas)
02. Vou Lhe Dar Tudo de Bom (Déo / Marku Ribas)
03. Tentei Fugir (Déo / Marku Ribas)
04. Um Dia de Sol (Déo)
05. Serei Sincero (Déo / Marku Ribas)
06. Ri (Marku Ribas)
07. Meu Tempo de Criança (Déo / Marku Ribas)
08. Sozinho na Praia (Déo / Marku Ribas)
09. Teu Olhar Em Meu Olhar (Déo / Marku Ribas)
10. Jardim de Primavera (Déo / Marku Ribas)
11. Prisioneiro da Ilha (Déo / Marku Ribas)
12. Esperança (Déo / Marku Ribas)


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