Susana Colonna En Ritmo de Jequibau (1968)

Сhanteсler СMG 2374

At the moment, everybody in Serbia is preparing for this year’s special “Bridge“, which is a term describing the traditional combining of holidays and special dates which are not working days for a prolonged period of leisure. This time it is the combination of communist legacy, the celebration of the 1th of May, the International labor day, then Easter which is this year on the 5th of May, and St.George who is celebrated every year on the 6th of May.
Belgrade is quite deserted tonight, as a lots of people have succeeded to create an appropriate “Bridge” and have left the city for a trip somewhere, so it was not a too big problem for a friend of mine and me to find an empty table at one of the countless downtown open air cafés and enjoy espresso all through the evening.

Returning home I made a choice for the second LP to be posted out of the newest package sent to us by Pedro & 300 discos.

It is a singer which I am pretty sure not many people (if anybody at all) have ever heard about, an Argentinian lady named Susana Collona, who has, unfortunately, recorded only this one LP, dedicated to the musical style invented by Mário Albanese:  The Jequibau.

So, tonight’s premiere on Parallel Realities is Susana Collona, singing these songs composed by Mário Albanese and (mostly) Ciro Pereira:

01. En El Balanceo Del Jequibau (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
02. Muchas Gracias (Mário Albanese / Henrique Lobo)
03. Jequibau (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
04. Para Siempre (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
05. El Fin (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
06. Tarde Caliente (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
07. Mañana de Nuestro Amor (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
08. (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
09. Maré Alta (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
10. Un Puñadito de Estrellas (Mário Albanese / Heitor Carillo)
11. Fue En Guarujá (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)
12. Fue Asi (Mário Albanese / Ciro Pereira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos