Jair Pimentel – Pintado O 7 (1960)

Mocambo LP 40027

The last, on Parallel Realities so far missing album (?) by Jair Pimentel, featuring 11 of his own compositions + 1 by Lourival Oliveira. has been brought to light:

01. Pintando o Sete (Jair Pimentel)
02. Fogo na Roupa (Jair Pimentel)
03. Alice (Jair Pimentel)
04. Zé Fogueteiro (Jair Pimentel)
05. Flauteando Com o Cavaquinho (Jair Pimentel)
06. Carnavá na Roça (Lourival Oliveira)
07. Saudades de Garanhuns (Jair Pimentel)
08. Rita no Baião (Jair Pimentel)
09. Ethel (Jair Pimentel)
10. Rio 52-1067 (Jair Pimentel)
11. Bicha de Rodeio (Jair Pimentel)
12. Zaíra (Jair Pimentel)

JAIR 007

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Jair Pimentel – O Homem Show (1967)

Mocambo LP 40310

Jain Pimentel‘s latest career album, recorded in 1967, presenting, similar to his first one, his renditions of his compositions.
A nice text on the back cover, written by Mario Sabino, offers no more  sober facts than we already know from his previous albums presented not far away from here in this parallel reality, but explains his music best as can be done by words.
Of course, his music becomes, as expected, self-explaining the moment you turn on your speakers and listen to:

01. Pintinho na Tuba (Jair Pimentel)
02. Chá de Burro (Jair Pimentel)
03. Bicha de Rodeio (Jair Pimentel)
04. O Bombardino Do Vavá (Jair Pimentel)
05. Segura o Dedo (Jair Pimentel)
06. Três Por Um (Jair Pimentel)
07. O Galinheiro da Chiquinha (Jair Pimentel)
08. Namoro de Gato (Jair Pimentel)
09. Saudades de Garanhuns (Jair Pimentel)
10. Desmanchando o Clarinete (Jair Pimentel)
11. Zabumba do Martins (Jair Pimentel)
12. Atrapalhado (Jair Pimentel)

Jair is backed by conjunto and additional sounds are added, like an unidentified cat meowing on:


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos