Linda Rodrigues – Companheiras da Noite (1961)

Chantecler CMG 2119

Neon light atmosphere!

When I looked into the contents of the newest package sent to us by Pedro & 300discos (which is being downloaded to my PC as I write) I almost jumped up from my chair when I noticed that it contains Linda Rodrigues‘ only career album, Companheiras da Noite, which was featured on my Santa Claus list since the moment I created one.

If you are eager to know any of the spicy details about the life and career of Linda Rodrigues, don’t even try to find them on the back cover as, apart from the track list, it contains only one crucial fact: Orq. e Conj. Reg.: Guerra Peixe, but that you already know by reading this text.
Try this link instead.

If you are interested in her 78 rpm recordings which count around 30, I can partially help with 1/3 by pointing to another reality in which two compilations of her 78 rpm tracks are located, (with renewed links, but also with a printing mistake on one of the covers).

While sorting out the so far created confusion, relax enjoying Linda‘ rendition of these compositions, where on 2/3 of them she was one of the composers:

01. Lama (Paulo Marques / Aylce Chaves)
02. Negue (Adelino Moreira / Enzo Almeida Passos)
03. Pedra No Caminho (Aldacir Louro / Linda Rodrigues)
04. Tião (Valdemar de Abreu “Dunga” / Jair Amorim)
05. Documento (Aldacir Louro / Linda Rodrigues)
06. Pó do Asfalto (Aldacir Louro / Linda Rodrigues / J. Portela)
07. Companheiras Da Noite (Linda Rodrigues / William Duba / Aylce Chaves)
08. Tenho Moral (Linda Rodrigues / Castelo)
09. Cigarra Noturna (Linda Rodrigues / Aldacir Louro / Genival Melo)
10. Escondida (Luis Arcaraz / Vrs. Martha de Almeida)
11. Final de Nosso Drama (Linda Rodrigues / Aldacir Louro)
12. Aquelas Mãos (Linda Rodrigues / Aldacir Louro)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

78 by Mr Memory:
Excelente LP de Linda Rodrigues. As faixas Negue e Tenho Moral, foram lançadas no 78 rpm Chantecler 78-0297, em Agosto de 1960 e Companheiras da Noite  e Lama, no 78 rpm Chantecler 78-0357, em Novembro de 1960.

Linda Rodrigues 78rpm (1952 – 1955)

Here is the second volume of Linda Rodrigues‘ 78rpm recordings, which consists of 3 complete 78 rpms: From 1952 to 55.
1. Lama (Paulo Marques / Ailce Chaves) JUN/1952
2. Nossos Caminhos (Nogueira Xavier / Airton Amorim) JUN/1952
3. Sereno Cai (Ricardo Galeno / Raul Sampaio) JAN/1954
4. Tá Tão Bom (Os Três Amigos) JAN/1954
5. Rico É Gente Bem (Ari Monteiro / J. Rupp / A. Rebelo) NOV/1955
6. Folha De Papel (Paulo Marques / Sávio Barcellos / Ari Monteiro) NOV/1955
Creditos: Marcello Gaspar

Linda Rodrigues 78rpm (1945-1948)

A short time ago I found out that a singer unknown to me called Linda Rodrigues recorded several 78 rpm recordings and in 1961 a LP called Companheiras da Noite. The article included phrases like Dor de Cotovelo etc, which were quite sufficient for me to start an immediate search for it and (after the failure of the search) to include it in my wish list for dear Santa Claus.
On the other hand, I did find some of the 78 rpms at Marcello Gaspar‘s HD which I downloaded immediately, separated into two volumes, created the appropriate covers and decided to post for your listening pleasure.
So here is the first volume, which consists of 4 complete 78 rpms covering the span of around 3 years: From 1945 to 48.
1. Você Não Sabe Amar (João Bastos Filho / Antônio Amaral) MAR/1945
2. E Odete Não Voltou (Paquito / José Marcílio) MAR/1945
3. Arma Perigosa (Paquito / Paulo da Portela) SET/1945
4. Cantora De Samba (Amado Regis) SET/1945
5. Banco Do Jardim (Dorival Aires / Jaime de Souza / Paquito) JUN/1946
6. Banco Da Praça (Paquito / Ciro de Souza / João Bastos Filho) JUN/1946
7. Jack Jack Jack (Armando Castro / Haroldo Barbosa) SET/1948
8. Mais Um Amor Mais Uma Desilusão (José Maria de Abreu) SET/1948

Creditos: Marcello Gaspar