Manito – Toque de Amor

Simon Boutman has finally updated his UNBREAKABLE MICROGROOVES with a recording I have put on my Santa Claus list quite some time ago: 5 Estrelas Apresentam Inara (from around 1958). Compositions by Inara performed by Elizeth Cardoso, Leny Eversong, Inezita Barroso, Marita Luizi and Juanita Cavalcanti, which are, as far as I know, not part of any of their respective career albums or singles.
A special pleasant surprise is Juanita Cavalcanti, a movie actor, which I have heard for the first time today…
Highly recommended!
You will probably ask yourselves what this text has to do with the recording and artist I am presenting for the first time here.
The obvious answer is: Nothing.
About Manito I can not tell you anything, as I could not find any information about him at all. All I know is that he plays sax and that I found this recording at the usual suspects hideout: MC&JG community on Orkut forums, posted there by forum member Aderaldo.
If you know more feel free to share your knowledge…
Anyway, enjoy these sax tracks:
01. Oceano
02. Sozinho
03. Saigon
04. Cathedral Song
05. Strani Amori
06. Anema E Core
07. Primavera
08. La Solitudine
09. Pétala
10. Como Uma Onda (Zen Surfismo)
11. Outra Vez
12. Cançâo de Amor
Créditos: Aderaldo