Nelson e Sua Gaita Magica – Com Seu Conjunto & Bandinha (1958)

Сontinentаl LРР 3026

The only career album by harmonica player Nelson Barbosa de Oliveira better known to those who have ever heard about him as Nelson da Gaita, recorded back in 1958 brought to light and presented now to us all out of Pedro‘s treasure vault, where all kinds of musical gems are to be found.

My knowledge about Nelson‘s life and career was as good as yours is at this moment, but fortunately the back cover offers detailed information about this fine musician and his music (to those who understand Portuguese).

Besides himself, on the back cover are mentioned 3 more names as performers:

Amado Expósito (Baixo)
Vicente Klimeika (Gaita cromática) 
Édson Cavalcanti (Gaita de acordes)

The compositions they are playing, accompanied by conjunto & bandinha, are:

01. Figurinha Difícil (Nelson Barbosa)
02. Melindrosa (Nelson Barbosa)
03. Paraíba (Luiz Gonzaga / Нumberto Teiхeira)
04. Bigode de Arame (Ângelo Aрolônio ”Рolу”)
05. Pracinha  (Nelson Barbosa)
06. Brasil  (Benedito Lacerda / Aldo Cabral)
07. Festa do Galinheiro  (Nelson Barbosa)
08. Sarita (B. Toledo / Santos Rodrigues)
09. Viaduto do Chá  (Nelson Barbosa)
10. Sanfoneiro Folgado (Mário Zan / Motinha)
11. Pastorinhas (João de Вarro / Noel Rosa)
12. Quarto Centenário (Mário Zan / J. M. Alves)


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