Nonato – Sol Levante (1980)

RCA Camden 107.0315

With this release by Nonato five out of four listed albums have been brought to light and his so far known discography is completed.
Fortunately, as you will see also in one of the next posts, sometimes new recordings appear where I thought that an artists discography is complete.
Who knows, maybe there is more also by Nonato.

The rising sun sounds:

01. Caminhada (Oberdan Oliveira)
      Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
      Paraíba (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
      No Ceará Não Tem Disso Não (Guio de Morais)
      Peguei Um Ita No Norte (Dorival Caymmi)
02. Tudo Mudou (Cláudio Fontana)
03. Aflitos (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
04. Tempo de Criança (Pitomba)
05. Alfaberto (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
06. Quero Ver Meu Bem (Pitomba)
07. Guitarreiro (Oberdan Oliveira)
08. Cantando e Dançando (Camilo Mariano)
09. Ame Mais Animais (Oberdan Oliveira / Cleto Júnior)
10. Estranha Loucura (Pitomba / Lilia)
11. O Tempo Fez Você Mudar (Pitomba / Lilia)
12. Dance Mais (Jota Gomes / Antônio Roberto / Walber Silva)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Nonato E Seu Conjunto – Som & Balanco (1979)

RCA Camden 107.0304

Another album by Nonato, a rarity, not even listed on Memoria Musical.


01. Conte comigo (Oberdan Oliveira / Pitomba)
02. Mirante (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
03. Canambá (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
04. Crime do Creme de Mel (Oberdan Oliveira / Cleto Júnior)
05. Badalo (Oberdan Oliveira / Cleto Júnior)
06. Balançou no Congá (Júnior / Ronald)
07. Renacer (Oberdan Oliveira)
08. Bailarina (Pitomba)
09. Vendedor de Vida (Claudio Popó)
10. Pode vir como quiser (Pitomba)
11. Duas Vidas (Oberdan Oliveira / Pitomba)
12. Muito Além (Pitomba / Oberdan Oliveira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

No Balanco Jovem de Nonato E Seu Conjunto(1978)

RCA Camden 107.0291

A just arrived album by our old friend Nonato and his conjunto:

01. Bate Zabumba (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
02. Cirandeira (Pitomba)
03. Tereco (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
04. A Gente e o Mar (Lopes Bogéa)
05. Menino da Lera (Oberdan Oliveira)
06. A Bela e a Fera (Oberdan Oliveira)
07. É de Nanã (Oberdan Oliveira)
08. Lourdinha (Pitomba / Cleto Júnior)
09. O Mundo do Homem (Pitomba / Oberdan Oliveira)
10. Dor de Cotovelo (Pitomba / Oberdan Oliveira)
11. O Bode (Cláudio Popó)
12. Não Dá Pra Entender (Ribamar Serra / Oberdan Oliveira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Nonato – O Som e O Balanco de Nonato (1975)

Som/Copacabana SOLP 40670

Here is the complete, previously two times by Depositfileschecker rejected album by Nonato.
Well, it is quite a mystery: This time I uploaded the individual tracks to identify thus the eventual Polar Bear or several of such.
But, all files, uploaded two days ago, are still intact and stored on server. How it is possible, I don’t know, but the only way to present this album to you is the tremendously popular file by file download method. To circumvent the long waiting times between downloads, it is usually enough to switch of your modem and switch it on after that. This changes, in most cases, your IP address.

Enjoy the individual downloads and enjoy after that pleasure these tracks:

01. Cafuá (Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
02. Tambor de Crioula (Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
03. Chic-samba (Dam)
04. Do Terreiro (Dam / Pitomba)
05. Futuca-cutuca (Pitomba / Dam)
06. Na Ponta da Língua (Júnior / Ronald)
07. A Pamonha do José (Júnior / Carlos Gomes)
08. Chegadinho (Pitomba / Dam)
09. Janela (Pitomba / Dam)
10. O Gênio (José Américo)
11. I Love You (Dam)
12. Morada (Dam)

+ Covers

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

EDIT by Milan Filipović:

A short time after publishing this post, when the track by track downloading started, the Polar Bear got finally identified:

It is track 1 Cafuá which was probably included in a compilation CD…

So, here is the zip with all files except for track 1:

11 OUT OF 12 New link

Nonato e Seu Conjunto (1974)

Som/Copacabana SOLP 40518

Piano player Nonato has (with his conjunto, of course) a premiere on Parallel Realities.

This is his first career album out of (as far as I know) altogether four.

The second one, from 1975 was sent to me some time ago by Pedro & 300discos but for some mysterious reason it got rejected two times by Depositfiles’s checker
I am using this opportunity to check why exactly that happened and, while I am writing this text, each individual track is analysed for digital fingerprints. If the polar bear tracks get identified this way, I post this LP but will not include the polar bears in the package.

This album, fortunately complete, sounds quite international and reminds of the music generally played in Europe during that particular period but it has a distinctive Brazilian note.

And a special curiosity (from my point of view) is that one of the musicians from the front cover picture completely bears a striking resemblance to someone I know very well.

Who exactly it might be from this list I do not know, but here it is:

Nonato (Piano)
Pitomba (Baixo)
Oberdan (Guitarra)
José (Vibrafone)
Walter (Crooner)
Chico do Zuca (Sax tenor)
Vavá (Piston)
Garrincha (Bateria)
Piu-Piu (Guitarra base)

The songs:

01. Bisavô (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
02. Fitipaldiando (Oberdan Oliveira)
03. Cavala-canga (Sérgio Habibe)
04. Sou Feliz (Oberdan Oliveira)
05. Não Precisa Mais Promessa (Oberdan Oliveira)
06. Jogado Fora (Cleto Júnior)
07. Caçoeira (Oberdan Oliveira / Cleto Júnior)
08. Senhora Ana (Oberdan Oliveira / Sebastião Carvalho)
09. Beco Escuro (Oberdan Oliveira)
10. Ana Paula (Oberdan Oliveira)
11. Viola e Violeta (Sérgio Habibe)
12. Menino Travesso (Antônio Vieira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos