Gilda Lopes – A Fabulosa (1960)

Испратићемо стару годину са новом певачицом, до сада непознатом, како вама тако и мени. У питању је Ђилда Лопес, бразилска певачица која је, колико је мени познато, снимила свега две плоче, ову коју представљам и још једну, којој се ни имена не зна…
According to the Serbian calendar, today is New Year’s Eve, the last day of this year. I am proud to say good bye to 2009 once more (now it is a definite adeus) presenting to you a “new” singer previously unknown to me (and to most of you): Gilda Lopez, revealed to us all, courtesy of The Trackfinder. Maybe it is best that instead of making up a story, I publish a part of the mail I received from The Trackfinder:
I’m sending you another record that is quite as rare as the other two but I think you’ve never heard of the singer: Gilda Lopes. She was very popular in the end of 1959 and 1960 with a song called “O Trovador de Toledo”, a paso-doble that was played a lot in Brazil those days. Even Ângela Maria recorded this song on a slightest different version called “O Arlequim de Toledo” and had the song rearranged for her voice, for she wasn’t able to reach the peaks that Gilda reached before her.
In fact, the best song of the album is “O Trovador de Toledo” which I would suggest you to listen carefully, paying close attention to Gilda’s voice. The rest of the album isn’t exceptional because of the repertory, which could have been better.
I believe Gilda recorded another album before vanishing because I have been seeing some songs by her in compilations, but I have never set my eyes on any other album, but this one I’m sending…
So here it is… Enjoy:
01 A Hora Do Amor (Les Filles De Cadix)
02 Padre Don José
03 Tormento De Amor (Todo Lo Español)
04 Bá Bá Lá Ô
05 Não Eu Não Vou Ter Saudade (Non Je Ne Regrette Rien)
06 De Degrau Em Degrau
07 Trovador De Toledo (L’Arlequin De Tolede)
08 Nasci Para Ti (Nata Per Me)
09 Balada Do Adeus (Ballata Della Trompa)
10 Apaixonada (Sclummo)
11 Agonia
12 Quero Paz
Creditos: The Trackfinder