Orquestra Mista de Boleros – Vol.2 (1963)

Musicolor/Continental MLP 9090

Orqestra Mista de Boleros presented tonight is unknown to me. All I know is that their discography consists of of two albums equally named of which this one is the volume 2.

The classical boleros are masterfully performed and the complete LP is pleasant, cool and has a nostalgic flair which is a combination not everyone is able to achieve, so I suspect that an otherwise renowned maestro has produced it with his orquestra renamed especially for recording these two albums…

If someone knows more about it all, I will be happy to add his information to this post.

While waiting for the one that knows, enjoy the enchanting sound of:

01. Solamente Una Vez (Agustín Lara)
02. Amor (Gabriel Ruiz / Ricardo Lopes Mendez)
03. Dos Almas (Don Fabian)
04. Que Te Vaya Bien (Federico Baena)
04. Frenesi  (Alberto Dominguez)
05. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Osvaldo Farrés)
07. Vereda Tropical (Gonzalo Curiel)
08. Desesperadamente (Gabriel Ruiz)
09. Frio En El Alma (Miguel Angel Valladares)
10. Nosotros (Pedro Junco Jr.)
11. Perfidia (Alberto Dominguez)
12. Angelitos Negros (Manoel Alvarez Maciste / Andres Eloy Blanco)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos