Elsie Houston – 4 78 rpms (1930)

Elsie Houston was born in Rio (in 1902)… The rest of her biography can be read on the Cantosras do Brasil site that lists 23 of her 78 rpm recordings, covering the period from 1924 to 1930 but probably there are more.
Anyway, in a parallel reality 2010 a compilation CD with four of her 78 rpms from 1930 was published (with her name misspelled on the cover) and soon forgotten as only one copy of the CD was sold.
The mysterious person who bought it was a stranger in the town of Manaus who arrived from nowhere, and vanished into the rain forest as soon as the deal was over.
Was he another traveller through parallel realities? Or was he just a myth created by the recording company to boost sales?
I am afraid that these questions, however irrelevant and unimportant they may seem, will not get an answer.
But the tracks are here:
1. Eh Jurupanã (Popular / Adpt. Elsie Houston)
2. Aribu (Popular / Adpt. Elsie Houston)
3. Puxa O Melão Sabiá (Popular / Adpt. Elsie Houston)
4. Coco Dendê Trapiá (Tradicional / Adpt. Elsie Houston) – Ai Sabiá da Mata (Tradicional / Adpt. Elsie Houston)
5. Morena Cor De Canela (Adpt. Ary Kerner Veiga de Castro)
6. Saudades Da Bahia (Jorge Pereira Nóbrega / Nelson Silveira De Souza)
7. O Barão Da Bahia (Maria Amélia Barros)
8. Cadê Minha Pomba Rola (Popular / Adpt. Elsie Houston)

Creditos: The mysterious stranger from the rain forest.