Luiz Lopes E Sua Orquestra Dancante – Baile Dourado

Disco Lar DL-LP 31.003

I am quite sure that you are asking yourselves, while looking at today’s post, a simple direct question: Who is Luiz Lopes?
If you think that I know, then you are wrong. I have no idea at all. Looking up the usual suspects proved fruitless and the best I can hope is that someone who knows will testify here about his identity and the instrument he plays…

All I know is how these songs sound, but that is something you will also know if you listen to:

01. Theme Goodbye Again (Georges Auric)
02. Rosa de Maio (C. Mesquita / Evaldo Ruy)
03. Invidia (J. A. Montero)
04. Escândalo (Rubens Fuentes / R. Cardenas)
05. Dia de Pierrot (João Roberto Kelly)
06. Juizo Final (Lucio Cardim Filho)
07. Aconteceu (N. Reis / Dunga)
08. Deus, O Mundo E Você (Palmeira / Alvarez Filho)
09..Um Dia Virá (Adapt. Nazareno de Brito para Tema de Paganini)
10. Casa Vazia (João Roberto Kelly)
11. Pepito (Taylor / Truscott)
12. Legato A Un Granello di Sabbia (Nico Fidenco Marchetti)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

ONE STEP FORWARD with Bossanov:

Who is Luiz Lopes?
I can answer, but enigma still exist!
Luiz Lopes‘ name is – Del Norman (at Musicolor, 1962), but who is Del Norman?


According to the track lists, “Baile Dourado” by Luiz Lopes seems identical with “Mais Uma Vez Adeus” by Del Norman, issued in 1962.

The latter is featured on Toque Musical and Toque Musicall.

There is one suspicion that Del Norman (aka Luiz Lopes) is the one playing piano, organ and solovox which sounds reasonable as these are the featured instruments. There is another suspicion that Del Norman might be the nth alias of Walter Wanderley.

Well, the organ play does not really sound like WW to me, but who knows. After all, I would not take Ely Arcoverde or Ed Lincoln, into consideration but the list of possible candidates for such a kitschy (yet quite entertaining) album is endless… Aloísio Figueiredo, Celso Murilo, André Penazzi, Djalma Ferreira, Paulo Roberto, Silvio Vianna, Jorge Henrique, Renato Mendes, Lauro Paiva…