Јаne Dubос – Nо Аr (1988)

Сontinеntal 1-15-404-055 Promocional

A new package from Pedro & 300 discos has just arrived, containing 5 LP s by female singers.
Hard to choose which one to post first.
I decided to start with this rarity by Јаne Dubос, unlisted and almost unmentioned on the net. Something like a presentation of this fine artist or a promotional album, as it is written on the back cover beneath the serial number.

Jane talks and sings six compositions:

01. Fala No 1
02. Minas Em Mim (Jane Duboc / Luca)
03. Fala No 2
04. Coração Vira-lata (Aécio Flávio) 05. Fala No 3
06. Fala No 4
07. Contos da Lua Vaga (Beto Guedes / Márcio Borges)
08. Fala No 5
09. Bem Querer (Tavito / Ricardo Magno)
10. Fala No 6
11. Sonhos (Lincoln Olivetti / Robson Jorge / Mauro Motta)
12. Fala No 7
13. Fala No 8
14. Chama de Paixão (Cido Bianchi / Thomas Roth)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

Gay Vaquer – The Morning Of The Musicans (1973)

RСA Victor 103.0059

As far as I know Gay Vaquer has recorded only this album and the EP presented in the previous post.

Here is the list of participants that particular morning:

Gay Vaquer: Violão, Guitarra 
Jane DubocJane Vaquer”: Vocal 
Luis Eça: Piano acústico e elétrico 
Paulo Moura: Sax soprano e alto, Flauta 
Novelli: Baixo 
Everaldo Ferreira e Bill French: Bateria e Percussão 

The tracks, all composed by Gay Vaquer, are:

1. 5 20
2. People’s Blues
3. A Cybernetic Tragedy
4. Dimensions
5. Awakening In Absolute Elsewhere
6. Fantastic Realism
7. Da Capo Al Fine


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

Gay Vaquer – Fein EP (1971)

Epic SCDP-PF 004/GB
Now, something quite different: Gay Vaquer and Jane Duboc, his wife at the time, using her husbands last name and therefore signed as Jane Vaquer in an EP recorded in 1971.
The two compositions rotating at 33 rpm are:
1. Pollution (Gay – Jane Vaquer)

2. Stonedage (Gay – Jane Vaquer)

Artistic direction by Raul Seixas.

Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

Cido Bianchi (1985)

Som da Gente SD-024/85

Cido Bianchi, playing Keyboards (Juno,DX7,Korg,Piano Yamaha)  accompanied by:

Natan Marques – Guitar
Paulinho – Guitar
Arismar – Contrabass
Tico – drums
Toninho Pinheiro – drums
Oswaldinho da Cuica
– percussion
Gil – Piston
Proveta – sax

Special guests on this session are:

Marcio Montarroyos (on track 7)
Jane Duboc

Performing mostly Cido Bianchi‘s compostions:

01 Proibido ultrapassar (Cido Bianchi)
02 Flutuante (Cido Bianchi)
03 Desfiladeiro (Cido Bianchi)
04 Tome mais uma (Cido Bianchi)
05 Só amor (Cido Bianchi)
06 Brub’s (Cido Bianchi)
07 Samurai (Djavan)
08 Denggosa (Walter Santos)
09 Bluescid (Cido Bianchi)
10 Meus filhos (Cido Bianchi)


Fly by Anonymous & 300 discos

Jane Duboc – Feliz (1988)

As I wrote on my previous post concerning Jane Duboc, there are only 2 of her career albums which were for reasons unknown to me unavailable (both were on my Santa Claus list). This is the other one: Feliz, recorded in 1988, presented to us all by The Trackfinder.
01. Louco Amor (Cláudia Olivetti / Lincoln Olivetti / Robson Jorge)
02. Nossos Momentos (Wichita Lineman) (J. Webb / Vrs. Rosana Herman)
03. De Corpo Inteiro (Aécio Flávio / Luis Fernando)
04. Olhar no Teu Olhar (Arnaldo Saccomani / Thomas Roth)
05. Meu Menino (Walter Santos / Arnaldo Saccomani)
06. Vem Pra Mim (Now And Forever) (You And Me) (D. Foster / J. Vallance / R. Goodrum / Vrs. Rosana Herman)
07. Feliz (Jerry Adriani / Cury)
08. Só Nós Dois (Cido Bianchi / Thomas Roth)
09. Como Se Deixa Passar (Jane Duboc)
10. Rádio Romance (Nico Rezende / César de Mercês)
Creditos: The Trackfinder (Trackfinder Brazil)

Jane Duboc – Ponto de Partida (1985)

Some time ago my friend Marcello Gaspar, singer and composer, asked me to put a compacto by Jane Duboc upon my Santa Claus list in hope that it will be maybe found this way. My opinion of Marcello’s musical taste is very high indeed and I was actually quite curious to hear how Jane sounds as I have not heard anything by her at that time. A short search on the net was enough for me to hamster most of her albums…
There is a beautifull recording she did with Gerry Mulligan called Paraiso and several other quite pleasant sounding LPs.
Actually only 2 albums by her were neither published on CD nor posted on other sites. One of them is this one from 1985 found while searching server archives in a sinister, hacker’s manner that unfortunately did not display the name of the original uploader, so I am not able to give him credit beneath this post.
Anyway, give Jane some attention while she interprets these songs:
01. Nove e Meia (Jane Duboc / Luca Salvia)
02. Doces Mentiras (Toquinho)
03. Um Pouco Mais (Jane Duboc / Sergio Duboc)
04. Pé na Estrada (Jane Duboc / Luca Salvia)
05. Cantor (Walter Santos / Jane Duboc)
06. Ao Jarreau (Jane Duboc / Luca Salvia)
07. Aqui e Além (Thomas Roth / Luis Guedes / Sá)
08. Ponto de Partida (Jane Duboc / Luca Salvia)
09. Namoro (Carlinhos Menezes / A. C. de Mello)
10. Vire a Página (Ivo de Carvalho / Jane Duboc)