Sandra (A Voz Balanco) – Samba 35 MM (1961)

PAWAL ST-P-70016 (Stereo version)

One of the first albums ever that I have found on Loronix was Sandra‘s only career album. I also re-posted it from Loronix into another reality some 5-6 years ago. Last night I received it in a STEREO version from Edson Mendes, accompanied with a text about Sandra and some additional infromation about this album as well as two bonus tracks.

Here is Edson‘s complete text:

Sandra was a night club singer that sang with pianist and composer Newton Mendonça in boites such La Boheme and Carroussel, in Copacabana (RJ). She also worked at Djalma Ferreira‘s Drink.

With this album Samba 35mm, Sandra won the “Sambista – singer female newcomer” award from the Brazilian Association of Record Critics in 1961. But a few days before receiving the award in December of that year, Sandra died in a car crash. The cab she was traveling in skidded on the streetcar rails in Vila Isabel and crashed into a lamp-post.

As a highlight, this disc features two exclusive compositions by Newton Mendonça: “Nuvem” (the only one recording) and “O Tempo não Desfaz” (released in the previous year by singer Geny Martins).

01. Caminhando  (Luis Bandeira)
02. Dói… Dói… Dói…  (João Mello)
03. Tão Bom  (Hercílio Silva – Edgardo Luiz)
04. O Tempo Não Desfaz  (Newton Mendonça)
05. Devagar Com A Louça  (Luis Reis – Haroldo Barbosa)
06. Era Bom  (Hianto de Almeida – Macedo Netto)
07. Se Você Gostou  (Fernando Cesar – Carlos Imperal)
08. A Sandália Da Nêga (a.k.a. Deixa a Nega Gingar)  (Luiz Claudio)
09. Sem Bossa  (Wenceslau Netto)
10. Luluzinha Bossa Nova  ( Ronaldo Boscoli – Roberto Menescal)
11. O Maioral  (Sylvio Vianna)
12. Nuvem  (Newton Mendonça)

Bonus tracks (from Celso Murilo‘s album Férias no Drink – Pawal 20014 -1961):

13. Menino desce daí (Paulinho Nogueira)
14. Chiclete com banana (Gordurinha – Almira Castilho)

Technical data (incomplete):

Produção: Américo Raimundo Nogueira Lima
Arranjos: Celso Murilo e Marco Ruppi
Piano e órgão: Celso Murilo
Baixo: Tião Marinho
Bateria: Fernando Careca
Saxofone: Marco Ruppi


Créditos: Edson Mendes 

Tenor saxophonist Marco Ruppi aka Marko Rupe reutilized all arrangements except “Nuvem” the following year on the album Sambalanço credited as Orquestra Moderna de Sambas. For comparison you may listen here and here.
More of Sandra’s fine talent can be found on Celso Murilo’s ISTO É O DRINK from 1960 with her performing exquisite renditions of Poema das Mãos and A Tua Volta.

Waldir Azevedo – Longe de Voce (1963)

Continental PPL 12074

The musicians playing alongside Waldir Azevedo:

Jorge Santos e Francisco Sá (Violões)
Tião Marinho (Baixo)
Ohana (Bateria)
Moacir Gomes (Ritmo)
As Vocalistas e Quinteto da Boa Vontade (Vocal)

The tracks:

01. Longe de Você (Waldir Azevedo)
02. Deixa A Nega Gingar (Luis Cláudio de Castro)
03. Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini)
04. Pois Não (Waldir Azevedo)
05. Dois Amigos (Waldir Azevedo / Francisco Sá)
06. Meu Prelúdio (Waldir Azevedo)
07. Só Danço Samba (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
08. Telstar (Joe Meek)
09. A Lua É Camarada (Armando Cavalcanti / Klécius Caldas)
10. Nanci (Bruno Arelli / Luis Lacerda)
11. Balanceando (Paulo Gesta / Oscar Bellandi)
12. I Love Paris (Cole Porter)


Créditos: Celso Almeida

Eugenio e Seu Quarteto – O Sucesso e Outras Bossas (1966)

Odeon MOFB 3481

The appearance of to me completely unknown musicians with only one recording continues with today’s premiere of piano player Eugênio Oscar Galende performing international standards accompanied by a conjunto.

Only three of the musicians are mentioned by name on on the back cover.

Eugênio Oscar Galende (Piano)
Tião Marinho (Contrabaixo)
Reisinho (Bateria)

As the great Tião Marinho has been noticed playing Contrabaixo on a large number of recordings, I just checked if he has, maybe, recorded something like a solo album but in vain. The nearest that he got to that goal has been a membership in the Chorinhos da Pessada on their only album, already published on Parallel Realities.

Now relax and enjoy:

01. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Johnny Mandel / Paul Francis Webster)
02. All My Loving (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
03. La Playa (J. V. Wetter)
04. Somehow It Got To Be Tomorrow (Today) (Estelle Levitt / Kenny Karen)
05. Love Letters (Victor Young / Edward Heyman)
06. A Hard Day’s Night (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
07. Il Mondo (Jimmy Fontana / Carlo Pes / Gianni Meccia)
08. The More I See You (Harry Warren / Mack Gordon)
09. And I Love Her (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
10. Girl (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
11. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
12. Tonight (Could Be The Night) (V. Johnson)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Orlando Silveira – Choros, Ontem, Hoje e Sempre (1978)

Entré/CBS 104410

Acordeom player Orlando Silveira has been present in this parallel reality on numerous ocasions, but although he has recorded at least 16 career albums in the period from 1956 to 1980, this one is the first to be featured here.

The complete cast of musicians participating goes as follows:

Orlando Silveira (Acordeom)
J. Cláudio (Vibrafone)
Neco (Guitarra)
Dino (Violão 7)
Meira e Neco (Violão)
Canhoto (Cavaquinho)
Sergio Barroso (Contrabaixo)
Tião Marinho (Contrabaixo Fx. 9 e 10)
Wilson das Neves (Bateria)
Gilson de Freitas, Jorge Silva e Risadinha (Ritmo)

Arranjos, Regência e Direção de Produção: 
Orlando Silveira

The compositions:

01. Espinha de Bacalhau (Severino Araújo)
02. Quanto Dói Uma Saudade (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha)
03. Flamengo (Bonfíglio de Oliveira)
04. Uma Noite no Sumaré (Esmeraldino Sales)
05. Equilibrando (Orlando Silveira / Esmeraldino Sales)
06. Araponga (Luiz Gonzaga)
07. Modulando (Rubens Leal Brito)
08. Eu Quero É Sossego (K-Ximbinho)
09. Tenebroso (Ernesto Nazareth)
10. Perigoso (Orlando Silveira / Esmeraldino Sales)
11. Paduando (Mozart)
12. Simplicidade (Jacob do Bandolim)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Norato – Um Trombone Ao Sol (1972)

Hot/Rioson LPH 5017

Presenting on Parallel Realities tombone player Norato with his only career album (?), recorded at an unknown date… (He has also participated as part of the Os Gatos on one album)

Here is the list of musicians performing:

Norato (Trombone)
Malta (Piano)
Carlinhos (Bateria)
Tião Marinho (Baixo)
Geraldo, Arlindo e Mineirinho (Ritmo)
Pedrinho (Guitarra)
Amorim (Piston)
Euclides (Sax alto)

And the track list:

01. Emília (Wilson Batista / Haroldo Lobo)
02. Favela (Roberto Martins / Waldemar Silva)
03. Falsa Baiana (Geraldo Pereira)
04. Louco (Ela É Seu Mundo) (Wilson Batista / Henrique de Almeida)
05. O Que o Amor Deixou (Omir Caldeira)
06. Abre A Janela (Arlindo Marques Júnior / Roberto Roberti)
07. Carta de Amor (Geraldo Barbosa / Joluz)
08. Errei Erramos (Ataulfo Alves)
09. Leva Meu Samba (Ataulfo Alves)
10. Arrasta a Sandália (Osvaldo Vasques “Baiaco” / Aurélio Gomes)
11. Stael (João Negrão)
12. Mulher Rendeira (Tradicional)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

ADDITIONAL by Andreas Dünnewald – Brazilliance:
According to Dicionário Carvo Albin, this album dates from 1972, and Norato’s full name is Antônio José da Silva (*1924).

Chiquinho e Seu Conjunto – Celebration (1968)

Odeon MOFB 3515

I can not tell you what our old friend Chiquinho  do Acordeom is celebrating as I do not know it, but he celebrates backed by:

Geraldo Vespar, Geraldo Miranda e Neco (Guitarras)
Fernando (Vibrafone)
Tião Marinho (Baixo)
Wilson das Neves (Bateria)

The compositions for the celebration are:

01. Celebration (Bill Martin / Phil Coulter)
02. A Little Bit Me a Little Bit You (Neil Diamond)
03. Rossana (Sette Uomini D’Oro) (Armando Trovajoli / Silvana Simoni)
04. Garota Do Roberto (Carlos Imperial / Eduardo Araújo)
05. There’s A Kind Of Hush (Les Reed / Geoff Stephens)
06. I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman (Roger Cook / Roger Greenaway)
07. The World Goes On (Quincy Jones / Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman)
08. Never Never (Hugo / Osvaldo)
09. O Caderninho (Olmir Stocker ”Alemão”)
10. Prova de Fogo (Erasmo Carlos)
11. Un Homme Et Une Femme (Francis Lai / Pierre Barouh)
12. Vem Quente Que Eu Estou Fervendo (Carlos Imperial / Eduardo Araújo)

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

REVIEW AND + by Bossanov:
It’s really great happy Hammond sound! Slightly similar to Wilson das Neves’ “Juventude 2000” and other dancing music of that time. Almost all of the crew are real “Os Cobras”!
Add some info about Fernando – he is Fernando Jorge Semi Maxnuk (or Maxnuck), member of Zumba Cinco, also working witn Leny Andrade in Rio, Bossa e Balanço show (Mario Castro Neves, piano; Fernando Maxnuk, vibrafone; Edson Lobo, contrabaixo;e Antonio Carlos Leite, bateria) and with Orlandivo.

Gaucho e Seu Conjunto – Rio, Musica e Amor (1960)

Polydor LPNG 4056


To start the new year, we have the opportunity to enjoy a new album by Accordion player Gaúcho, backed by his conjunto, recorded 1960. I am refering to it as new as it was (as far as I know), never before posted on the net.

If you are in Rio at the moment, enjoy Rio, it’s music and love. If you are some place else, imagine that you are in Rio and enjoy it’s music and love:

01. Indian Love Call (Rudolf Friml / Otto Harbach / Oscar Hammerstein II)
02. Professora (Benedito Lacerda / Jorge Faraj)
03. Navertheless (B. Kalmar / H. Ruby)
04. Um Chorinho Diferente (Gaúcho)
05. La Barca (Roberto Cantoral)
06. Ocultei (Ary Barroso)
07. Quem É (Osmar Navarro / Oldemar Magalhães)
08. Descendo o Morro (Billy Blanco / Tom Jobim)
09. Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir (Charles Trenet / J. Hess)
10. Maldade (Waldemar Gomes)
11. Mandolins In The Moonlight (P. Green)
12. Segredo (Herivelto Martins / Marino Pinto)

Presented by:

Gaúcho (Acordeom)
Vadico (Piano)
Netinho (Clarinete)
Menezes (Guitarra)
Tião Marinho (Contrabaixo)
Coroa (Bateria)
Luna, Silvio e Alfinete


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto – Sax Sensacional Nº 3 (1962)

Copacabana CLP 11250

Unfinished business episode No 3 is a re-post from the great Loronx site. You will have to wait until April 10, 2009 (Loronix time) to read Zeca‘s original text about it on Órfãos do Loronix.

Personnel  listing is:

Samba tunes musicians :

Moacyr Silva  (tenor sax)
Chaim Lewak  (piano)
Waltel Branco  (guitar)
Tiao Marinho  (bass)
Ohana  (drums)

Sambas are: 01, 03, 05, 06, 08, 10.

“Fox” tunes musicians :

Moacyr Silva  (tenor sax)
Chaim Lewak  (piano)
Ziguetti  (bass)
Edson (probably Edison Machado)  (drums)

Foxes are: 02, 04, 07, 09.

The compositions performed are:

01. Lamento Bebop (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
02. That Old Feeling (Lew Brown / Sammy Fain)
03. Olhou Pra Mim (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
04. Don’t Blame Me (Jimmy McHugh / Dorothy Fields)
05. Estou Só Outra Vez (Moacyr Silva / Luciana)
06. Meu Nome É Ninguém (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
07. Sweet And Lovely (G. Arnheim / Harry Tobias / J. Lemare)
08. Parti (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
09. Once In a While (Michael Edwards / Bud Green)
10. Seresta de Gato (Waltel / Telmo Soares)


Créditos: Zecalouro

Os Chorões – Chorinhos da Pesada (1971)

Odeon MOFВ 3666

The  Os Chorões are:

Abel Ferreira, Altamiro Carrilho, José Menezes, Juquinha, Luna, Mestre Marçal, NetinhoClarinete“, Radamés Gnattali, Raul de Barros, Tião Marinho аnd Zé Bodega.

The orchestra is directed by Maestro Nelsinho:

The compositions performed are:

01. Рé na Tábua (Altamiro Сarrilho)
02. Вate Рaрo (Radamés Gnattali)
03. Na Glória (Raul de Вarros / Ari dos Santos)
04. Doсe Melodia (Abel Ferreira)
05. Linda Érika (Luis Americano)
06. Рeguei a Reta (Porfírio Сosta)
07. Вem-te-vi Atrevido (Lina Рesсe)
08. Teсlas Рretas (Рasсoal Вarros)
09. Сhorinho de Gafieira (Astor Silva)
10. Sonoroso (K-Ximbinho / Del Loro)
11. Нaroldo no Сhoro (Abel Ferreira)
12. Limoeiro do Norte (Рorfírio Сosta)

The place to click:


The friends credited: Pedro & 300 discos