Marlene – Série os Ídolos do Rádio vol.VII (1988)

This is the fourth and last recording in this series, sent to me by José Serafim and Ademar.
In the meantime I was contacted by Ricardo Manzo head of the Collector’s Studios Ltda who informed me that the first album of this series I posted (Linda Batista) is still in stock and can be puchased from Collector’s.
If I am not mistaken, Ricardo Manzo’s father was the one who has found the abandoned acetats, restored all that could be restored and published it on vinyl in this collector’s edition for the benefit of all interested in Brazilian music and culture.
Collector’s also have an online radio site that streams gems of Brasilian music which can be accessed here:
I did a check upon their site to see if these other albums I posted were still in stock and did not find them.
If it turns out that they are available, I will of course remove the links (or exchange them with links leading to the particular shops or sites where they can be bought).
01. Luar e Batucada (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
02. Recenseamento (Assis Valente)
03. Coitadinho do Papai (Henrique de Almeida / M. Garcez)
04. Se É Pecado Sambar (Manoel Santana)
05. Panchito no Mambo (S. Campelo / Murilo Vieira / Newton Lucena)
06. Segura a Saia (Dilú Mello)
07. Oi Que Tá Bom Tá (Humberto Teixeira / Lauro Maia)
08. Nego Saliente (Max Nunes / Mário Brazini) – com Grande Otelo
09. Nego Meu Amor (José Maria de Abreu / Luis Peixoto) – com Ivon Cury
10. Luz de Vela (Jota Júnior) I- com Paulo Gracindo
11. Xamêgo (Luis Gonzaga / Miguel Lima)
12. Sho-sho Shojoji (Tradicional)
13. Pinheiral (Luis Antônio / Jota Júnior)
14. Tamanqueiros (Manezinho Araújo / Fernando Lobo)
15. Nego Sem Vergonha (Ary Barroso) – com Chocolate
Creditos: José Serafim / ripped by Ademar