Nikola Petković – The American Dream of the Serbian Van Gogh – E-book (2012)

The regular visitor of Parallel Realities has surely noticed that there was a pause in updates during about one month.
I was deeply absorbed in another pleasant matter:
I had the honor to be part of bringing to light another forgotten artist: Nikola Petković (1893-1952), a Serbian painter who lived & painted in Pittsburgh USA during the previous century.
It all happened quite by accident… I got contacted by phone over another matter by Miloš Vujasinović, a passionate art collector, previously unknown to me. During the conversation it turned out that Vujasinović had, together with Dr.Stanislav Zivković, a renewed historian of art and art critic, written a book about Nikola Petković and was looking for someone who can help him design and prepare it for print.
Well, it took us about a month to finalize the prepress as well as an E-book version, printed on CD in a limited edition and given away for free to a selected audience.

In short: A 144 pages book written in both Serbian and English, richly illustrated which you are welcome to enjoy by downloading & reading it as PDF.


Créditos: Dr.Stanislav Živković / Miloš Vujasinović

Brazilliance — Record Covers of Brazil 1952-1977

Every traveler through parallel realities has by now probably noticed my attention to LP covers, which are sometimes masterpieces of visual art well illustrating the atmosphere of the music inside them. So a logical move for me is to present a richly illustrated book, compiled by Andreas Dünnewald, focused on the cover-art of Brazilian music from the golden period.
Another logical move is to publish a text about the book written by the editor himself:

As we all are devoted to the wonderful sounds of Brazilian music, we are equally familiar with the artwork of the records. But unlike other genres the exquisite record covers of Brazil are hardly documented as a form of applied arts—a fact that stands in sharp contrast to the stunning quality.

Brazilliance is an 232-page book compiling 1,111 of the finest record covers from 25 years of Brazil‘s pop music.

Brazilliance is shaped in LP format, of course, but even more it is printed on book print paper, uncoated and having more volume with the same weight than the coated papers most commonly used. Moreover, it has a natural white tone instead of the usual pure white. Both, the pleasant feel and the soft tone perfectly suit the illustrated record covers several decades old, so as to be sensuous to leaf through the pages.

Brazilliance was initially intended for a private audience, before two years later the unexpected possibility of publishing ensued. It was intentionally created as an illustrated book without explanatory text, as the record covers tell their own tale best. Yet, indexes provide detailed information on artists and records.

The additional website presents selected double-page spreads for supplementary information about featured artists and samples of their music.

Brazilliance is a labour of love to preserve the striking artwork that was designed for compelling music.

For a more detailed impression please feel invited to visit

My special thanks goes to Milan for the opportunity to introduce my book to his audience .

Saudações cordiais
Andreas Dünnewald