Murilinho – "Seven To Seven" No Sacha’s (1958)

Sinter SLP-1751

As happened often before, Edson Mendes read the discussion about Murilinho accompanying the post on Parallel Realities about one of Sacha‘s albums: Seven To Seven with Sacha (1960) and prepared and sent us Murilinho‘s tribute to Cole Porter called “Seven To Seven” No Sachas, published in 1959.

Edson also included a excerpt from Ruy Castro‘s book “Chega de Saudade“:

“A great sample of the sound of the nights of Rio de Janeiro before the Bossa Nova days is the disc “Murilinho Seven to Seven no Sachas” (Sinter, 1958), in which he sings twelve songs by Cole Porter, accompanied by Sacha – piano; Сipó – tenor sax; Szigetti – bass; and Dom-Um Romão – drums. Murilinho‘s singing sounded like and was almost as bad as Сole Рorter‘s.”

In another chapter of the same book, Ruy Castro tells us one of the funniest stories of the entire book, in which Murilinho is the leading man:

“The silly rivalry between Rio and São Paulo was in a sort of apogee in 1960, and unfortunate sentences, like that one by Vinícius de Moraes (‘Sao Paulo is the tomb of the samba’) contributed to intensify it. One of those who tried to apply a cold shower to this story was Murilinho de Almeida, crooner of the nightclub Sacha‘s, at Leme in Rio, and user of a wit in the style of Truman Capote. In São Paulo, during a stylish party in which someone was talking about the sentence of Vinícius, the conversation was threatening to fall back for the differences between São Paulo and Rio, Murilinho lowered the trousers, showed his white bottom contrasting with the tanned legs and said in the English that he was intending to speak:

Ladies and gênrolmen, zis is zi difference bè-twin Rio and São Paulo!”

On this album Murilinho de Almeida is singing these compositions by Сole Рorter:

01. I Love Paris
02. It’s All Right With Me
03. C’est Magnifique
04. From This Moment On’
05. I Love You Samantha
06. Out Of Town
07. Just One Of Those Things
08. All Of You
09. Paris Loves Lovers
10. You do Something To Me
11. You’re Sensational
12. I’ve Got You Under My Skin


Créditos: Edson Mendes