Louis Cole e Seu Sexteto – Uma Noite No Vogue (1955)

Rádio 0021-V

This album I planned to post yesterday, but due to a shocking problem about which I will write in a special post, it appears today.

I have never heard about Louis Cole, a North American singer, who was the crooner during a period of about  six years in the boite Vogue, until yesterday when this live recording of a Vogue evening arrived on my HD thanks to Anonymous & 300 discos.
Louis Cole is accompanied with the finest musicians one can imagine, their names are at the bottom of this post…

Enjoy the atmosphere and music as much as I did last evening playing these tracks over and over again:

01. Because Of Rain (В. С. Наrrуngton) Fox
02. There Goes My Heart (А. Silvеr / В. Dаvis) Fox
03. Inspiração (Јulio Ваrbosа)  Bolero
04. Quem Маnda na Minha Vida (Неrivеlto Маrtins / Rаul Sаmpаiо) Samba
05. Vogueando (Маurílio Sаntos) Choro
06. Calado Venci (Неrivеlto Маrtins / Аtаulfo Аlvеs) Samba
07. Tamborim (Ainda Sem Compositor) Samba
08. I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Соlе Роrtеr) Beguine
09. Сhoro dе Criança (Fаts Еlрidiо) Choro
10. Тоdo Mundo Sаbе (Djаlmа Маfrа / Nеlson Саvаquinho) Samba
11. Heart of my Heart
12. Мistеr Sаndmаn (Раt Ваllаrd) Fox


Маurílio Sаntos: Pistom
Mоаcуr Silva: Sax tenor
Fаts Еlрidio: Piano
Сélio Dаmаzio: Contrabaixo
Juca: Bateria
Zеzinho: Cantor


Moacyr Silva (nas fxs. 3 e 7)
Maurílio Santos (nas fxs. 5 e 7)
Fats Elpidio (na fx. 9)

Louis Cole is singing the songs in English. The songs in Portuguese are, fortunately, sung by Zezinho.

The package uploaded on DЕPОSIТ FILЕS contains the Lado 1 and Lado 2 as complete sides without pause, as well as the 12 individual songs, so you may play it the way you prefer.


Créditos: Anonymous & 300 discos

And, by the way, maybe that was the last “night at Vogue”. The boite Vogue caught fire in August, 14, 1955.