Francisco Alves Interpreta Noel Rosa (1970)

First of all, good to hear from José Serafim again after a long time.
He presents us all with this album released in 1970 with songs written by Noel Rosa and sung by the great Francisco Alves.
Francisco Alves passed away on the 27th of September, exactly 60 years ago and José was so kind to commemorate this event by preparing, in collaboration with Ademar, this LP. Similarly as he has done exactly one year ago with his presentation of Francisco Alves.
You may read Francisco‘s short biography both in Portuguese and in English which is part of his presentation HERE, and download the corresponding album, if you have not already done so.

Noel Rosa‘s compositions sung by Francisco (helped by other fine singers) are:

01. Prá Esquecer [samba](1933 03-23)
02. Ando Cismado [samba](1932 10-27)
03. Você Só… Mente [foxtrot](1933 07-05) – com Aurora Miranda
04. Nuvem Que Passou [samba](1932 07-02)
05. A Razão Dá-Se A Quem Tem [samba](1932 07-02) – com  Mário Reis
06. Feitio De Oração [samba](1933 07-07) – com Castro Barbosa
07. Não Tem Tradução [samba](1933 08-23)
08. Quem Não Quer Sou Eu [samba](1933 08-03)
09. Palpite [marcha] (1931 11-20)
10. Fita Amarela [samba](1932 12-29) – com Mário Reis
11. Estrela Da Manhã [samba](1933 11-09) – com Madelou Assis
12. Para Me Livrar Do Mal [samba](1932 06-29)


Créditos: José Serafim / ripped by Ademar