Convite Para Dancar (1956)

Musidisc X-5005

A self explaining 1956 promo album by Musidisc containing a selection of songs by their featured artists.

Para dançar:

01. Caravan (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan Tizol) Trio Harmônico
02. Prenda Minha (Tradicional) Ubirajara Silva
03. Ay Ay Ay (Osman Perez Freire) Trio Surdina
04. Musette Vienense (M. D. Anella) Trio Harmônico
05. Linda Flor (Ai Ioiô) (Henrique Vogeler / Luis Peixoto / Marques Porto) Rud Wharton
06. Meu Sonho (Luiz Bonfá) João Leal Brito ”Britinho’
      Me Leva (Hervé Cordovil / Rochinha) João Leal Brito ”Britinho’
07. Carioca (Vincent Youmans / Gus Kahn / Edward Eliscu) Trio Harmônico
08. André de Sapato Novo (André Victor Correia) João Leal Brito ”Britinho”
09. Dinamite (J. Tielsman) Trio Harmônico
10. Canto Karabali (Ernesto Lecuona) Trio Surdina
11. Pretend (Lew Douglas / Cliff Parman / Frank Lavere) Rud Wharton
12. Santa Luzia (Luiz Bandeira) As Três Marias / João Leal Brito ”Britinho”


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

P.S. Never heard of Rud Wharton before. Unfortunately Musidisc is notorious for lack of information about the musicians performing, but looks like, judging by the titles of some of his career albums found listed elsewhere, he is a piano player. His discography spans from 1947 to 1956. All of his 9 career albums have been released in 1955 and 1956.

Trio Surdina – Aquarela do Brasil 10′ (1955)

Musidisc DL-1004

As there is not one album presented on the net by Trio Surdina which has not landed in my collection, I assume that this one (which has not been in my collection up to now) must be a premiere on the net…

Their 10′ LP recorded in 1955 consists of these 8 tracks:

1. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
2. Curare (Bororó)
3. Tico-Tico No Fubá (Zequinha de Abreu)
4. Guacira (Hekel Tavares / Joracy Camargo)
5. Meu Limão, Meu Limoeiro (Tradicional / Adpt. José Carlos Burle)
6. Rio (Ary Barroso)
7. Favela (Hekel Tavares / Joracy Camargo)
8. Terra Seca (Ary Barroso)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Trio Surdina- Boleros Famosos Vol. 1 – 10′ (1955)

Musidisc- DL-1003- LP 10′

The final 10′ LP to be posted from the Trio Surdina package sent by Alfredo Del-Penho

There were actually two more 10′ LPs inside the package, but they did not pass Depositfile‘s Audible Magic‘s proprietary audio content fingerprinting technology check. Sorry about that, but there it is…

The Boleros presented on Volume 1 (out of two) in the Boleros Famosos series by Trio Surdina are:

Lado A. MD-175:

01. Sinceridade (Gaston Perez)
02. Contigo (Claudio Estrada)
03. Angelitos Negros (M. A. Maciste, A. E. Blanco)
04. Cancion Del Alma (Rafael Hernandez)

Lado B. MD-176:

05. Um Minuto (Gabriel Ruiz)
06. Solamente Una Vez (Agustin Lara)
07. Pecadora (Agustin Lara)
08. Usted (G. Ruiz, J. A. Zorrilla)


Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho

Trio Surdina & Leo Peracchi Interpretam Ary Barroso 10′ (1953)

Musidisc M-008

The next 10′ LP consists of renditions of Ary Barroso’s compositions by Trio Surdina (on side A) and Léo Perrachi e Sua Orquestra (on side B).

The compositions are:

Face A – Com Trio Surdina MD 113 :

01. Rio De Janeiro (Ary Barroso)
02. Inquietação (Ary Barroso)
03. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
04. Risque (Ary Barroso)

Face B – Com Léo Peracchi e Sua Orquestra MD 114 :

05. Aquarela Do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
06. Por Causa Desta Cabôca (Ary Barroso)
07. Brasil Moreno (Ary Barroso, Luiz Peixoto)
08. No Taboleiro Da Baiana (Ary Barroso)


Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho

Trio Surdina – 10′ (1954)

Musidisc M-017

This 10′ by Trio Surdina has already been posted on various sites, but all transfers had the same problem: As the vinyl was heavily scratched, the heavy cleaning which was applied removed also a good part of the sound’s frequencies leaving it rather hollow and metallic.
This rip by Alfredo Del-Penho from a bit noisy (but not too scratched) vinyl has no cleaning at all, so finally it is possible to hear the instruments as they really sound (with some background noise which is not too disturbing)

The tracks are:

Lado A MD-131
01. Ay, ay, ay (O. P. Freire)
02. Vingança (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
03. Amoroso (Garoto, L. Bittencourt)
04. Verlaine (Charles Trenet)

Lado B MD-132
05. Canto Karabali (E. Lecuona)
06. Meu Coração (Garoto)
07. Cow Cow Boogie (Don Raye, G. De Paul, B. Carter)
08. Xodó (J. Amorim, J. M. Abreu)


Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho

Trio Surdina Interpreta Dorival Caymmi, Ary Barroso e Noel Rosa – 10′ (1955)

Musidisc DL-1007

The 10′ collection by Trio Surdina continues with their interpretations of works by Dorival Caymmi, Ary Barroso and Noel Rosa:

Lado 1- MD 199:
01. João Valentão (Dorival Caymmi)
02. Quando Eu Penso Na Bahia (Ary Barroso)
03. Feitio De Oração (Noel Rosa, Vadico)
04. Dora (Dorival Caymmi)

Lado 2- MD 200:
05. Vai Haver Barulho No Chateau (Noel Rosa, Valfrido Silva)
06. Três Lágrimas (Ary Barroso)
07. Sábado Em Copacabana (Dorival Caymmi, Carlos Guinle)
08. Boneca De Pixe (Ary Barroso, Luiz Iglesias)


Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho

QUESTION by Gabriel Botari: Trio Surdina have the original formation(Fafa, Chiquinho, Garoto) on this cd(lp) ?

REMARK by  300discos: When I first saw this 10″ I thought it was a compilation of 2 10″: Ary Barroso (M008) and Trio Surdina Interpreta Noel Rosa e Dorival Caymmi (M014), both from 1953, and with the original Trio Surdina formation. However, none of the tracks here is present on the 1953 10″. This makes me think that maybe the tracks were recorded by the original Trio Surdina and were not put on the 1953 10″s because there was no space in the discs for them.

Trio Surdina II – Ouvindo Trio Surdina Vol. 2 – 10′ (1956)

Musidisc DL-1009

The second volume in the Ouvindo Trio Surdina series, released 1956.

The musicians are the same as on Volume 1: 

Al Quincas: Violino
Nestor Campos: Violão
El Gaúcho: Acordeom

The compositions performed are:

Lado A – MD 227:
01. Jealousie (J. Gade)
02. Comigo É Assim (L. Bittencourt, J. Menezes)
03. Charmaine (E. Rapee, L. Pollack)
04. Linda Flôr (H. Voegeler, C. Costa)

Lado B – MD 228:
05. Maria-Lá-Ô (Lecuona)
06. Iracema Na Escocia (Pernambuco)
07. Moonlight Serenade (M. Parish, Glenn Miller)
08. Você Não Gosta (Al Quincas)


Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho

Trio Surdina II – Ouvindo Trio Surdina Vol. 3 – 10′ (1956)

Musidisc DL-1017

Another package from our friend Alfredo Del-Penho with his scans and transfers of several recordings by the legendary Trio Surdina has just arrived.

The first one to be posted out of it is a 10′ LP from 1956 (from my point of view, a very good vintage year).

Yes, your guess is correct: The lady on the front cover was the determining factor for chosing which record to post first.

Trio Surdina at that time was:

Al Quincas: Violino
Nestor Campos: Violão
El Gaúcho: Acordeom

The tracks:

Lado A – MD 243:
01. Mattinata (Leoncavallo)
02. Sal e Pimenta (Nazareno de Brito / Newton Ramalho)
03. Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen / Edgar Yipsel Harburg)
04. Molambo (Jaime Florence “Meira” / Augusto Mesquita)

Lado B – MD 244:
05. Ojos Verdes (Utrera / Nilo Menendez)
06. J’attendrai (D. Olivieri)
07. Serenade (Enrico Toselli)
08. Porque Brilham os Teus Olhos (Fernando César)

Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho


Musidisc M-009

A Musidisc showcase of featured artists and their compositions at the time (?).
This 10 Inch is not a premiere as it has been posted a long time ago on Toque, but this time it is presented in form of a Pedro transfer and scans.

The compositions and the artists performing them accompanied by Léo Peracchi (on tracks 1.3.5) and Djalma Ferreira (on track 7) are:

1. Se Eu Morresse Amanhã
    (Antônio Maria)
    Intérprete: Renata Fronzi

2. Joãozinho Boa Pinta
    (Haroldo Barbosa / Geraldo Jacques)
    Intérpretes: Trio Surdina

3. Volta
    (Radamés Gnattali / Luis Bittencourt)
    Intérprete: Nuno Roland

4. Pensando Em Ti
    (Paulo Tapajós)
    e Sua Orquestra
    Intérprete: Léo Peracchi

5. Definição
    (Alberto Ribeiro)
    Intérprete: Nilo Sérgio

6. Desencuentro
    (Mario Clavell)
    Intérprete: Elvira Rios

7. Tarde Demais
    (Klécius Caldas / Armando Cavalcanti)
    Intérprete: Helena de Lima

8. Lilian
    (João Leal Brito ”Britinho”)
    Intérprete: João Leal BritoBritinho


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

Os Romanticos – Bossa Nova (1963)

While archiving my musical files I noticed an album, downloaded from loronix a long time ago, gathering dust among thousands of others… It is clear that I have albums still waiting to be heard but this one is remarkable for several reasons, apart from the (excellent) music. Zeca wrote in his original post (which you may read inside the first comment), that this album is a complete mystery for him, as well as to Caetano Rodrigues who was the one that contributed it.
Nothing is known. The musicians, the release date and even the label for which it was recorded remained a complete mystery to the present day.
An unasked question is solved, though.
What ringed a bell was the cover. It seemed familiar at first sight. At the second glance I realized that it is a part of a mosaic from the byzantine Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy, created in the 5th century, representing
EmpressTheodora, the wife of the roman Emperor Justinian.
To solve the other mysteries surrounding this album, I have to rely on my friends from Brasil, hoping that someone has the exact info and is willing to share it with us all.

He and all others are welcome to enjoy these tracks:

01. Lindos Olhos Azuis
02. Preciso dar um Jeito
03. Chega de Sofrer
04. Depois do Carnaval
05. Historia
06. Corcovado
07. O Amor em Paz
08. De Mais Amor
09. Menino Desce Dai
10. Samba em Preludio
11. Deixa a Nega Gingar
12. Que Saudade


Créditos: Zecalouro / Caetano Rodrigues

EDIT: An answer to the mystery came faster than I could imagine, thanks to 300discos and Frank-Oliver.
It is actually another edition of Trio Surdina em Bossa Nova from 1963 with a different track order.
Thanks friends!
The musicians are:
Waltel Branco: Violão
Chiquinho: Acordeom
Patané: Violino

Rubens Bassini: Caixeta
Plínio: Bateria
Ary Carvalhães: Baixo

Waltel Branco