Conjunto Bembossa – Bembossa Sambas

Diamond E 9001

Conjunto Bembossa has recorded as far as I know only two albums. A well known one called Birimbau Sambas, released 1964 for Destaque, posted on loronix and other sites and this (previously unknown to me) Bembossa Sambas released by Diamond at an unknown date.

The compositons on this Conjunto Bembossa album (which is a premiere of the Conjunto on Parallel Realities) are:

01. Influénсia Do Jazz
02. Вarquinho
03. Mensagem
04. Nós E O Mar
05. Maria Сonga
06. Quem Quizer Enсontar O Amor
07. Só Danço Samba
08. Сanoinha
09. Сéu E Mar
10. Voсé E Eu


Créditos: Anonymous / 300 discos