Gay Vaquer – The Morning Of The Musicans (1973)

RСA Victor 103.0059

As far as I know Gay Vaquer has recorded only this album and the EP presented in the previous post.

Here is the list of participants that particular morning:

Gay Vaquer: Violão, Guitarra 
Jane DubocJane Vaquer”: Vocal 
Luis Eça: Piano acústico e elétrico 
Paulo Moura: Sax soprano e alto, Flauta 
Novelli: Baixo 
Everaldo Ferreira e Bill French: Bateria e Percussão 

The tracks, all composed by Gay Vaquer, are:

1. 5 20
2. People’s Blues
3. A Cybernetic Tragedy
4. Dimensions
5. Awakening In Absolute Elsewhere
6. Fantastic Realism
7. Da Capo Al Fine


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

Gay Vaquer – Fein EP (1971)

Epic SCDP-PF 004/GB
Now, something quite different: Gay Vaquer and Jane Duboc, his wife at the time, using her husbands last name and therefore signed as Jane Vaquer in an EP recorded in 1971.
The two compositions rotating at 33 rpm are:
1. Pollution (Gay – Jane Vaquer)

2. Stonedage (Gay – Jane Vaquer)

Artistic direction by Raul Seixas.

Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos