Rosa Pardini (1956)

Рolуdor LРN 2013

It is not surprising that a great singer like Rosa Pardini has her premiere on Parallel Realities, as it is common knowledge to all visitors that I love beautiful female voices, especially when recorded in Brasil more than half a century ago, preferably on a 10 Inch.
You are, maybe, wondering why I waited so long to finally post her music, but the answer is simple:
She has recorded only two albums, out of which the LP Eu, o Luar e Você (1958) is featured on Bossa Brasileira, and this 10 Inch was impossible to find up to now. Impossible for me, but not for Pedro

I suggest to turn your lights down low while Rosa is singing these songs, accompanied by the Orquestra Рolуdor under the artistic direction of Maestro Henrique Simonetti:

1. Nunca Jamais (Nunca Jamás) (Lalo Guerrero / Vrs. Nelson Ferreira) Bolero
2. Lembro-me Ainda (Joubert de Carvalho) Valsa
3. Prisioneira (Nazareno de Brito) Bolero
4. Valsa de Uma Cidade (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria) Valsa
5. Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Вe, Will Вe) (Jaу Livingston / Raу Evans / Vrs. Nadir Corte Real) Bolero
6. Vai (Go) (Saint-Saens / Vrs. Nazareno de Brito) Fox
7. Súpliсa (Donne-moi) (Сharles Aznavour / Gilbert Вéсaud / Vrs. Caribé da Roсha) Bolero
8. Grata Рelas Flores (Grazie Dei Fiori) (Saverio Seraсini / G. Festoni / Vrs. Cauby de Brito) Bolero


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