Sylvio Vianna E Seu Conjunto de Dancas No 2 (1958)

Copacabana CLP 10008

The first album to be posted out of the freshly arrived package sent by Pedro & 300discos is, as you would have guessed if you had an insight of the complete package content, Sylvio Vianna‘s para dançar masterpiece from 1958.

A curiosity:  Despite the fact that the singer is photographed and dissplayed on the front cover, her name is nowhere to be read, neither on the covers nor on the labels.

Same goes for the other musicians.

Don’t let this minor flaw distract you from enjoying:

01. Calypso (High Society) (Cole Porter)
02. Boa Terra (Vicente Paiva / Sá Róris) com  Rosângela
03. Frenesi (Alberto Dominguez)
04. Frasquita (Franz Lehar)
05. Juntinhos (Sylvio Vianna)
06. Usignuolo (Gino Castellani / Carletto Concina / Luigi Martelli)
07. Flor de Lys (Agustín Lara)
08. Música (Sylvio Vianna) com  Rosângela
09. Vereda Tropical (Gonzalo Curiel) com  Rosângela
10. Nós Dois (Vicente Paiva / Fernando Martins)
11. Formosinho (Plinio Carlos dos Santos)
12. Music Makers’ (D. Raye / H. Jammes)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Sylvio Vianna e Seu Conjunto Dancante – Mil e Uma Noites – Dancando No Cabaret Vol 1 (1959)

Imperial SIMP-30.237
Re-edição de Hoje A Noite É Sua (1959) Odeon MOFB 3105

With the previously posted album by Sylvion Vianna came the pleasant additional surprise in form of a previously to me unknown singer, Rosângela. I did some researching at that time to find more about her and found out that she is unmistakeably listed as singer on another two albums by Sylvio. If there is more of her singing I do not know, but I did not hesitate to add these two recordings to my Santa Claus wish list.

Santa Claus, mistaking me once more for a good boy, was quick to react:

In the currently downloading new package from Pedro & 300discos, I found the Imperial re-edition of one of those two albums and, as expected, Rosângela is singing three songs on this generally masterful album.

Strongly recommended:

01. Recado (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)
02. Non Dimenticar (Gino Redi / Michele Galdieri)
03. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jerome Kern / Otto Harbach)
04. Intermezzo da ”Cavalleria Rusticana” (Mascagni) 05. Sem Ti (Jair Amorim / Ronaldo Lupo) com Rosângela
06. Amor Secreto (Secret Love) (Paul Francis Webster / Sammy Fain / Vrs. Ghiaroni) com Rosângela
07. Mais Um Samba Pra Dançar (Cazuza)
08. Come Prima (Mario Panzeri / Sandro Taccani / Vincenzo Di Paola)
09. Piove (Domenico Modugno / Verde)
10. Amor (Silvio Viana)
11. Samba Sincopado (Silvio Vianna)
12. Quiereme Mucho (Gonzalo Roig) com Rosângela


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Silvio Vianna e Seu Conjunto de Dancas – Para Sua Festa (1958)

Copacabana CLP 11062

Sylvio Vianna I heard for the first time on Loronix, almost a decade ago when Zeca posted his Rio A Noite from 1963. All attempts at the time to find some more music by him have been fruitless and led me to the wrong conclusion that Rio A Noite (later re-posted in another reality, by the way) was his only career album.
As the newest package sent by Pedro & 300discos is gradually downloading to my PC, I fished out as first this album by Sylvio from 1958 wrapped in a completely fascinating cover and spiced with a pleasant surprise in the shape of a lady pleasantly singing on several tracks of this masterpiece (especially on Marimba).
At first (as it is an Copacabana release) I was afraid that she might not be credited, but she is, apparently due to the fact that, for a change, Sylvio Vianna has himself written the text on the back cover, and has been gentleman enough to mention her name: Rosângela. although the other members of his conjunto remained anonymous.
Luckily, once again I was proven wrong, this time in my assumption that Rio A Noite is Sylvio‘s only LP: 
As I just found out, Sylvio (or Silvio) has recorded at least 8 career albums.

Whether dancing or not, you will enjoy:

01. Amor Proibido (Correia Lima / Depinto)
      Marimba (Agustín Lara) com Rosângela
02. O Piano do Titio (Silvio Vianna)
      Caravan (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan Tizol)
03. Adonde Vás (Silvio Vianna)
      Maxixando (Silvio Vianna)
04. O Trem Atrasou  (Paquito / Estanislau Silva / Arthur Villarinho) com Rosângela
      Música Maestro (Arlindo Marques Júnior / Roberto Roberti) com Rosângela
      Samba Novo (Silvio Vianna)
05. Holyday For Strings (D. Rose)
06. Por Que (Arlindo Velloso / Hélio Santi)
07. Elegante (Lina Pesce)
08. Derrota (Arlindo Velloso)
09. Jambrando Mambo (Silvio Vianna)
10. Última Lágrima (Peterpan / Afonso Teixeira / M. Robledo) com Rosângela
11. Onde Estará Meu Amor (Lina Pesce)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

REMARK by Mr Memory:
Quando, eu escuto o tema musical Holiday for Strings (Férias para Cordas), de autoria do pianista e band-leader David Rose, gravada por volta de 1942, com lançamento no 78 rpm Victor 27853, me vem a mente as cenas das comédias dos filmes brasileiros do final dos anos 50. Este LP de Silvio Vianna também traz outro tema que muito me agrada, que é o clássico Caravan, gravado pela big band de Duke Ellington a 14 de Maio de 1937.