Welcome To Sambaland (1973)

Tapecar LPX.16

A first glance at the cover of this album clearly shows that it was released mainly as a welcome to visitors from abroad.

A second glance shows that neither on the front, nor the back cover there is the name of the conjunto, neither the name of the conjunto leader.

A third glance, now on the inside cover displays several photographs of some of Rio’s attractions, and a welcome text in several languages.

The right side of the inside cover gives also the list of all the renowned musicians (12 of them + Coral de Joab) as well as the instruments they are playing. It also shows that  José Menezes has done the arrangements, yet it does not point him out as leader.

On the left side of the inside cover there is a night photograph of Corcovado and a text about Rio signed by Fernando de Araujo Neves.

So who has united these twelve fine musicians? And who it their leader?

Zé Bodega – Saxofone
Maciel – Trombone
Canuto – Pistom
Sergio Barroso – Baixo
José Menezes – Guitarra, Cavaquinho
Jorge Menezes – Violão
Wilson das Neves – Bateria
Hermes Contesini, Hariovaldo Contesini, Walter Filho, Papão e Cláudio Menezes – Ritmo 
Coral de Joab

What is beyond any question is that the compositions performed are:

01. Sou do Rio (William Luna / Ararypê)
02. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
03. Rio Carnaval dos Carnavais (Padeirinho / Nilton Russo / Moacir)
04. Ensaio Geral (William Luna)
05. Fantasia Carioca (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / Osvaldo Santiago)
06. Valsa de Uma Cidade (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria)
07. Brasil Pandeiro (Assis Valente)
08. Bem Carioca (William Luna / Luis Bittencourt)
09. Descendo o Morro (Adpt. José Xavier)
10. Cidade Maravilhosa (André Filho)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos