Zézinho – Portela 1962 / 63 – Compacto (1963)

Parallel Realities Studio 2013

In the previous post I complained about the lack of Zézinho‘s vocals on Lindolfo Gaya‘s LP, but honestly speaking, I don’t know why Zézinho should sing on this one, when he has not sung on (as far as I know) any one of Gaya‘a recordings…

Still, the lack of more by Zézinho is simply evident, so I decided to do something about it.

A short trip through parallel realities, revealed one in which a compacto with three Carnaval compositions sung by Zézinho was released. On side A were two songs recorded for the 1962 Carnaval and on side B one track from the 1963 Carnaval:

Lado A (1962):

A1. Sofrer Por Errar (Aniceto J. Andrade)
A2. Incrível Destino (S. Costa / Beatriz L. Silva)

Lado B (1963):

B1. Lá Vem Portela (Billy Blanco) com Côro Odeon


Cláudia Barroso – Compacto Duplo (1959)

Parallel Realities Studio 2013

Cláudia Barroso‘s compacto duplo, containing her first 3 songs ever recorded, has been spotted and brought here from another reality existing parallel to the one most of us regard as the only one.

It was recorded during 1958-59, as a collaboration between the, at the time, not very well known night club singer Cláudia and Nicolino CópiaCopinha“, an already renowned maestro.

No brega sounds on this one, folks:

1. Anema e Core (Salvatore D’Esposito / Tito Manlio) –  Instrumental
2. Come Prima (Mario Panzeri / Di Paola / Taccani)
3. Não Adianta Chorar (Eduardo Patané / Almeida Rego)
4. Deixe-me  (Copinha / Julio Сésar)


Julie Joy – Verão Em Veneza / Finge Gostar 78 Rpm (1956)

Sinter – 493 (2013 – a parallel reality)

Travel through time and parallel realities, once mastered, becomes a routine, but occasionally surprises are to be expected.
One of such surprises happened during a trip to find a rare 78 rpm by Julie Joy, which was originally published by Sinter in 1956 and numbered 493.

Standing on a street in the residential quarter of Kandahar and looking upon a public clock made me aware that, instead of the expected year 1956 it was clearly displayed that the year is 2013.

A few steps away from the clock, squeezed between a sweets shop and an opium smoker’s den, was a small record shop with a Brazilian flag above the entrance and a sign ALAMOS RECORDS.

The shop was full of vinyl albums, mostly compilations of rare Brazilian tracks, re-issued, as the owner, an elderly gentleman with a strong Portuguese accent, explained, during the last decade.

As if he knew what I was looking for, he pulled out an album and said that it is a re-edition of the original Sinter 78 rpm from 1956, remastered using the newest military technology and re-printed as a 78 rpm. It was wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve with a portrait of Julie Joy printed on the plastic.

That was it. I left the shop with this recording in my hands asking just one question more:

Who gets the credits for this nice surprise?

A. Verão Em Veneza (Summertime In Venice) (Icini /    C. Sigman /    Vrs. Ribeiro Filho)
B. Finge Gostar (Chico Anysio /    Jaime Florence “Meira”)


Créditos: Recruta

Norma Bengel – Mademoiselle B.B. – Compacto Promo (1959, a parallel reality)

Parallel Realities Studio 2013

While searching parallel realities for something else, I found something else:

A promotional compacto, containing a track sung by Norma Bengel for the Movie O Homem do Sputnik, from 1959, directed by Carlos Manga and featuring (among others):

Oscarito as Anastácio
Cyll Farney as Nelson or Jacinto
Zezé Macedo as Cleci
Norma Bengel as B.B.
Jô Soares as The american spy

A curiosity about this compacto caught my attention: Despite being released in 1959 it had the same type of logo design as a 10 Inch found in a very distant and different parallel reality 5 years later (1964), called The Six Tracks.

The promo compacto has only one track on side A while the side B is empty.
This one track, Mademoiselle B.B. is undefined by genre, someplace between cabaret music and parody, both spoken and sung by Norma Bengel in French and Portuguese…

But, maybe the best and most pleasant way to define it yourself is by simply listening to Norma as B.B:

Lado A: Mademoiselle B.B. (Bruno Marnet) – 3:32


Mаriа Аliсe – Laura – 10 inch (S.D. a parallel reality)

I have been searching for music from Cabo Verde these days, precisely speaking, cantoras de Cabo Verde as you might have guessed. As Cabo Verde, a Portuguese speaking, former colony of Portugal (an once mighty empire, now reduced to a poverty stricken EU member state with foreign occupational troops on it’s soil) does not have many inhabitants, the list of musicians is quite short, but does not lack quality.
One of the best singers (from my point of view) is without any doubt Mаriа Аliсe, a beautiful voice singing beautiful mornas, the fossa of Cabo Verde.
She has recorded, as far as I could find out, 4 albums and several video clips filmed ao vivo no Teatro da Trinidade, Lisboa.
I have no idea if her her albums can be found in stores or anywhere else, so I did not post a complete album here, although it would be worth listening to.
Instead, using the routine procedure, I checked other realities existing parallel to ours and found one in which a promo 10 inch with 4 tracks was released.

So, consider this as a promotion of Mаriа Аliсe and enjoy these mornas:

Lado A:

1. Laura
2. d’Zemcontre

Lado B:

3. Nhas Ais
4. Sol d’One 2000


Grасе Јоnes – Libertango (Parallel Realities extended mix)

Some thirty years ago I bought in a Belgrade LP shop an album by Grасе Јоnes, an artist unknown to me at that time, called Nightсlubbing, just because it contained a version of Astor Piazzola’s Libertango…
When listening to it, I could realy feel the atmosphere of Paris, a city I like very much and where I spent a lot of time, doing just what the title of the album says: Going from one night spot to the other and having a really good time. Of course, a Paris where you can walk in the middle of the night with just an occasional attempt here and there by cons trying to make some money by making a grim face and a threatening gesture, accompanied by a: Donne moi dix francs! is a Paris that does not exist anymore, still the atmosphere radiates out of this song more than out of any Jaques Brel or Gilbert Becaud title, in spite of Grасе Јоnеs’ horrible accent.
The song became a big hit as was inevitable, but, from my point of view, it was too short.

In short: At a place out of this world where time travelers and travelers through parallel realities meet to exchange experience, I found an extended version, remixed without any additional sounds added or deformed by filters, lasting exactly 14 :54.
It manufactured as a 12inch 45rpm EP, with the other side completely empty. The cover displayed Grасе Јоnеs with a cigarette in her mouth…

Turn up the amplifier and enjoy Paris at it’s best by taking a trip while listening to:

1. Libertango (Parallel Realities extended mix) 14:54


Fаntсhа – 12 inch 45rpm EP (1997 a parallel reality)

Since the day the great Сеsaria Еvora passed away, I have been trying to find a way to remember here this exquisite artist other then posting any of her albums as all of them are available to the honest buyer as well as to the wicked free downloader.
Well, except of great music she left to the world, she taught her young friend and protége Fаntсhа how to sing mornas, the unique music style of Cabo Verde, the tiny Atlantic group of islands near Africa’s west coast.
So here is a 12 inch 45rpm EP by Fаntсhа as I found it in one of the countless parallel realities, where such EPs are still printed…

The two mornas on this EP are sung in portuguese, beautiful and worth your attention, so enjoy:

01. Sol ja camba
02. Um cria ser poeta


Marisa Gata Mansa – Compacto (random date in a parallel reality)

While opening my blogger dashboard the previous time I noticed that the next post will be post No. 800… A round number of posts, which does not exactly call for a celebration (as it is not eg 1000), but is quite convenient as a shameless pretext to post another compacto by Marisa Gata Mansa, one of my very favorite divas.
Yes, I know that such a compacto does not exist here, but cold logic says it does in one of the countless parallel realities co-existing, invisible to the untrained eye, one beside the other.
The good part of this story is that neither of the two tracks can be found anywhere, neither as part of a career album, EP or compacto:

1. Beija-flores (Amor Perfeito) – com Clara Nunes
2. Ninguém sabe de nós – ao vivo


Alda Perdigão Com Walter Wanderley – Compacto (1960)

Some three week ago I received from Yves François, a friend from France, two songs by Alda Perdigão, a singer I like very much, she has recorded back in 1960, accompanied by the great Walter Wanderley.
Yves has downloaded these songs a long time ago from a site that is closed now, but both songs have the same fault: About 10 seconds are missing at the beginning of each track, which leads to the conclusion that the original up loader has recorded them on tape from radio.
Anyway, I had been too busy with other matters and did not have the time and concentration to do anything more than answer mails, so I delayed the presentation of these songs until I finally found time to look for a suitable cover in another reality, upload it and thought up a way to psychologically prepare the visitors of this site not to start writing comments of protest because the songs are not complete.
Complete or not, these two tracks are among the best that Alda has recorded.
So cool and easy…
Stop complaining about the missing beginnings (and have faith that maybe someone will eventually send us the complete tracks one of these days) while listening to:
1. …Samba Triste (Baden Powell / Billy Blanco)
2. …Tome Continha de Você (Dolores Duran / Édson Borges)
Créditos: Yves François
If you think that it would do your collection of great singers good to be more complete than it already is, then you can search and find on this site both her career albums and some compactos.
You can look also on Toque where you will find another compacto by Alda, as well as on Chiadophone where you can listen (and download by recording the sound with your sound recorder) four more tracks.
If you are interested in finding information about Alda‘s career, the adress to look for it is here.
Rapidshare has changed it’s rules once more in a blunt public display of insatiable greed, limiting free users in downloading files even more. As Parallel Realities Studio is completely non commercial, without any advertising, and everything that is published is completely free for all interested, I don’t think that it is a good idea to continue using Rapidshare services anymore as I do not want to force my visitors to become premium users
I received complaints the last few days from friends who are unable to download anything. Although, for me it works (I do not have a premium account), I accept that probably others have problems.
Therefore I am changing to MEGAUPLOAD.
As it is not possible for me to transfer all old files from Rapidshare to MEGAUPLOAD at once, due to my quite slow internet connection, I will try to do it gradually.
Anyway, I added the MEGAUPLOAD link for this post right now.
I hope that it will work without problems for all.
P.S. If you wonder why I have chosen MEGAUPLOAD, the reason is simple: When I download something, the easiest way for me to do it is using this particular service..

Nоrа Dеаn – Аngiе lа lа (1970, a parallel reality)

The last few days I have been looking for some reggae music on the net (I listened to lots to reggae in the mid seventies, sick and bored with the “progressive rock” and disco music that was mainstream at the time), in order see if there is something interesting I missed.
Doing this I discovered:
1. All sites where you can download reggae albums are Brasilian (looks like that the spirit of sharing with other people music you like is alive mainly in Brasil).
2 The singer which I am presenting today, Nоrа Dеаn, whose song I found on a ladies compilation of Jamaican music. Never ever in my life I have heard anything similar. It is not reggae, nor ska nor anything which you can associate with it. No Rastafari, no Babylon and no healing herb of the nations.
A quick search for other songs by the spectacular lady, which has by the way recorded only singles, some with lyrics that would make the easily offended puritan blush (like “Night Food” or “Scorpion“), proved the fact that her other songs were mostly reggae, or some soul variants of it.
In 1981 she recorded an album which is not so special as those forgotten singles and to my greatest disappointment, she got “reborn”, threw away her past, distanced herself of her early music claiming that she did not sing the song “Night Food”, moved to New York and recorded several albums with gospel music…
Anyway, I could not resist the temptation to present this remarkable artist to all of you who are over 18, with a an EP crated in a parallel reality consisting of:
1. Аngiе lа lа (7′ version)
2. Аngiе lа lа (Parallel Realities Dub)
If you are interested, you may read about her career and music on a site a gentleman from New York City, called Mike, has created to her honor by clicking HERE
EDIT: I just received a mail fromto Michael Garnice of www.noradean.com with his text about the song by Nоrа Dеаn posted here as was published on his site:
(Produced by Duke Reid, 1969. Available on Grounation: Indomitable Spirit, released on Music Club.)
“First of all, this is not Nyabingi reggae, even though it’s included on a Nyabingi compilation. Second of all, the song is not even reggae. The only thing I’ve ever heard that is similar is Frank Zappa’s 1966 track, “Help, I’m A Rock” from his debut album, Freak Out. Some of the vocal effects are reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s 1968 track, “Julia Dream”. Ay Ay Ay is perhaps the strangest song with the most creative and colorful vocal in the history of Jamaican music.
A rhythm begins and ominous droning organ and psychedelic guitar riffs are added. This provides a compelling backdrop for Nora’s odd, dramatic irresistible vocal performance, which is enhanced by reverb and echo. It’s all ecstasy and surreality. She chant sings something incomprehensible, a part of which is responsible for the song’s alternate title, “Angie La La”. She kisses, chants, whistles and sings the refrain that gives the song its name, “Ay Ay Ay”. She crows. A lyric is heard, “where have you been all my life?” She “whee”s, moans, bird whistles, makes mouth noises, and sings, “suddenly you come to thrill my soul”. She moans in ecstasy. This stream of consciousness goes on for shy of three minutes as the song fades out. Meaningless and brilliant, it succeeds fully on its own terms. A song like no other in the history of reggae.”

Nora Ney – Mundo Diferente – Compacto Duplo (1963)

A few days ago I received a compacto duplo by Nora Ney, released in 1963, from Eduardo Carvalho. I must confess that I did not know that such a compacto duplo by Nora ever existed. Unfortunately Eduardo did not have the original cover, but he sent me, together with the four tracks, also scans of both sides of the compacto itself and I included them of course inside the zip.
To get a cover I took the usual trip through parallel realities, as the simple, time honoured logic derived out of the existence of an infinite number of realities coexisting parallel to ours, says that everything that is possible must exist in one of those realities.
The logic proved right as always.
Of course, if you think that it is all far fetched, you are free to consider the cover as a Parallel Realities Studio creation.
One way or another, enjoy these four compositions:
1. Mundo Diferente (Luis Oliveira Maia / Alcyr Pires Vermelho)
2. E a Vida Continua (Evaldo Gouveia / Jair Amorim)
3. Hora Final (Dora Lopes / Genival Melo)
4. João Da Silva (Billy Blanco)
Créditos: Eduardo Carvalho

Lucienne Franco – Ternura Antiga – Compacto (1960 a parallel reality)

Lucienne Franco has recorded to my best knowledge only 3 career LP s which are fortunatelly available at several of the usual suspects’: loronix, unbreakable microgrooves
Her compactos or 78 rpm s are nowhere to be found.
Here is a compacto I created out of two compositions (her rendition of Ternura Antiga, not part of any of her career albums, is one of the best I have ever heard), assuming that there must be a parallel reality where such a compacto was released in 1960.
The two tracks are:
1. Ternura Antiga (Dolores Duran / Ribamar)
2. Vento do Outono (N. Wanderley / Altamiro Carrilho)

Clara Nunes com Lyrio Panicali & Orquestra – Insensatez / A Felicidade – Compacto (1968 a parallel reality)

The last few days I have been listening to lots of Brazilian orchestras. The absolute top (so far) is Lyrio Panicali and his Orchestra with an LP from 1968 (can be found on loronix together with several other of his masterpieces).
I am playing it over and over for days.
A pleasant surprise for me was also that Clara Nunes performs two songs: Insensatez and A Felicidade, in my opinion the best music she has ever recorded.
Curious that these songs were not recorded as a compacto. In our side branch of parallel realities at least…
So I took the obvious route.
A travel through other realities revealed one in which a compacto with those two tracks was released and packed inside the cover displayed above.
The tracks from a parallel reality:
Lado A:
Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
Lado B:
A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
Créditos: Zecalouro from a parallel reality

Carmen Costa – Vida da Artista – Compacto Duplo

A few posts ago I found an 10 inch EP with 8 by Carmen Costa in another reality and presented it to you. Now here is a compacto duplo with 4 more tracks which also were not included in any of her career albums (at least not in this reality most of us call our own).
Enjoy this present from another reality:
1. Vida de artista
2. Não é só vestir saia
3. Meu barraco
4. Resposta

Maysa – Compacto (1975)

In 1974 Maysa took part in a a novela by TV Globo called “Bravo“. This compacto with two compositions was recorded for Som Livre and released the same year or a year after… Anyway Marcello Gaspar sent them to me, but without the original cover which is “a simple paper bag with a round hole in the middle”.
Now the usual procedure: A search through parallel realities revealed innumerable compactos with the same music inside various covers. I have chosen one into which I have wrapped it for this post and download.
In short: Another Parallel Realities Studio release:
1. Ouça (versão compacto som livre)
2. Bravo (versão compacto som livre)
Creditos: Marcello Gaspar

Nelly Martins – Compacto (1962)

Nelly Martins for the first time on Parallel Realities. The reason why I have not published her music before is simple: She has recorded only two LPs: One with Tito Madi called Encontro no Sábado from 1959, a beautiful recording where she unfortunately sings only four solo tracks. Four tracks are duets with Tito and four are Tito’s solos. This album can be found on Loronix and I am highly recommending it. The other LP has been recorded in 1967 together with Radamés Gnattali her husband at the time, Piano Duo, where she plays the other piano, but If I have understood right, it is an instrumental recording… Why Radamés has chosen to let her play another piano instead of singing accompanied by him is a mystery to me, especially as I am the proud owner of one of his solo piano recitals and could not force myself to listen to it more then once…
Nelly has recorded six 78 rpms (one is part of the Encontro no Sábado LP), four others are lost in time and space but the sixth, from 1962 has been found in a parallel reality, printed on vinyl as a compacto, sounding almost perfect
Enjoy this compacto from a parallel reality.
1. Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
2. Para Não Sofrer (Tom Jobim)
Creditos: burgulization

Tânia Alves – Compacto (2010 – a parallel reality)

Tânia Alves‘ albums are mostly available in stores and the few recordings that are not are easy to find on the net, which is the main reason why I did not present her here. Also there are no compactos apart from several promotional one track CDs.
A search through various parallel realities revealed one, in one segment quite different from our own… In this parallel reality technology went along a different path: Music is still recorded on vinyl and compactos are also produced.
Like this one I am presenting to you now, with two fantastic tracks:
1. Caso Sério (Rita Lee / Roberto de Carvalho)
2. Adé (Dito / Vevé Calazans / Toni Duarte)

Marita Luizi – Ao Vivo Na Macumba – Compacto (1956. parallel reality)

A few days ago, while reading my friend Mateus‘ blog dedicated to Leny Eversong, I ran into a post labeled “Mistério: LP ’12 Cinco Estrelas Apresentam Inara“.
It is about a recording where 5 ladies (Elizeth Cardoso, Juanita Cavalcanti, Leny Eversong, Marita Luizi and Inezita Barroso) are singing Inara.
There were 3 mysteries for me:
Who is Inara, first of all. Then: Who is Juanita Cavalcanti and finally who is Marita Luizi.
The first two questions did not get an answer except that I could guess that Inara must be a composer. A search for Juanita Cavalcanti proved fruitless so far, but the third question got some answers.
Marita Luizi recorded at least one album and a 10′ in France for Telefunken, together with Caco Velho, accompanied by his orchestra.
The album, called “Soirée à La Macumba” recorded at the Parisian nightclub Macumba I found on a nice Spanish speaking site called Yayo Salva Musical.
Apparently Caco Velho performed at the Macumba between 1954 and 1956.
The Album is a must have for all Caco Velho‘s fans…
Well I am a Marita Luizi fan by now and did not loose time to search parallel realities to see if there is something performed solely by her.
Fortunately, there is: 1956., in another reality a perverse label (run by Serbian citizen Milan Filipović a notorious playboy and frequent visitor of  night clubs) released a compacto with 3 songs that Marita Luizi performed that night 1956 at the Macumba and sold them to those over 18 in the neighbourhood of the Rue St.Denis. Also, some copies were reportedly distributed in Rue Pigalle as well as on Place Blanche.
Faites votre jeux:
1. Saudade da Itapoa
2. Risque
3. Uma Só Vez
Before downloading, answer a simple direct question:
Are you over 18?
…hm…, well… I am not… but soon I will be…
Creditos: Mateus / louraug / Yayo Salva Musical

Maria Toledo

This morning when opening comments I found one by Frank-Oliver: He informed me that Maria Helena Toledo passed away.
Here is his comment:
Hello Milan,
I just heard that Maria Toledo died on February 3, 2010.
Here is a very personal report about her life and death by Arnaldo de Souteiro on his blog:
Maria Toledo was a singer whose songs I have been searching a few years ago over the net and stumbled so upon the complete treasure of Brazilian music, previously hidden from me as well as from others all over the world.
As I have not one of her recordings that have not been released commercially or otherwise, I am posting here a post production of her rendition of Insensatez done by me some four years ago:
The Theatre Soundtrack (a Parallel Realities Studio production):
1. Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) – Arhitektura zvuka: Milan Filipović – 9:49

Alda Perdigão – Compacto Duplo

The problem of finding more music by Alda Perdigão beginns with the impossible task of creating a list of recordings she made… Actually beside the two LPs I got from Edson Mendes, I do not know if there are more of them existing and if yes, when they were released and under what name.
All her compactos that I know of are already posted on Toque, Chiadofone and here.
But there are some loose tracks I got from various sources…
So again, a trip through parallel realities revealed the fact that in one of those realities a producer for an obscure record company released a limited edition compacto duplo with the following compositions:

  1. O Primeiro Beijo
  2. Guarania da Saudade
  3. E Agora (Et maintenant)
  4. Fim de Caso

Creditos: Edson Mendes / Augusto TM / Jorge Emmanuel / Recruta Zero

Marisa Barroso – Doçura – Compacto (1962. parallel reality)

Marisa Barroso has recorded only 3 albums and they have all been posted quite some time ago at Loronix and Toque. There is also some mention of 78 rpm recordings she has released, but these are probably vanished into thin air as nobody seems to have them.
Anyway, Marisa is a great singer and I was waiting to find anything like a compacto or 78 rpm to present her here, but this action was unsuccessful.
So I searched parallel realities and found that there is a one in which she released a compacto with the following tracks:

  1. Doçura (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / Maria Isabel)
  2. Poema do Olhar (Evaldo Gouveia / Jair Amorim)


Edith Veiga – Compacto (1974 parallel reality)

I am at the moment away from Belgrade (in Greece) for hollidays. This post was prepared before I started the trip, as several other posts have been prepared and scheduled to appear one after the other in the days to come.

This time Edith Veiga is presented with a compacto taken from a parallel reality in which somebody thought that it would be a good idea to combine two songs recorded two decades apart and wrap them into a cover that illustrates the music exactly as it sounds.


  1. Sei lá…sabe (Marques Filho) 1974
  2. Noite sem ninguém (Antônio Guimarães) 1963


Waleska – Com Açúcar e Com Afeto – Promotional Single (1968 parallel reality)

I am happy to inform you that my favorite singer and friend Waleska has opened her blog on WordPress:
with biography, discography, photos, and information about her recent shows and events.
Most important: She has recorded a new album with 20 compositions for POLY DISC, which is will be released at the end of the year and she has also written a book: FOI À NOITE…
While waiting for the new album, here is a promotional single from 1968 (taken from a parallel reality) for the album Uma Noite na Fossa, with Chico Buarque’s Com Açúcar e Com Afeto, the most erotic song I have ever heard.

  1. Com Açúcar e Com Afeto (Chico Buarque)


Waldir Calmon – Compacto Duplo (1958 parallel reality)

Another one of those recordings which exist only in a parallel reality
Actually I downloaded these 5 tracks from a user called PaulFfm. It is tracks 7-11 from Feito Para Dancar No 10. Waiting that all tracks show up has been wasted in vain, so that I decided to post this compacto duplo, taken from another reallity where these tracks were actually released in form of an EP.

  1. Ay! Cosita linda
  2. Nel Blu, dipinto di blu
  3. Eu não existo sem você
  4. Gondolier
  5. Tequila

Creditos: PaulFfm

Carminha Mascarenhas – Ao Vivo – Compacto (2001. parallel reality)

40 years later Carminha Mascarenhas recorded a live album together with other cantoras do radio: Ellen de Lima, Carmélia Alves and Violeta Cavalcante called Estao Voltando As Flores.
Here are 3 compostitions sung by Carminha Mascarenhas as one medley. (Another one of those Parallel Realities Studio productions with only 5:52 running time).

  1. Mensagem
  2. Fim de Caso
  3. Samba da Madrugada


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Isaura Garcia – Dolores Duran na Voz de Isaura Garcia (1969)

In 1969 Isaura Garcia released two tribute albums: Ary Barroso e Billy Blanco na Voz de Isaura Garcia and Martinho da Vila e Dolores Duran na Voz de Isaura Garcia. The first one can be found at various second hand sales or downloaded from several sites while the second one is listed but impossible to find. Not even a thumbnail of the cover… Nothing. But a few days ago I managed (don’t ask how) to find 8 out of 12 compositions from this album (3 compositions by Martinho da Vila and 5 compositions by Dolores Duran). I have separated them into 2 EPs: Martinho da Vila na Voz de Isaura Garcia and Dolores Duran na Voz de Isaura Garcia which I am presenting here.
While the Martinho da Vila tracks can be listened to without major discomfort, the tracks written by Dolores Duran were a surprise for me. Actually I was convinced that one of my favorite singers singing compositions of my favorite composer is a combination where nothing can go wrong.I did not take the third element into the consideration: The arranger!
A pretentious unmusical fellow with the idea to enter to the top of music history and create a major piece of art… The result: The arrangements sound like the soundtrack for a Tom & Jerry cartoon (The sequence where they chase each other).
Don’t believe it?
Download and judge for yourself.
  1. Castigo
  2. Por Causa de Você
  3. Fim de Caso
  4. Solidão
  5. A Noite do Meu Bem

Isaura Garcia – Compacto (1980. parallel reality)

Actually this single was never released… But the concept of infinite parallel realities understands that everything that is possible must exist in another reality parallel to this one… So here it is:


  1. O Que E Isso? / Me Deixa Em Paz / Pra Quê Obedecer? 4:59
  2. Laurindo / Coitado do Edgard / Onde Andarás? / Preciso Aprender A Ser Só / Mudando de Conversa 5:56


Nora Ney – Ao Vivo (1968. parallel reality)

Nora Ney, Cyro Monteiro, Clementina de Jesus i Conjunto Rosa de Ouro su 1968. održali koncert sa koga ovde predstvljam vrhunac, potpourri sastavljen od četiri kompozicije na kojima peva Nora Ney, jedna od brazilskih diva. Ceo koncert objavljen je na albumu pod imenom Mudando de Conversa…
Fossa na način Nore Ney.
  1. De cigarro em cigarro
  2. Neste mesmo lugar
  3. Bar da noite
  4. Eu e a brisa


Luiz – Arrastão (2008)

Slučajan prošlonedeljni kontakt preko soulseeka sa mladim brazilskim pevačem i glumcem is Sao Paola, Luizom, doveo je do toga da mi Luiz pošalje desetak svojih pesama, od kojih sam odabrao četiri. Dve bossanove i dva jazz standarda.
Ukratko: Posetioci bloga imaju priliku da ih čuju i eventualno daju svoj sud o njima. Ekskluzivna svetska predpremijera.
I am proud to present a young brasilian singer and actor:
Luiz from Sao Paolo.
Luiz has been so kind to send me some of his renditions of bossa and jazz standards to publish on my blog.
So here is a choice of four compositions.
  1. Postal
  2. Arrastão
  3. A Prelude to a Kiss
  4. Summertime


Radmila Smiljanić – Madam Butterfly (All Butterflies Remix)


Radmila Smiljanić je moja dugogodišnja prijateljica, diva Beogradske opera sa najlepšim sopranom koji sam ikada čuo. Nisam mogao da se uzdržim a da ne napravim remix kompozicije Madam Butterfly, kombinujući njena dva razlicita izvodjena medjusobno udaljena dvadesetak godina.
Gitarski sempl: Luiz Bonfa
Radmila Smiljanić is a long time friend of mine, diva of the Belgrade Opera, a lady with the most beautifull soprano voice I have ever heart. I could not restrain myself of making a remix of her rendition of Madam Butterfly, combining two versions recorded some twenty years apart. The guitar sample is by Luiz Bonfa
  1. Madam Butterfly – All Butterflies Remix

Mileta Stankovic – Minijature – promotional single (2008. parallel reality)

Professor Mileta Stankovic is probably one of the best cello players I have ever heard. I am very proud to have taken part in his new project positioning sound in 5.1 surround and designing the cd/dvd covers. With his permission I am publishing the covers before they are actually published and I am posting the first track out of each album.
Mileta Stankovic / cello
Snezana Stankovic / piano


  1. J.S.Bach – Air