Еdith Vеigа – Соmо Sе Fоssе (1987)

As Christmas is nearing, Santa Claus is speeding up his usual activities. This time he is sending, via his associate The Trackfinder, another album from the list I sent to his North Pole address:

Enjoy Еdith, after her long absence from Parallel Realities, singing these songs:

01. Сomo se fosse (Mauríсio Duboс e Сarlos Сolla)
02. Рot-рourri Sem ti (Moaсуr Silva e Наmilton Ribeiro) Јura-me (Jurame) (Maria Grеvеr – vs.  Oswaldo  Santiago) Оrgulho (Waldir Roсha e Nеlsоn Wеdеrkind) Ninguém é dе ninguém (Toso Gоmes – L Меrgulhão – U Silvа)
03. A аmаnte (Anastáсia)
04. Јоgo aberto (Jorge dе Altinho)
05. Quem ama perdoa (Lourenсo)
06. Pot-pourri Faz-me rir (Me dá risa) (Yoni e Arias – vs. Teixeira  Filho) Meu Нomem (Jair Amorim e Evaldo Gouveia) Еu tе amеi, еu tе аmo, eu semрre te аmаrеi (Silvio Вrito e Jean Рierre)
07. Ronda (Рaulo Vanzolini) / Nem Morta (Miсhael Sullivan e Рaulo Massadas)
08. Amor sorrateiro (Majó e Dom Mita)
09. Fabíola (Еdith Vеigа)
10. Vem (Вeto Сorrêa e Nelson Сaê)


Créditos: The Trackfinder

Edith Veiga – Compacto (1974 parallel reality)

I am at the moment away from Belgrade (in Greece) for hollidays. This post was prepared before I started the trip, as several other posts have been prepared and scheduled to appear one after the other in the days to come.

This time Edith Veiga is presented with a compacto taken from a parallel reality in which somebody thought that it would be a good idea to combine two songs recorded two decades apart and wrap them into a cover that illustrates the music exactly as it sounds.


  1. Sei lá…sabe (Marques Filho) 1974
  2. Noite sem ninguém (Antônio Guimarães) 1963


Edith Veiga – Pensando em Ti (1982)

Edith Veiga, now with a LP from 1982! A joy for eyes & ears… I would also recommend a visit to her official site with interesting facts, pics, discography and free download of selected compositions.
1. Não lhe quero mais (Breno Kiss)
2. Na hora da raiva (Roberto Carlos e Erasmo Carlos)
3. Meu amor proibido (Gilberto Lemos e Eros)
4. Raízes (Denis Brean e Oswaldo Guilherme)
5. Cinzeiro cheio (Nono Basílio)
6. Nunca Jamais (Lalo Guerrero – vs. Nelson Ferreira)
7. Pensando em ti (Herivelto Martins e David Nasser)
8. Preciso tanto de você (Edith Veiga)
9. Noite de reis (vs. Hélio Ribeiro)
10. Amélia de você (Elena de Grammont e Eliane Grammont)
11. Agora vá (Edith Veiga)
12. Vingança (Lupicínio Rodrigues)

Edith Veiga – Faz-me rir – Compacto Duplo (1961)

Edith Veiga has released several compactos called Faz-me rir, which was one of her greatest hits. They all contain this song but the other tracks differ from compacto to compacto.
Here is one of them. Unfortunately the cover is not as revealing as her covers from the later period usually are…

  1. Faz-me rir
  2. Vivemos para amar
  3. Rumores
  4. Minha vida em tuas mãos

DOWNLOAD – Corrected version
Creditos: PaulFfm

Edith Veiga – Compacto (1980 – parallel reality)

Hm… I think that it is not necessary to explain why I am presenting Edith Veiga for the first time with a compacto that originally has 4 songs…
In the side branch of parallel realities where I have taken it from there is only one, the first composition: Let’s call it a promotional single from another reality existing almost invisible beside ours…
Any pretext is good enough to present these front and back covers e.g::I am doing it because of the song itself that is on the “compacto”.
  1. Meu Homem