Hebe Camargo – Hebe 65 (1965)

Hebe 65 Polydor 4011 (P) 1965
I have the feeling that Santa Claus must have confused me with some really good boy who bears the same name as I do, because his presents get more and more generous. This morning started with a mail from Edson Mendes with Hebe Camargo from 1965!
A short time later I opened Augusto‘s Toque-Musical (as I do every day) and saw that he posted another album from the list I sent to Santa: Morgana‘s: Esta é Morgana from 1958… Let’s hope that this flow of good music will continue…
Here is a short text about Hebe Camargo that Edson sent me along with the record:
Hebe is a great singer that abandoned her musical career in order to embrace her other talents. In fact she was present in the inauguration of Brazilian TV (TV Tupi – 1950), and for more than 50 years is a Brazilian TV diva, presenting talk shows in several Brazilian TV networks.

This year she completed 80 years – in great style – but not showing this age, because she is still beautiful and vigorous. But she still sings! Last year, in the show “Elas cantam Roberto” (dedicated to celebrate the 50.Th anniversary of Roberto Carlos career), among several other Brazilian talented singers (and younger than her), she had a brilliant performance (this video is available on youtube).

  1. Voltei (Venâncio / Carlos Magno)
  2. Queimada (Messias)
  3. Pequeno Concerto Que Virou Canção (Geraldo Vandré)
  4. Sambruxa (Messias)
  5. Tem Que Ser Azul (Messias)
  6. Miss Biquini (Sylvio Mazzuca / Zuleika Amaral)
  7. Onde Está Você (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
  8. Amor Em Cinco Tempos (Mário Albanese / Armando Blundi Bastos)
  9. Escola da Vida (José Di / Luis Vieira)
  10. Barquinho Diferente (Sergio Augusto)
  11. Queria (Carlos Paraná)
  12. Rotina do Amor (J. Domingos)

Creditos: Edson Mendes

3 thoughts on “Hebe Camargo – Hebe 65 (1965)

  1. Thank you Milan and Edson for this rare LP. In my opinion this is the best Hebe Camargo LP I ever heard with surprises like “Barquinho Diferente” by Sergio Augusto and the Geraldo Vandre track. Unfortunaly the piano, bass,drums trio which is on the more bossa oriented tracks is not credited on the back cover. My wish for Christmas is the LP “Hebe Comanda o Espetáculo”, Odeon [Brazil] #MOFB-3224 (1961) which also is not posted on any blog before.
    This is the LP with the famous living room cover:

  2. Your wish for Christmas is on my Santa Claus list for quite some time, Frank. Let's hope that it will arrive in time…
    I also do not know who plays piano, bass and drums, but maybe someone else knows and will tell us.

  3. Dear friends,

    I am not 100% sure, but I think that the combo that plays in some tracks is Zimbo trio, a famous bossa trio based in São Paulo (as Hebe always was). At least, the sound is similar to their own LPs at this time.




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