Doris Monteiro & Ricardo Jr. – Ao Vivo (2004)

I created two albums with songs performed by Doris Monteiro and Ricardo Jr. in 2004, and posted them both on Parallel Realities some 20 months ago .
One containing tracks recorded by them in a home studio: Doris Monteiro & Ricardo Jr. – Made in House (2004) as well as this album I am re posting now, recorded live at a celebration of Doris‘ birthday for a selected audience.
Several weeks ago, after receiving complaints on this album in particular by someone who claimed to be a personal friend of Doris Monteiro and Ricardo Jr., I removed it from my sites and deleted the download links.
A few days later, I found a comment on the Made in House album on my mirror site on WordPress signed with Ricardo Jr., thanking me in Doris‘ and his name for publishing it.
I contacted Ricardo Jr. and sent him this live album I had removed so he can listen to it and asked for their explicit permission to re post it.
Ricardo Jr. answered that both Doris and he were delighted and enjoyed the music, complimented upon the cover artworks and gave me their blessings to re post it again as well as to post here any unpublished music created by them.
So consider both albums as a special gift from Doris Monteiro and Ricardo Jr. to us all.
Enjoy Doris Monteiro and Ricardo Jr. performing:
Abertura: Show ao Vivo Sesc Ribeirao Preto
Se voce se importasse
Dó Ré Mi
Mocinho Bonito
Banca Do Distinto
Tristeza de Nós Dois
Mas Que Doidice
Mudando de Coversa
Conversa de Botequim
Ronda & Folha Morta
Apresentaçao dos Músicos & Equipe Técnica, no Sesc Ribeirao Preto
SeTodos Fossem Iguais a Voce
De Conversa em Conversa
Amendoim Torradinho
Fim de Caso
Pra Voce eu Guardei
Se Queres Saber…
Sandalia de Prata
Um grande Abraço a Doris e Ricardo Jr.

Doris Monteiro & Ricardo Jr. – Made in House (2004)

Together with the music from the previous post, I downloaded these tracks (without any covers) which are probably recorded as a private session together with Ricardo Jr. and using sequencers. An investigation about details proved unsuccesful.
So here it is with covers designed at the Parallel Realities Studio:
1. Do Ré Mi
2. Mocinho Bonito
3. Caminhemos
4. Mudando de Conversa
5. Conversa de Botequim
6. Mulambo
7. Copacabana
Creditos: Marcello Gaspar