Charanga Radio – Um Baile… Antigamente (1958)

Rádio 0072-GV

Completing Charanga Rádio discography with the first volume of the Um Baile… Antigamente series of two.
Maybe there is more, but I am unaware of it.
This time a list of musicians who are part of Charanga Rádio is included and it looks like this:

Zé Américo da Fonseca (Tuba)
Baiano (Violino)
Índio (Banjo)
Arthur Duarte (Violão)
Trinca (Bateria)
Nelson M. Santos (Trombone)
João Bastista (Ganzá e Reco-reco)
Ercilio da Silva (Prato)
Roberto Pinheiro (Pandeiro)

I strongly suspect Banjo player Índio to be our old friend Índio do Cavaquinho, also included as one of the composers in the track list:

01. Casamento de Mocinha (Antônio R. Trindade)
02. Marcando a Quadrilha (Tradicional / Adpt. Mário Zan)
03. Rancheira Em Aramarí (Baiano da Rabeca)
04. Um Xote de Itapagé (João A. Sampaio)
05. Provocante (Índio do Cavaquinho / Arthur Duarte)
06. Dona Julia (Baiano)
07. Lascando o Cano (Luiz Gonzaga / Zé Dantas)
08. Pedro, Antônio e João (Benedito Lacerda / Osvaldo Santiago)
09. Chica Fulô (Walgton F. Silva / Baiano / José R. Oliveira)
10. Juca Casacudo (Walgton F. Silva / Baiano / José R. Oliveira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo – Um Violino No Samba (1955)

Rádio 0019-V

The once mysterious violin player Baiano has become less mysterious once it was discovered that his real name is Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo.
In the meantime, thanks to Pedro & 300 discos his recordings have been appearing on Parallel Realities from time to time, turning him to a well known friend out of a total stranger.

Enjoy his playing, recorded on this 10 Inch back in 1955:

1. Chorinho no Ceará (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo) Choro
2. Trem da Bicharada (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo) Baião
3. Cazuza na Rabeca (Professor Cazuza) Polca
4. Chorinho na Roça (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo) Choro
5. De Calça Curta (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo) Choro
6. Baiano na Polca (Professor Cazuza) Polca
7. Siri Donzelo (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo) Choro
8. Lá Vem a Baiana (Dorival Caymmi) Samba


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo – Um Violino No Samba (1958)

Rádio 0069 GV

Here is a compilation of compositions from two 10 Inch LPs by Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo aka Baiano the once mysterious violin player from Bahia.

The selection consists of:

01. Mamãe Lá Vem o Leão (Luis Assunção)
02. De São Félix a Cachoeira (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo)
03. Sá Mariquinha (Luis Assunção)
04. Siriguela (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo)
05. Dorinha Meu Amor (José Francisco de Freitas)
06. Subindo Ao Céu (Aristides Manuel Borges)
07. Chorinho no Ceará (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo)
08. Trem da Bicharada (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo)
09. Cazuza na Rabeca (Professor Cazuza)
10. De Calça Curta (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo)
11. Baiano na Polca (Professor Cazuza)
12. Siri Donzelo (Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

Gabriel e Sua Rabeca – Violino de Gafieira (1962)

Рhiliрs Р 632.101 L

Choosing which album to post as first today out of the newest package sent by Pedro & 300 discos  I decided to resolve a mystery opened some time ago, concerning the true identity of violin player Baiano.
As 300 discos correctly guessed, Baiano is Gabriel Antônio de Azerêdo as the back cover, now clear and readable, clearly states.

The mystery how this album sounds, you may resolve by listening to:

01. O Samba Вrasileiro (Сlaribalte Рassos)
02. Сonversa de Вotequim (Noel Rosa / Vadiсo)
03. Вurilando (Ari Monteiro / Julinho)
04. Eu Não Tenho Onde Morar (Dorival Сaуmmi)
05. Teleсo-teсo Nº 2 (Nelsinho / Oldemar Magalhães)
06. Violino de Gafieira (Хavante)
07. Um Сhorinho Diferente (Gaúсho)
08. Ôba (Oswaldo Nunes)
09. Сandango no Сhoro (Julinho / Baiano)
10. Não Vou Mais Lá (Índio / Almeida Rego)
11. Вá (Édson Franсa / Сosta Netto)
12. Сastiguei (Jorge Сosta / Venânсio)

The arrangements are by Gaúcho, nothing mysterious about that.

Also, no mystery where you may find it all:


No mystery who is credited: Pedro & 300 discos

Baiano E Seu Conjunto – Violino Assanhado (1959)

Rádio 0095 GV

Here is a real rarity, an album by a certain Baiano, violin player, who is mentioned on the net, as far as I know, only once, on Memória Musical, where just one 78 rpm by him is listed.
This album, practically, does not exist. No traces of the title, no clue to point who the mysterious Baiano might be, no picture, nothing.
A comparison of the serial number revealed only that this recording has been released 1959, or eventually, 1960. And by looking at the labels, included in the package sent by Anonymous & 300 discos, I managed to reconstruct the composers of the tracks, except for one which was unreadable, at least for me.
Questioning 300 discos brought no results as he has already made his own search for facts by asking Anonymous and several other experts, but they also know nothing.
He has an assumption, though. There is a possibility that Baiano‘s real name might be Salomão Rabinovitz, a classical violinist playing popular music, but this is only a guess…

If you know more, you are welcome to share your knowledge.

In the meantime, while waiting for this mystery to be solved, enjoy Baiano‘s music recorded on these tracks:

01. Este E O Baiano (Baiano)
02. O Chamego do Gustavo (José Plaoido)
03. Doce Melodia (Abel Ferreira)
04. Enchente de Orós (João A. Sampaio “Julinho do Acordeom”)
05. Seu Carola (Osvaldo Antônio Marinho)
06. Deixe Comigo
07. Catando Nota (Rubem Cavalcanto)
08. Baiao de Alagoinhas (Baiano)
09. Titan (Baiano)
10. Valsa do Adeus (Evaldo Gouveia)
11. Recordando Itapage (João A. Sampaio “Julinho do Acordeom”)
12. Menina do Caju (João A. Sampaio “Julinho do Acordeom” / Ari Monteiro)


Créditos: Anonymous / 300 discos