Ruy Rey e Sua Orquestra de Danças – Ritmos… Ritmos… Ritmos… (1960)

Соntinеntаl LРР 3119

01. Lаs Sесretarias (Рерe Luis)
02. Mujer (Раulo Villаrа / Ruy Rey)
03. Angelita (Diсk Нughеs / Riсhаrd Stарlеу / Еdwаrd L. Аlреrsоn Јr.)
04. Regalame Estа Nосhe (Rоbеrto Саntorаl)
05. Concerto Melódico (Rachmaninoff) Arranjo sobre melodias de Rachmaninoff
06. Strаngеr In Раrаdise (Роbеrt Wright / Gеоrgе Fоrrеst)
07. José Веlém Sаntаnа (Јuаn Вruno Таrrаzа)
08. Mustapha (Ваrсlау / Вob Аzаm)
09. Estate Violenta (Riсаrdo Раzzаgliа)
10. Mira Que Luna (Еlgоs / Маlgoni)
11. I’ll Nеvеr Fаll In Lovе Аgаin (J. Ray)
12. Tropi-kana (Еmílio Ваtistа / Ruy Rey)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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Carlinhos Mafasoli e Sua Orquestra – Romantica (1964)

Fermata FB 85

Carlinhos Mafasoli with orchestra performing Italian compositions.

Enjoy the melodies:

01. Ti Guarderó Nel Cuore (Riz Ortolani/Marcello Ciorciolini / Nino Oliviero)
02. Al Di La (Mogol / Carlo Donida)
03. Legata A Un Granello Di Sabbia (Fermo Dante Marchetti / Nico Fidenco)
04. Carina (Alberto Testa / Corrado Lojacono)
05. Io Che Amo Solo Te (Sergio Endrigo)
06. Pera Madura (Pino Donaggio)
07. La Terza Luna (Migliacci / Enriquez)
08. Porque Aos Domingos (La Partita Di Pallone) (Rossi / Edoardo Vianello)
09. Quando, Quando, Quando (Alberto Testa / Tony Renis)
10. Tutta La Gente (N. Fidenco / Bloksteiner / Gigante)
11. Roberta (Luigi Naddeo/Paolo Lepore)
12. Io Sono Un Uomo Vivo (Uomo Vivo) (Gino Paoli)


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Trio Irakitan – Sempre Alerta (1960)

Odeon MOFB 3179

I must confess that I was amazed when I saw the front cover of this album by the famous vocal Trio Irakitan. The obvious question bothering me was:

What trouble could have forced three grown up guys to dress like boy scouts?

Then I looked closer at the back cover and found a text signed by a certain Dr João Ribeiro dos Santos

The songs performed are:

01. Alerta (Benevenuto Cellini dos Santos)
02. A Árvore da Montanha (Tradicional)
03. Hino do Ajuri Nacional (João Ribeiro dos Santos)
04. O Cuco (Tradicional)
05. O Mar Estava Sereno (Tradicional)
06. Guingangule (Tradicional)
07. Espírito de B P (Tradicional)
08. Rataplan do Mar (Benevenuto Cellini dos Santos)
09. Canção da Alvorada (João Ribeiro dos Santos)
10. Quebra Coco (Tradicional)
11. Acorda Escoteiro Acorda (Tradicional)
12. Stodola (Tradicional)
13. Polenta (Tradicional)
14. Canção da Despedida (Auld Lang Syne) (Tradicional)


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Guio de Morais e Seu Conjunto – Gente Que diz de Balanco (1964)

Continental PPL 12131

I thought that it would be a good idea to complete Guio de Morais discography with the album from 1964 which was originally presented on Loronix ten years ago.
Well, here it is in form of a Loronix transfer. Zeca‘s text about it you may read on Órfãos do Loronix where it is reprinted.

The compositions are:

01. Só Vou de Balanço (João Roberto Kelly)
02. Gente Que Diz (Guio de Morais)
03. Balanço Zona Sul (Tito Madi)
04. Ela É Carioca (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
05. O Samba Deu Um Avanço (Célio Ferreira / Rolando Ferreira)
06. Samb’andando (Sérgio Carvalho / Paulo Bruce)
07. Tudo de Você (Paulo Sérgio Valle / Marcos Valle)
08. Quem Sabe É o Mar (Paulinho / Barbosa da Silva)
09. Samba Travesso (Norival Reis / Harli Teixeira)
10. Tão Só (Guio de Morais)
11. Carnaval Triste (Sérgio Carvalho / Paulo Bruce)
12. Barraco do José (Carlos Fortes)


Créditos: Zecalouro / Edson Mendes

TRACK LIST by Brazilliance:
Although being a really enjoyable album offering groovy performances, I find it quite mysterious because the track list is wrong wherever it appears online wether as download or listing. Interstingly, only very few remarks on this can be found like in the comments on Órfãos do Loronix

Unfortunately, the original vinyl or its original art work is hardly available which would be the best way to check. I never saw this album being offered on Mercado Livre or elsewhere which made me wonder if it ever existed. Surprisingly, a Japanese seller is currently showing a sold vinyl copy on his website but regrettably not showing pictures of the back cover or the vinyl itself. The picture of the front cover shows clearly a different order of song titles compared to the CD reissue, starting with Tudo de Você instead of Só Vou de Balanço. Also, the Continental logo on the original art work is a different version including the catalogue number PPL 12.131 which is missing on the CD reissue.

Obviously, the wrong track list including a song from a different album by a different group was created by sloppy work at the re-releasing label Paradise Masters:

01 – Só Vou de Balanço = Gente que diz
02 – Gente que diz = Balanço Zona Sul
03 – Balanço Zona Sul = Ela é Carioca
04 – Ela é Carioca = O Samba deu um Avanço
05 – O Samba deu um Avanço = Sambandando
06 – Samb’andando = Tudo de Você
07 – Tudo de Você = Quem Sabe é O Mar
08 – Quem Sabe é O Mar = Samba Travesso
09 – Samba Travesso = Tão Só
10 – Tão Só = Carnaval Triste
11 – Carnaval Triste = Barraco do José
12 – Barraco do José = Influência do Jazz from “Show de Bossa” by Corisco e Os Sambaloucos.

Which means “Só Vou de Balanço” is actually missing which is a pity since it’s a great tune.

At least, one thing is for sure: the flawless saxophone on Gente Que Diz de Balanço is by Moacyr Marques aka Bijú (as stated on his website.

Guio de Morais e Sua Orquestra de Cordas – Devaneio (1958)

Todamérica LPP-TA-313

This is Guio de Morais‘ last album recorded for Todamérica. Six years later he released one more career album for Continental which has been presented on Loronix quite some time ago.

The compositions performed here are:

01. To Love You (I Only Live To Love You) (Victor Young / Mack Gordon)
02. Dancing In The Dark (Howard Dietz / Arthur Schwartz)
03. Friendly Persuasion (Paul Francis Webster / Dimitri Tiomkin)
04. The Mountain (M. David / D. Amfitheatrof)
05. If You Can Dream (Sammy Cahn / Nicholas Brodszky)
06. Written On The Wind (Sammy Cahn / Victor Young)
07. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Paul Francis Webster / Sammy Fain)
08. Around The World (Victor Young / Harold Adamson)
09. The Lonely Man (Nathan Van Cleave / Jack Brooks)
An Affair To Remember (Harry Warren / Harold Adamson / Leo McCarey)
Love Letters In The Sand (J. F. Coots / N. Kenny / C. Kenny)
White Christmas (Irving Berlin)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos  

Guio de Morais e Sua Orquestra de Cordas – Devaneio (1958)

Todamérica LPP-TA-313

This is Guio de Morais‘ last album recorded for Todamérica. Six years later he released one more career album for Continental which has been presented on Loronix quite some time ago.

The compositions performed here are:

01. To Love You (I Only Live To Love You) (Victor Young / Mack Gordon)
02. Dancing In The Dark (Howard Dietz / Arthur Schwartz)
03. Friendly Persuasion (Paul Francis Webster / Dimitri Tiomkin)
04. The Mountain (M. David / D. Amfitheatrof)
05. If You Can Dream (Sammy Cahn / Nicholas Brodszky)
06. Written On The Wind (Sammy Cahn / Victor Young)
07. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Paul Francis Webster / Sammy Fain)
08. Around The World (Victor Young / Harold Adamson)
09. The Lonely Man (Nathan Van Cleave / Jack Brooks)
      An Affair To Remember (Harry Warren / Harold Adamson / Leo McCarey)
      Love Letters In The Sand (J. F. Coots / N. Kenny / C. Kenny)
      White Christmas (Irving Berlin)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos  

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Cha Dancante No 3 (1957)

Copacabana CLP 11012

01. Samba no Arpège (Luiz Bandeira / Waldir Calmon)
02. Penha (Luis Peixoto / Vicente Paiva)
03. Ay Ay Ay (Osman Perez Freire)
04. Mercado Persa (In A Persian Market) (Albert William Ketèlbey)
05. Rock Around The Clock (Max C. Freedman / Jimmy De Knight)
06. Enlloro (O. Morales / M. Sunshine / J. Blanco)
07. Que Murmuren (Rubén Fuentes / Rafael Cardenas)
08. Canção do Mar (Frederico Brito / Ferrer Trindade)
09. Soy (Alfredo Parra)
10. Les Feuilles Mortes (Joseph Kosma / Jacques Prévert)
11. Longe dos Olhos (Djalma Ferreira / Cristóvão de Alencar)


Créditos: Lucas Emanuel Andrade

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Cha Dancante No 3 (1957)

Copacabana CLP 11012

01. Samba no Arpège (Luiz Bandeira / Waldir Calmon)
02. Penha (Luis Peixoto / Vicente Paiva)
03. Ay Ay Ay (Osman Perez Freire)
04. Mercado Persa (In A Persian Market) (Albert William Ketèlbey)
05. Rock Around The Clock (Max C. Freedman / Jimmy De Knight)
06. Enlloro (O. Morales / M. Sunshine / J. Blanco)
07. Que Murmuren (Rubén Fuentes / Rafael Cardenas)
08. Canção do Mar (Frederico Brito / Ferrer Trindade)
09. Soy (Alfredo Parra)
10. Les Feuilles Mortes (Joseph Kosma / Jacques Prévert)
11. Longe dos Olhos (Djalma Ferreira / Cristóvão de Alencar)


Créditos: Lucas Emanuel Andrade

Guio de Morais e Sua Orquestra de Jazz e Cordas – Vesperal Dancante (1958)

Todamérica LPP-TA-321

Maestro Guio de Morais has been presented in this parallel reality with his first career album, a 10′ Lp dedicated to Brazilian folklore around one and a half year ago.

Here he is again with a 12′ para dançar album from 1958, performing these compositions:

01. Maria Dos Meus Pecados (Jair Amorim / Valdemar de Abreu “Dunga”)
02. O Apito no Samba (Luis Antônio / Luiz Bandeira)
03. Trem Paulista (Antônio Almeida / Felícia Godoy)
04. I’m Always Chasing Rain Bows (J. McCarthy / H. Carrol)
05. Louco de Amor (Norival Reis)
06. The Melba Waltz (N. Newell / M. Spoliansky)
07. April Love (Paul Francis Webster / Sammy Fain)
08. Never Let Me Go (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans)
09. Whispering (Vincent Rose / Richard Coburn / John Schonberger)
10. Se Você Soubesse (Valmurio)
11. Mambologia (Bolivar Duarte)
12. Fantasia Carioca (Osvaldo Santiago / Alcyr Pires Vermelho)

The back cover displays a short text about Guio de Morais as well as his photograph…


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos  

Waldir Calmon E Seu Novo Feito Para Dançar (1961)

Copacabana  CLP 11177

1. Concerto de Varsóvia (The Warsaw Concerto) (The World Outside) (Carl Sigman / Richard Addinsell)
2. O Sole Mio (Giovanni Capurro / Eduardo Di Capua)
3. My Blue Heaven (W. Donaldson / G. Whiting)
4. Crepúsculo (Silvio Viana)
5. Saudade Vai-te Embora (Julio de Souza)
6. Dindi (Tom Jobim/Aloysio de Oliveira)
7. Menina Feia (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
    Marta (Moisés Simons)
    O Amor E A Rosa (Antônio Maria / Ayres da Costa Pessoa “Pernambuco”)
    Mistura Fina (Luiz Bandeira)
    Fala Amor (Luis Antônio / Djalma Ferreira)
    De Perna Bamba (Guio de Morais)


Créditos: Lucas Emanuel Andrade

Renato de Oliveira e Sua Orquestra – O Melhor dos Festivais (1968)

Copacabana CLP 11527

Maestro Renato de Oliveira presents orchestral renditions of festival hits:

01. Eu E A Brisa (Johnny Alf)
02. Kubatokuê Mulata (Raul Aries Peres/Emílio Vitória Pereira)
03. Fala Baixinho (Pixinguinha/Hermínio Bello de Carvalho)
04. Per Una Donna (G. Perretta/C. Mantoni/M. de Martino)
05. Margarida (Guarabyra)
06. Roda Viva (Chico Buarque)
07. Wenn Die Liebe Kommt (O. Horten)
08. Uma Dúzia de Rosas (Carlos Imperial)
09. Travessia (Milton Nascimento/Fernando Brant)
10. Celebration (Bill Martin/Phil Coulter)
11. Volta Amanhã (Fernando César/Mariah Brito)
12. Carolina (Chico Buarque)

A few appropriate words about this release, written by Ismael Corrêa, can be read on the back cover…


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Feito Para Dancar No 9 (1958)

Rádio 0064-GV

01. Nosso Samba (Djalma Ferreira / Iza Ferreira)
02. Alma Llanera (Pedro Elias Gutierrez)
03. Bailinho da Madeira (Maximiano de Souza)
04. Faceira (Ary Barroso)
05. No Tabuleiro da Baiana (Ary Barroso)
06. Jogadinho (Hianto de Almeida / Paulo Nunes)
07. Concerto de Grieg (Edvard Grieg)
08. Little Darling (Maurice Williams)
09. El Manisero (Moisés Simons)
10. Tuxedo Junction (Hawkins / J. Dash)
11. A Farewell To Arms (Paul Francis Webster / M. Nascimbene)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Feito Para Dançar No 4 (1956)

Rádio 0078-GV

12′ LP re-edition of the 10′ album Ritmos Melódicos Nº 3 (Rádio 0041-V) with 4 additional songs added: Dá-me Tuas Mãos, Ausência Amarga, Ninguém and Gorjeiando.

Lado A:

1. Unchained Melody (Alex North/Hy Zaret)
2. Canção da Volta (Ismael Netto/Antônio Maria)
3. Como Fué (Ernesto Duarte)
4. Luar de Paquetá (Freire Júnior/Hermes Fontes)
5. Mambo En El Oriente (Eddie Mandarino)
6. Casa da Loló (Djalma Ferreira/José Bicalho)
7. Steve no Choro (Steve Bernard)

Lado B:

1. Samba Fantástico (José Toledo/Jean Manzon/Leônidas Autuori/Paulo Mendes Campos)
2. Something’s Gotta Give (J.Mercer)
3. Dá-me Tuas Mãos (Erasmo Silva/Jorge de Castro)
4. Ausência Amarga (Don Al Bibi)
5. Ninguém (Waldir Calmon)
6. Gorgeando (Ênio de Paula)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Feito Para Dançar No 2 (1955)

Rádio 0016-GV

1. Meus Dias Em São Paulo (Pernambuco / Zaccarias)
2. Mentira (Hianto de Almeida / Haroldo de Almeida)
3. Separados Nada Somos (Waldir Calmon / Don Al Bibi)
4. Mi Nuevo Amor (Waldir Calmon)
5. Encontros (Hianto de Almeida / Edel Ney)
6. Mulatinho (Nestor Campos)
7. Menino de Braçanã (Luiz Vieira / Arnaldo Passos)
    Por Que Negar (Agustin Lara)
    La Paloma (Sebastian Yradier)
    Garoa (Lindolfo Gaya / J. Maia / Max Nunes)
    September Song (Kurt Weill / M. Anderson)
    Time On My Hand (Vincent Youmans / Harold Adamson / Mack Gordon)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Waldir Calmon – Feito Para Dancar (1954)

Rádio 0013-GV

Lado A:

1. Sistema Nervoso (Wilson Batista / Roberto Roberti / Arlindo Marques Júnior)
    A Saudade Mata a Gente (João de Barro / Antônio Almeida)
    Cada Noche Um Amor (Agustin Lara)
    Cancion Del Mar (Agustin Lara)
    Limelight (Charles Chaplin)
    Dancing In The Dark (Howard Dietz / Arthur Schwartz)
    In The Still Of The Night (Cole Porter)

Lado B:

2. Fui Longe (Eddie Mandarino)
3. Luar (Malagute)
4. Barriquinha (Edgar Cavalcanti)
5. Esquecendo o Tempo (Waldir Calmon)
6. Amigo Velho (Cristóvão de Alencar / Hélio Nascimento)


Créditos: Vitor Hugo Lautenschlager

COMMENT by Efe.Miranda:
Esse não é um disco qualquer: teria sido o primeiro LP de música popular editado em 12 polegadas no Brasil, pela lendária Etiqueta Rádio, de Petrópolis,RJ. Foi também o primeiro dos doze discos da série FEITO PARA DANÇAR, um sucesso fenomenal nos anos 50’s.
O grande pianista Waldir Calmon empresta toda a sua categoria em músicas do quilate de A Saudade Mata a Gente e Limelight, apenas para citar dois exemplos.
Em tempo: o correto nome do álbum seria apenas Feito para Dançar (sem o Nª 1), pois foi o primeiro lançamento e, na época, ainda sem a previsão de outros sequenciais. 

Waldir Calmon – Romance Sin Palabras (1965)

Сoрaсabana СLР 11423

01. Nosotros (Pedro Junco Jr.)
02. Tres Palabras (Osvaldo Farrés)
03. Volverás (Agustin Lara)
04. Vereda Tropical (Gonzalo Curiel)
05. Lágrimas de Sangre (Agustin Lara)
06. Separados Nada Somos (Waldir Calmon / Don Al Bibi)
07. Romance Sin Palabras (C. Navarro)
08. Acercate Más (Osvaldo Farrés)
09. Noche de Ronda (Agustin Lara)
10. Besar (Juan Bruno Tarraza)
11. Traicionera (Gonzalo Curiel)
12. Desesperadamente (Gabriel Ruiz)


Créditos: Pinh3rO / QuelinhoBau de Long Playing

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Cha Dancante No 2 (1957)

Copacabana CLP 11005

Lado A:

01. Folha Morta (Ary Barroso)
02. My Little One (G. Howe / D. Cussin)
03. I Could Have Danced All Night (Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe)
04. On The Street Where You Live  (Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe)
05. Feitiço da Vila (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
06. Sobre as Ondas (Sobre Las Olas)  (Juventino Rosas)

All 6 songs from side A are also included as one uninterrupted track.

Lado B:

07. So In Love (Cole Porter)
08. Nunca Jamás (Lalo Guerrero)
09. Le Rififi (Jacques Larue / Philippe Gerard)
10. Comendo Troaca (Eddie Mandarino / Buda do Pandeiro)
11. História de Un Amor (Carlos Almarán)
12. Adios Muchachos (César Vedani / Julio César Sanders)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Cha Dancante No 1 (1959)


Copacabana CLP 10013

1. Aimer Comme Je T’aime (Hubert Giraud)
    Hold My Hand (Jack Lawrence/Richard Myers)
    Luna Rossa (V. de Crescenzo/A. Avian)
    Amendoim Torradinho (Henrique Beltrão)
    Samba no Perroquet (Djalma Ferreira)
2. Blem Blem Blem (Eddie Mandarino)
3. Hernando’s Hideaway (R. Adler/J. Ros)
4. Por Quanto Tempo (Marino Pinto/Don Al Bibi)
5. Por Que Ya no Me Quieres (Agustín Lara)
6. Embraceable You (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin)
7. Golden Earrings (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans/Victor Young)
8. Troppo Tardi (W. Coli)
9. Como Eras Linda (Theo Mackeben)


Créditos: lulinha36 / Marcia Calmon

Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto – Cha Dancante No 1 (1959)


Copacabana CLP 10013

1. Aimer Comme Je T’aime (Hubert Giraud)
    Hold My Hand (Jack Lawrence/Richard Myers)
    Luna Rossa (V. de Crescenzo/A. Avian)
    Amendoim Torradinho (Henrique Beltrão)
    Samba no Perroquet (Djalma Ferreira)
2. Blem Blem Blem (Eddie Mandarino)
3. Hernando’s Hideaway (R. Adler/J. Ros)
4. Por Quanto Tempo (Marino Pinto/Don Al Bibi)
5. Por Que Ya no Me Quieres (Agustín Lara)
6. Embraceable You (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin)
7. Golden Earrings (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans/Victor Young)
8. Troppo Tardi (W. Coli)
9. Como Eras Linda (Theo Mackeben)


Créditos: lulinha36 / Marcia Calmon

THE CHÁ SÉRIE by Efe.Miranda: 
Da série Chá Dançante de Waldir Calmon pela Gravadora Copacabana consta: [primeiro] (1956), o nº 2 (1957) e o nº 3 (1957); o iniciante, LP CLP-3033, foi um álbum de 10 polegadas e objeto de ‘outra realidade
Este LP do post, intitulado Chá Dançante nº 1 foi lançado em 1959, pela mesma gravadora, mas com um repertório um pouco diferente daquele primeiro, quase homônimo, de 1956.

Dulce Salles – Personalidade (1964)

Chantecler CMG-2326

Dulce Salles, another unknown lady singer with her only career album presented to us by Edson Mendes.

Here is a text about her by Edson:

Dulce Salles Cunha Braga was not a professional singer. In Brazil, she became known as a politician, having reached the position of Senator by the State of São Paulo.
In her youth she studied lyrical singing with Maestro Camargo Guarnieri and took classes of improvement with the great  American contralto Mary Anderson during her stay in Brazil in 1948.
Here she sings popular songs, in Portuguese and French.

The back cover is not the original, but the one used when the disc was released as CD in 1998. But it is almost identical to the original one.”

The tracks:

01. Andando p’ra frente  (Murilo Antunes Alves)
02. Amor em cinco tempos  (Mario Albanese / Armando B. Bastos)
03. Papa pique et maman coud  (Charles Trenet)
04. Janelas abertas  (A. C. Jobim / Vinícius de Moraes)
05. Tous les garçons et les filles  (Françoise Hardy)
06. Cai a tarde  (A. C. Jobim)
07. Medo de amar  (Dulce Salles Cunha Braga)
08. Vida bela  (A. C. Jobim / Vinícius de Moraes)
09. Canção para amiga dormindo (Vinícius de Moraes)
10. Je suis d’accord (Françoise Hardy / Roger Samyn)
11. Modinha (A. C. Jobim / Vinícius de Moraes)
12. Paz de espírito  (Braz Baccarin)


Créditos: Edson Mendes

Noel Vernon e Seu Conjunto – Sequencia de Ouro (1961)

Musicolor / Continental MLP 9024

Noel Vernon for the first time on Parallel Realities with an album found on Loronix a long time ago. Read Zeca‘s text about it on Órfãos do Loronix.

The instrumental medleys are: 

1. The Song Is You (Jerome Kern / Oscar Hammerstein II)
    Once In a While (Michael Edwards / Bud Green)
    You Do Something To Me (Cole Porter)
2. Ansiedad (José Enrique Sarabia Rodriguez)
    Naquele Tempo (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
3. ‘S Wonderful (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin)
    O Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
4. Sonho E Saudade (Tito Madi)
    Destinos (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)
    Teleco-teco Nº 2 (Nelsinho / Oldemar Magalhães)
5. Enamorada (Rafael de León / A. Algueró Jr.)
    Chi Cha Cha (Reginaldo Ferreria Passo)
    Dance On Little Girl (Paul Anka)

The (so far) working link:


Créditos: Zecalouro

O Incrivel Muraro (1958)


All information about this album in Zeca‘s original text on Órfãos do Loronix.

01. Cabôca de Caxangá (João Pernambuco / Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
02. Aruê Aruá (Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
03. Beija-Flor (Ernesto Nazareth)
04. Ontem Ao Luar (Choro E Poesia) (Pedro de Alcântara / Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
05. Guerreiro (Ernesto Nazareth)
06. Vésper (Ernesto Nazareth)
07. Luar do Sertão (João Pernambuco / Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
08. Cruz Perigo (Ernesto Nazareth)
09. Sagaz (Ernesto Nazareth)
10. Nasci Para Te Amar (Anacleto de Medeiros / Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
11. Pierrot (Ernesto Nazareth)
12. Apollonia Pinto (Catulo da Paixão Cearense)

Muraro on


with orchestra

Créditos: Zecalouro

Mario Pereira – Um Clarinete em Festa (1964)

Entré/CBS 4042

Mário Pereira‘s first career album:

01. Descendo a Serra (Irio Nepomuceno / Irapuan Nepomuceno)
02. Capichabinha (Mário Pereira / José da Silveira)
03. Baião Bossa Nova (Olivia Figueiredo / Luis Antônio)
04. Chorinho Gostoso (Niquinho / Ivan Nepomuceno)
05. Larguinho do Barroso (Rosa Alves)
06. Minha Flauta de Prata (Jaime Florence “Meira”)
07. Remexe Morena (Enock Figueiredo / Castelo Branco)
08. Sambando na TV (Ormindo Fontes “Toco Preto” / Arthur Athayde)
09. Espetinho (Orlando Silveira / Esmeraldino Sales)
10. Casa Nova (Pedroca)
11. Inspiração (Julio Barbosa)
12. Rio Gigante Destemido (Jaime Florence “Meira” / Luis de França)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Mario Pereira – Na Praia (1965)

Entré/CBS 4062

Another album by clarinet player Mário Pereira who was presented a short time ago for the first time in this parallel reality.

This time the compositions are:

01. Chorinho no Morro (Ivan Nepomuceno / Márcia dos Santos)
02. O Trenzinho (Irio Nepomuceno / Jorge Canseira)
03. Sem Você Tudo É Tristeza (Maury Câmara)
04. Um Clarinete Triste (Irio Nepomuceno / Manoel Hernandez)
05. Deixa-me Chorar (Ernesto Pires)
06. Gingando (Horondino Silva “Dino” / Waldiro Tramontano “Canhoto”)
07. La Playa (J. V. Wetter)
08. Garota Tentação (Jaime Florence “Meira”)
09. Quando a Noite Chegar (Pedro Pacheco / Silvino Moura)
10. Prazer das Morenas (Irapuan Nepomuceno / José Lourenço)
11. Até Quando (Providência)
12. Chorinho na Cinelândia (Irio Nepomuceno / Niquinho)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Mario Pereira – Gostosura! (1966)

Entré/CBS 4086

Mário Pereira‘s focus of interest, clearly displayed on the front cover, is not his only one: He is also fond of playing clarinet, which is the main reason he is presented here.

His so far identified discography counts 6 albums released in the period from 1964 to 1969 + an independent CD release published in 1997.

The back cover offers no information about him and even less about the musicians playing with him.

The compositions / composers list is present and it is ordered like this:

01. Estou Esperando (Jair do Pandeiro / Waldemar José)
02. Niquinho no Samba (Niquinho / Othon Russo)
03. Fino da Roça (Niquinho / Mário Pereira)
04. Aquele Beijo (Welton Sant’Anna)
05. Ausência de Uma Solidão (Edvar Borges)
06. Choro do Cabeludo (Irio Nepomuceno / Irapuan Nepomuceno)

07. Gostosura (Zeno Clemente Rodrigues)
08. Pinguins no Baião (Irapuan Nepomuceno / Mário Pereira)
09. Psicose no Coco (Alexandre Alves / Zito de Souza)
10. Capichaba no Choro (Agenor Madureira / Joãozinho)
11. Chorinho ao Luar (Abel Ferreira)
12. Passo do Bobo (Magno Fernandes / Avelino Santos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Dalila – Muito Mais (1965)

Polydor LPNG 4 110

Presenting the just arrived second album by Dalila

Produtor: Osmar Navarro
Técnico de gravação: Célio Martins
Engenheiro de som: Sylvio Rabello
Capa: Paulo Brèves
Foto: Mafra

I must stress the obvious fact that Mafra has done a dramatically better photography for Dalila‘s first album then for this one…

Enjoy the compositions:

01  Sambamba (Nonato Buzar)
02  Samboleio (Alberto Paz / Edson Menezes)
03  O Verdadeiro Samba (G. Campos / Moacir Vieira)
04  Quem Vem Lá? (Jacobina / Murillo Latini)
05  Ginga Sul (Gabriel Pessanha / Catulo de Paula)
06  Guarde O Teu Sorriso (Umberto Silva / Paulo Aguiar / Luiz Mergulhão)
07  Se For Adeus (Concessa Colaço)
08  Sonata De Quem É Feliz (Gabriel Pessanha / Paulo Aguiar)
09  Feliz Coincidência (Célio Ferreira / Sebastião Nunes)
10  Vida Ruim (Catulo de Paula)
11  Serenata Do Adeus (Vinicius de Moraes)
12  Paz Do Meu Amor (Luiz Vieira)


Créditos: Edson Mendes

Dalila – Sensacao! (1964)

Polydor  LPNG – 4086

About the existence of any career album by the fantastic and good looking samba singer Dalila I had no idea until a short time ago when I opened my mail and found the server link for her first album, sent to us by Edson Mendes.

Edson has also written a short text about her life and career:

“Brazilian singer DALILA da Silva Costa was born in 1945 in São Gabriel, Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and raised in Porto Alegre (RS), where she began her artistic career singing at Rádio Charrua. Later, she also appeared in Rádio-TV Gaúcha.
In 1963, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she participated and won a contest for newcomers in the program «Um Cantor Por Um Milhão» and the prize was the recording of this disc in 1964 The next year she recorded her second LP “Dalila muito mais” (also for Polydor).
She made seasons at Fred’s and Top Club nightclubs and her career was developed in radios, televisions and clubs.She sang for the royal courts and the presidents of Santiago, Basra, London and Stockholm. Dalila performed and toured throughout South America with leading contemporary artists and musicians and also made a number of famous TV shows along with football legend Pele in Buenos Aires. She signed a contract with the famous show-dance group Brasil Tropical in the early 1970s. The group of approximately 40 members toured worldwide with Europe as a base. She lived in Rome and Barcelona.
DALILA was a resident in Sweden since 1984 and died of a heart attack in 2004.”

Ficha téchnica:

Produtor: Ismael Corrêa
Técnico de som: Célio Martins
Engenheiro de som: Sylvio Rabelo
Capa: Paulo Breves
Foto: Mafra


01. Devagar com a louça  (Haroldo Barbosa / Luiz Reis)
02. Eu quero um samba  (Haroldo Barbosa / Janet de Almeida)
03. Samba no chuveiro  (Jacobina / Almeida Rego)
04. O apito na escola de samba  (Billy Blanco)
05. Samba encabulado  (Sergio Leal)
06. Tchau, mesmo  (Billy Blanco)
07. Crioulo bem  (Alcebiades Nogueira)
08. Samba rasgado   (Zé Keti / Jayme Silva)
09. Todo dia é dia de chorar  (Carlito / Romeo Nunes)
10. Ponta e placê (Fernando Cesar / Britinho)
11. É o fim  (Zil Mac)
12. Desafinado  (A. C. Jobim / Newton Mendonça)

P.S. Three Carnaval songs sung by Dalila have already been presented here included in two Carnaval music compilation albums.


Créditos: Edson Mendes

The Jordans – A Vida sorri assim!… (1963)

Som/Copacabana SOLP 40046

The Jordans have been already featured in this parallel reality but under another name: Aladdin Band, on an extra project album released in 1968.

As Antonio Aguillar has written a competent text about The Jordans which can be found on the back cover, I will just notice here that the photograph on the front cover perfectly describes the feeling and manner of these songs:

01. Bulldog (George Tomsco)
02. O Vôo da Abelha (Adpt. Aladin)
03. Kili Watch (G. Dersé / S. Mahr)
04. Twist Watch (Jimmy Torres)
05. Night Train (Forrest / Simpkins / Washington)
06. Hot Pepper (F. Cramer)
07. Ginchy (Weedon)
08. Boudha (Guy Dova / Bob Drean)
09. Happy José (N. Walkin / J. Gonzales)
10. Fugitive (Smith)
11. Suzane (Aguilar / Aladdin)
12. Change Your Mind (Mingo)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

The Tip Top’s – I’m Twist (1965)

Iracema 10.002

Twist with The Tip Top’s only (?) career album:

01. I’m Twist (P. Wilson)
02. Twist Macabro (Nelson)
03. Devil’s Fire (Vado / Mingo)
04. Revel With Guitar (Gil)
05. Guitar’s In Fury (Gil)
06. Eastern Magic (Roberto)
07. Musical’s Mark (P. Wilson)
08. The Toupee (J. B. Santos)
09. Feast Of Beast (Burriquinha / Rubi)
10. The Mouse Twist (Walkyria / Santana)
11. Seducer Twist (J. Costa / Gina Sammartano)
12. Journey To The 7 Th Planet (Roberto)

The full names of the musicians you may find out if you are able to decipher their signatures on the back cover. For those that can’t do it, here are the short versions: Roberto, Nelson, Gil, Mingo and Vado.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

The Fire Boys – Musica para a Jovem Guarda (N/D)

SBA/Musipop M-ADS 001

The previously to me unknown Jovem Guarda band The Fire Boys seemed to have only this one career album, released at an unknown date by SBA/Musipop.
After digging a bit deeper, the first impression turned out to be completely wrong as The Fire Boys are just an extra project false name of The Fevers, whose discography consists of compactos, albums, extra projects, collections and participations in a huge number, so huge that I gave up the idea of counting it..

The compositions performed on their Parallel Realities premiere are:

01. A Casa D’irene (Francesco Maresca / Francesco Pagano)
02. Emoção (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
03. Taboo (Margarita Lecuona)
04. Parei… Olhei (Rossini Pinto)
05. Wooly Bully (Domingo Samudio)
06. Letkiss Jenka (Rauno Lehtinen)
07. Alguém Na Multidão (Rossini Pinto)
08. Ai De Mim (All Of Me) (Seymour Simons / Gerald Marks / Vrs. Neusa de Souza)
09. Quando o Sol Despertar (Almir Bezerra / Pedrinho da Luz)
10. Help (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
11. Shame And Scandal In The Family (Huon Donaldson / Slim Henry Brown)
12. Festa De Arromba (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Severino Filho, Seu Coral e Sua Orquestra – Rio de Janeiro, Gosto de Voce Vol. 2 (1960)

Polydor LPNG 4062

Looking out of the window and enjoying the frozen Belgrade streets scenery with temperatures deeply below zero and without any sign that they might rise soon, I can clearly understand why Severino Filho likes Rio de Janeiro.
I also can not avoid shivering when imagining the the young, lightly dressed lady on the front cover in Belgrade this winter.

Anyway, warming up is possible for all by listening to:

01. Não Tenho Lágrimas (Max Bulhões / Milton de Oliveira)
02. Marimba (Agustín Lara)
03. Leblon (Alberto Paz / Severino Filho)
04. My Melancholic Baby (E. Burnet / G. A. Norton / Maybelle / E. Watson)
05. Luar de Paquetá (Freire Júnior / Hermes Fontes)
06. Lover (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart)
07. Cidade de São Sebastião (Wilson Batista / Antônio Nássara)
08. Singin’ In The Rain (Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur Freed)
09. Meu Rio de Janeiro (Oscar Bellandi / Nelson Trigueiro)
10. Carioca 1954 (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria)
11. Maracanã (Severino Filho)
12. Noites do Rio (José Maria de Abreu / Alberto Ribeiro)

About this release I can not tell you anything that you don’t already know, but Jason Fonseca can do it, so you may choose to read his text which is printed on the back cover.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


I noticed that there were no comments for quite a long time lately which is unusual, so I decided to check it all out by sending a test comment on Parallel Realities just to see what will happen:
I found out that after Blogger changed it’s dashboard some time ago, the comment alert is no longer red and immediately visible when opening the dashboard.
Instead one has to first click on COMMENTS to open the comments drop down menu and after that click on AWAITING MODERATION.
Only then the list of all the pending comments appeared and I could approve and publish them.
Sorry for the delay, friends!

Joao Albertto (1988)

Continental 1.73.405.018

Not much that I can tell you about João Albertto, (on Memoria Musical) unlisted singer, except for the obvious fact that he has released at least one album (this one, for Continental). Also the fact that he has released a compacto in 1987 will become obvious to you too, later tonight when I publish it.

01. Luar de Amor (Beto Barbosa)
02. Xamegando (Beto Barbosa)
03. Amor Colorido (Alipio Martins / Marcelle)
04. Menina (Alberto Macareu)
05. Ternura (Carlos Pedro)
06. Sonhos de Verão (Dyleia Amorim / Firmo Cardoso)
07. Vem Pra Mim (Run to Me) Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb / Robin Gibb) / Vs. João Batista)
08. Tarde de Domingo (Beto Barbosa)
09. Augardo Seu Regreso (Nêgo Nelson / Chembra)
10. Recomeçar (Alipio Martins / Chico Roque)
11. Meu Erro (Beto Barbosa)
12. Bole Bole Mexe Mexe (Beto Barbosa)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Astor e Sua Orquestra – Bairros e Suburbios do Rio (1958)

Odeon MOFB 3026

Maestro Astor Silva‘s first career album.

With orchestra, of course:

01. Mangueira (Assis Valente / Zequinha Reis)
02. O Catete Vai Passar (Ataulfo Alves)
03. A Lapa (Herivelto Martins / Benedito Lacerda)
04. Samba Do Meyer (Wilson Batista / Valdemar de Abreu “Dunga”)
05. Sábado Em Copacabana (Dorival Caymmi / Carlos Guinle)
06. Samba Da Gávea (João Batista de Oliveira / Osvaldo Lobo)
07. Um Samba Em Piedade (Ary Barroso)
08. São Cristóvão (Antenor Borges / Sebastião Queima)
09. Samba de Botafogo (Eratóstenes Frazão / Antônio Nássara)
10. Eu Vou à Penha (Ary Barroso)
11. Eu Vou Pra Vila (Noel Rosa)
12. Flamengo (Bonfíglio de Oliveira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Razao 7 – Linha Quente (1968)

Ritmos CODIL CDL 13.005

When I opened the folder containing this album I could not even figure out if the name of the band is Linha Quente or Razão 7 as nothing points to either direction.
A short search on the net revealed that Razão 7 is the name of the band, that the LP was released in 1968 and that it is probably their only career album, at least under that name.

The compositions performed are:

01. De Perna Bamba (Juarez Cabral)
02. Contrato e Distrato (Juarez Cabral)
03. Chora Tua Tristeza (Oscar C. Neves / L. Fiorini)
      Triste Madrugada (Jorge Costa)
04. Fora de Tempo (Marcos / Paulo Sergio Vale)
05. Vida Minha (Charles Carr Vs. Manolo Silva)
06. Balantema (Paulo Frank)
07. Sonho de Canção (Juarez Cabral)
08. Deixa O Tempo Passar (O. Russo / Niquinho)
      Caderninho (Olmir Stockler)
09. There’s A Kind Of Hush (So Eu e Você) Les Red / G. Stephens / Vrs. Liian Knapp)
10. Eu Te Amo Mesmo Assim (Martinha)
      Teresa (Sergio Endrigo / Vrs. J. Fernandes)
11. Grovin (Lindo) (Feliz Cavalleri / B. Brigatti Vrs. Carlos Wallace)
12. Cha Cha Cha do Pato (Juarez Cabral)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Edu da Gaita (1979)

Eldorado 06.79.0329

One of the latest albums by gaita player Edu da Gaita. More about him, his career and this album you may read in the liner notes written by Aluizio Falcão.
Here is just one one detail: Edu‘s real name is: Eduardo Nadruz.

The compositions performed are:

01. Primeiro Amor (Patápio Silva)
02. Tenebroso (Ernesto Nazareth)
03. Terna Saudade (Por Um Beijo) (Anacleto de Medeiros / Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
04. Banzo (Hekel Tavares / Murilo Araújo)
05. Melodias Brasileiras (Pot-pourri) (Luiz Peixoto / Henrique Vogeler / Thiers Cardoso / Pixinguinha / João de Barros / Ernesto Nazareth / Ubaldo )
06. Numa Seresta (Luiz Americano)
07. Batuque Nº 1 (Edu da Gaita)
08. Disparada (Geraldo Vandré / Theo de Barros)
09. Rosa (Pixinguinha)
10. Murmurando (Fon-Fon / Mário Rossi)
11. Capricho Nortista (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Noel Rosa, o Poeta da Cidade

I just received by mail the notice that the on Parallel Realities already announced event, got postponed for the third time…

Were it not for our friend Alfredo Del Penho I would ignore it but just because of him I am re-printing the mail as I received it:

O bate-papo musical“Noel Rosa, o Poeta da Cidade” com o pesquisador da MPB Joao Carino e o músico Alfredo Del Penho, vencedor da categoria Melhor Cantor de Samba no Prêmio da Música Brasileira, foi transferido para essa sexta-feira, dia 15 de julho, às 19h, no Espaço Furnas Cultural.

A apresentação compõe o evento de abertura da exposiçãoESPAÇO FURNAS CULTURAL – ENERGIZANDO TALENTOS

Teremos comidinhas & bebidinhas. Esperamos por você! 
*Chegue cedo. Evento sujeito a lotação.

Noel Rosa, o Poeta da Cidade

Bate-papo musical com João Carino e Alfredo Del Penho.

Data: 15 de julho, sexta-feira
Horário: 19h

Local: Espaço Furnas Cultural

Endereço: Rua Real Grandeza, 219, Botafogo, RJ.


Orquestra Som-Bateau – Top Hits No 3 (1967)

Polydor LPNG 44.006

The third album of the Top Hits series of four by Orquestra Som-Bateau (The volumes 1 and 4 have been already presented in this and the other parallel reality).
Still no information about the orchestra and, as expected, the unsigned text on the back cover says absolutely nothing.
Anyway, the clear para dançar orientation is, as expected, present also on this album, so all you have to do to start the fun is to click the link below the track list and wait for the download to finish.

The Top Hits are:

01. Music To Watch Girls By (Sid Ramin)
02. Vem Quente Que Eu Estou Fervendo (Carlos Imperial / Eduardo Araújo)
03. No Milk Today (Graham Gouldman)
04. Mellow Yellow (Donovan Leitch)
05. Bus Stop (Graham Gouldman)
06. Veja Se Me Esquece (Marcos Roberto / Dori Edson)
07. Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
08. Uni-Du-Ni-Tê (Chico Feitosa / Nonato Buzar)
09. A Praça (Carlos Imperial)
10. I’m a Believer (Neil Diamond)
11. Happy Together (Gary Bonner / Alan Gordon)
12. Last Train To Clarksville (Tommy Boyce / Bobby Hart)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Omar Izar – O Homem da Gaita de Ouro (1961)

Beverly LPCM 4014

Another career album by Omar Izar.
You may read Jose Augusto Machado‘s text on the back cover while asking yourself:
“Why does the name of this album sound so familiar?”

After the:
“Aaaah, I know now!” or “Who cares!” thoughts, relax and listen to:

1. Rapsódia Espanhola:
    Granada (Augustin Lara)
    La Violontera (Padilla / Montesinos)
    El Gato (Montez / Penella)
    Espana (Cani / Marquina)
2. Ebb Tide (Carl Sigman / Robert Maxwell)
3. Trem o Lá Lá (Humberto Teixeira / L Maia)
4. Lover (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart)
5. Rapsódia Clássica:
    Dança Hungara No 5 (Brahms
    Marcha Turca (Mozart)
    Czardas (Monti)
6. O Homem da Gaita de Ouro (Vera Brasil)
7. The Hot Canary (Poliakin / P. Nero)
8. Stormy Weather (Arlen / Koehler)
9. Tres Guarachas:
    El Cubanchero (Hernandes)
    Cumana (Allen / Hillman / Spina)
    Oye Negra (Moraies / Camacho)
8. St. Louis Blues (William Christopher Handy)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Joao do Vale – O Poeta do Povo (1965)

Philips P 632.773 L

Poet, composer and singer João do Vale for the fist time in this parallel reality with his first career album, out of altogether three (as far as I could find out).

I do not have more information about him, but, as usual, twelve songs + texts speak louder than a thousand written words:

01. A Voz do Povo (João do Vale / Luiz Vieira)
02. Carcará (João do Vale / José Cândido)
03. Pra Mim Não (João do Vale / Marília Bernardes)
04. Peba Na Pimenta (João do Vale / José Batista / Adelino Rivera)
05. Minha História (João do Vale / Raimundo Evangelista)
06. A Lavadeira e o Lavrador (João do Vale / Ari Monteiro)
07. Pisa Na Fulô (João do Vale / Ernesto Pires / Silveira Júnior)
08. O Jangadeiro (João do Vale / Dulce Nunes)
09. Fogo no Paraná (João do Vale / Helena Gonzaga)
10. Ouricuri (Segredos do Sertanejo) (João do Vale / José Cândido)
11. O Bom Filho à Casa Torna (João do Vale / Eraldo Monteiro)
12. Sina de Caboclo (João do Vale / J. B. de Aquino)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Tania Maria e Seu Conjunto – Para Dancar Vol 2 (1963)

Entré/CBS 4013

Tânia Maria‘s first career album, a fascinating para dançar release from 1963, completely different from her later albums that I have had the opportunity to listen to.
Although this album has the Vol. 2 enumeration, it does not mean that Tânia Maria has anything to do with the Vol. 1, but our friend Gallo has, as the first album in the Entré/CBS para dançar series of two, features him and his conjunto wrapped in an almost identical cover as this one and all that is also presented in this reality.

Dance to, or just enjoy:

01. É Luxo Só (Ary Barroso / Luis Peixoto)
02. Choro Sim (Djalma Ferreira / Iza Ferreira)
03. Come September (Bobby Darin)
04. Chá-chá-chá da Moça (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
05. Marise (Carlos Amorim / Miguel Miranda)
06. Stella By Starlight (Ned Washington / Victor Young)
07. Quem É (Silvio Lima / Maurílio Lopes)
08. El Reloj (Roberto Cantoral)
09. Stranger In Paradise (Robert Wright / George Forrest)
10. Rosário (Joaquim C. Reis)
11. Nunca Mais (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
12. Meu Nome É Ninguém (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)

A nice text about Tânia Maria on the back cover may be read (after opening the zip, of course).

The back cover text is written by:


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Renato de Oliveira Em Tempo Quente – Made in Brazil (1968)

Continental PPL 12382

Maestro Renato de Oliveira, under his own name and in heat, performing:

01. Segura Este Samba Ogunhê (Oswaldo Nunes)
      Bafo De Onça (Zequinha de Abreu)
      O Teu Cabelo Não Nega (Raul Valença / João Valença / Lamartine Babo)
      Cidade Maravilhosa (André Filho)
02. Você Passa Eu Acho Graça (Ataulfo Alves / Carlos Imperial)
03. Helena, Helena, Helena (Alberto Land)
04. Marcha da Quarta-Feira de Cinzas (Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes)
05. Fita Amarela (Noel Rosa)
06. Canto Chorado (Billy Blanco)
07. Brasileirinho (Waldir Azevedo)
08. Bom Tempo (Chico Buarque)
09. Vem Chegando A Madrugada (Noel Rosa de Oliveira / Zuzuca)
10. Zelão (Sérgio Ricardo)
11. Toda Colorida (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)
12. Eu E A Brisa (Johnny Alf)
13. Modinha (Sérgio Bittencourt)
14. Tempo Quente (Renato de Oliveira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Hebe Camargo – Hebe (1967)

Odeon MOFB 3518

Reposted from another reality:

01. Realejo (Chico Buarque)
02. É Melhor Esquecer (Sérgio Reis)
03. Volta Amanhã (Fernando César / Mariah Brito)
04. Eu Daria A Minha Vida (Martinha)
05. Estou Começando a Chorar (Roberto Carlos)
06. Tema Para Sonata (Vera Brasil / Sivan Castelo Neto)
07. Apelo (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
08. Maria, Carnaval e Cinzas (Luiz Carlos Paraná)
09. Castelo de Areia (David Miranda)
10. Carolina (Chico Buarque)
11. Te Amo (Roberto Corrêa / Sylvio Son)
12. Resignação (Luiz Carlos Paraná)


Creditos: Marcello Gaspar / José Serafim / ripped by Ademar

Hebe Camargo – Sou Eu (1960)

Odeon MOFB 3174

I looked up my albums by Hebe Camargo posted in another reality and discovered that most links have expired or have been removed by force and decided to re-upload those that can be re-uploaded. During the action I decided also to include some of her albums which I found somewhere on the net and which were not presented on Parallel Realities so far.
Unfortunately, I can not remember where I found some of these, like this one for instance, so I can not give credit to the original uploader.

I hope that you will enjoy:

01. Quem É (Osmar Navarro / Oldemar Magalhães)
02. Cupido Não Falhou (Mário Gennari Filho / Maria Angelina)
03. Conversa (Jair Amorim / Evaldo Gouveia)
04. Lua Escura (Dark Moon) (Ned Miller / Vrs. Júlio Nagib)
05. Encontro Com A Saudade (Billy Blanco / Nilo Queiroz)
06. Ausência de Você (Sérgio Ricardo)
07. Cantiga de Quem Está Só (Jair Amorim / Evaldo Gouveia)
08. Creia (Osmar Navarro / Álvaro Franco)
09. Melodia Italiana (Canzoncella Italiana) (Carlo Donida / Pinchi / Vrs. Augusto César)
10. Hino Ao Amor (Hymne À L’Amour) (Edith Piaf / Marguerite Monnot / Vrs. Odair Marsano)
11. A Canção dos Seus Olhos (Pernambuco / Antônio Maria)
12. Mundo Mau (Sidney Morais / Julio Rosemberg)


Créditos: ?

Jair Pimentel – Pintado O 7 (1960)

Mocambo LP 40027

The last, on Parallel Realities so far missing album (?) by Jair Pimentel, featuring 11 of his own compositions + 1 by Lourival Oliveira. has been brought to light:

01. Pintando o Sete (Jair Pimentel)
02. Fogo na Roupa (Jair Pimentel)
03. Alice (Jair Pimentel)
04. Zé Fogueteiro (Jair Pimentel)
05. Flauteando Com o Cavaquinho (Jair Pimentel)
06. Carnavá na Roça (Lourival Oliveira)
07. Saudades de Garanhuns (Jair Pimentel)
08. Rita no Baião (Jair Pimentel)
09. Ethel (Jair Pimentel)
10. Rio 52-1067 (Jair Pimentel)
11. Bicha de Rodeio (Jair Pimentel)
12. Zaíra (Jair Pimentel)

JAIR 007

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Turma do Baixo Leblon – Carnaval Geral 81

(1980) RGE 308.0098

01. Noturno (Graco / Caio Silvio)
02. Demônio Colorido (Sandra de Sá)
03. Segura A Coisa (Miúcha)
04. Abertura MPB-80 (Erlon Chaves)
05. A Massa (Raimundo Sodré / Jorge Portugal)
06. Rasta-pé (Jorge Alfredo / Chico Evangelista)
07. Turma do Funil (No Baixo Leblon) (Mirabeau / Milton de Oliveira / Urgel de Castro / Adpt. Tom Jobim / Adpt. Chico Buarque)
08. Saco de Sal (Melô da Pipoca) (Ernâni Cardoso / Pedrinho)
09. Abertura MPB-80 (Erlon Chaves)
10. Foi Deus Quem Fez Você (Luiz Ramalho)
11. Clareana (Joyce Moreno)
12. Agonia (Mongol)
      Nostradamus (Eduardo Dussek)
13. Reunião de Bacana (Ari do Cavaco / Bebeto Di São João)


Colaboração:  Arquivos Seraend

Pernambuco e Sua Orquestra – Conversando com O Pistom (1959)

Polydor LPNG 4046

Pernambuco‘s conversation from 1956.

The topics:

01. Conversando Com o Piston (Ayres da Costa Pessoa “Pernambuco”)
02. All The Way (Jimmy Van Heusen / Sammy Cahn)
03. Babalú (Margarita Lecuona)
04. Asa Branca (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
05. As Time Goes By (Herman Hupfeld)
06. Sarambá (J. Thomaz / Antônio Lopes de Amorim Diniz ”Duque”)
07. Dorme (Ayres da Costa Pessoa “Pernambuco” / Ricardo Galeno)
08. An Affair To Remember (Harry Warren / Harold Adamson / Leo McCarey)
09. Casinha Pequenina (Tradicional)
10. Sun Sun Babaé (Rogelio Martinez)
11. Ai Mouraria (Frederico Valério / Amadeu do Vale)
12. Vem Morena (Luiz Gonzaga / Zé Dantas)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Jair Pimentel – O Homem Show (1967)

Mocambo LP 40310

Jain Pimentel‘s latest career album, recorded in 1967, presenting, similar to his first one, his renditions of his compositions.
A nice text on the back cover, written by Mario Sabino, offers no more  sober facts than we already know from his previous albums presented not far away from here in this parallel reality, but explains his music best as can be done by words.
Of course, his music becomes, as expected, self-explaining the moment you turn on your speakers and listen to:

01. Pintinho na Tuba (Jair Pimentel)
02. Chá de Burro (Jair Pimentel)
03. Bicha de Rodeio (Jair Pimentel)
04. O Bombardino Do Vavá (Jair Pimentel)
05. Segura o Dedo (Jair Pimentel)
06. Três Por Um (Jair Pimentel)
07. O Galinheiro da Chiquinha (Jair Pimentel)
08. Namoro de Gato (Jair Pimentel)
09. Saudades de Garanhuns (Jair Pimentel)
10. Desmanchando o Clarinete (Jair Pimentel)
11. Zabumba do Martins (Jair Pimentel)
12. Atrapalhado (Jair Pimentel)

Jair is backed by conjunto and additional sounds are added, like an unidentified cat meowing on:


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Meirelles e Sua Orquestra – Brazilian Beat Vol. 4 (1969)

London/Odeon LLB 1059

This album has been already posted in another reality some two and a half years ago. The link has expired but here it is again as a new transfer from another vinyl, done by Pedro. The old post I have deleted.
As I do when I have time to do it, I re-newed also the expired link to Vol. 2 of the Brazilian Beat series. Find it in the other reality.

While exploring the other reality for Vol. 2 and also other albums by Meirelles, enjoy:

01. Agora É Cinza (Alcebíades Barcelos “Bide” / Armando “Marçal”)
02. Ai Que Saudades da Amélia (Ataulfo Alves / Mário Lago)
03. Arrasta a Sandália (Osvaldo Vasques “Baiaco” / Aurélio Gomes)
04. Atrás do Trio Elétrico (Caetano Veloso)
05. Estrela do Mar (Marino Pinto / Paulo Soledade)
06. O Teu Cabelo Não Nega (Raul Valença / João Valença / Lamartine Babo)
07. Touradas Em Madri (João de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro)
08. Pra Você Gostar de Mim (Taí) (Joubert de Carvalho)
09. Sá Marina (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
10. País Tropical (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Dilermando Pinheiro – Viva O Samba! (1958)

Audiola/Musidisc A-200.016

Dilermando Pinheira‘s Viva O Samba! is actually a 12′ re-edition of two 10′ Lps from 1958 called Sambas do Passado Vol.1 and Vol.2.
Vol.2 has already been presented on Parallel Realities where you may still find it, together with some of his other albums.

The text above also explains the unusual number of tracks (16 of them) on one Lp:

01. Até Amanhã (Noel Rosa)
02. Nega Risoleta (Raul Marques / Moacir Bernardino)
03. Faceira (Ary Barroso)
04. Vai Haver Barulho No Chatô  (Noel Rosa / Valfrido Silva)
05. Retratinho (J. Cascata / Leonel Azevedo)
06. Vai Cavar A Nota (Gadé / Valfrido Silva)
07. Velhos Tempos (J. Cascata / Leonel Azevedo)
08. Mágoas De Um Vagabundo (Osvaldo Silva / Valfrido Silva)
09. Conversa de Botequim (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
10. Emília (Wilson Batista / Haroldo Lobo)
11. Minha Palhoça (J. Cascata)
12. Estão Batendo (Gadé / Valfrido Silva)
13. Menina Fricote (Henrique Batista / Marília Batista)
14. Bondosa Senhora (L. Salles / Jaime de Souza)
15. Seu Libório (João de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro)
16. A Lalá e a Lelé (Manezinho Araújo / Jaime Brito)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Carolina Cardoso de Menezes – Carolina No Samba (1960)

Helium HLP 36000

Carolina‘s piano accompanied by conjunto in:

01. Cidade Brinquedo (Silvino Neto / Plínio Bretas)
02. A Coroa do Rei (Haroldo Lobo / David Nasser)
03. Bahia Com H (Denis Brean)
04. Barracão (Luis Antônio / Oldemar Magalhães)
05. Feche a Porta Compadre (Carolina Cardoso de Menezes)
06. Olhos Verdes (Vicente Paiva)
07. Orgia e Nada Mais (Haroldo Lobo / Alcebíades Barcelos “Bide”)
08. Zumba (Murilo Caldas / Moysés Friedman)
09. A Mulher Que É Mulher (Klécius Caldas / Armando Cavalcanti)
10. Favela (Roberto Martins / Waldemar Silva)
11. Eu Chorarei Amanhã (Raul Sampaio / Ivo Santos)
12. Canta Brasil (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / David Nasser)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Dilermando Pinheiro – Samba a la Dilermando (1962)

Philips P 632.107 L

Sambista Dilermando Pinheiro has been presented in this parallel reality with two career albums and a joint venture Lp with Raul de Barros.

Here he is again showing off his straw hat and singing the sambas:

01. Apartamento no Leblon (Daisy Amaral)
02. Jogo da Vida (João Barone)
03. Acorda Que É Dia Maria (Francisco Modesto / Marcillio Vieira)
04. Papagaio Indiscreto (Donga / Valdrido Silva)
05. Não Volto Pra Casa (Irmãos Orlando / J. Moreno)
06. O Mundo Ensina a Viver (Moacir Vieira)
07. Vamos Sambar (Leonel Azevedo / Nelson Fonseca)
08. A Marca da Arma (Nestor Vilarinho / Gil Lima)
09. Hipocrisia Mental (Paulo Costa / Wilson Ferreira)
10. Coisas de Amor (Luis de França)
11. Campanea Só (Luis de França)
12. Futebol de Amor (Fred Mello)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Antologia da Musica Erudita Brasileira Na interpretacao de Arnaldo Estrela (N/D)

Festa LDR 500

The first album of the Antologia da Música Erudita Brasileira series, featuring Arnaldo Estrela‘s solo piano renditions of:

01. O Amor Brasileiro (Sigismond Neukomm)
02. A Sertaneja (Brazilio Itiberê)
03. Noturno Op.10 (Leopoldo Miguéz)
04. Il Neige!… (Henrique Oswald)
05, Tango Brasileiro (Alexandre Levy)
06. Galhofeira (Alberto Nepomuceno)
07. Minha Terra (Barrozo Netto)
08. A Lenda do Caboclo (Villa Lobos)
09. O Protetor Exú (Brazilio Itiberê)
10. Dança de Negros (Fructuoso Vianna)
11. Moda (Lorenzo Fernandez)
12. Cucumbyzinho (Francisco Mignone)
13. Valsa No 7 (Radamés Gnattali)
14. Canção Sertaneja (Camargo Guarnieri)
15. Sacy Pererê (Luis Cósme)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Victor Pilla Orquestra – Brazilian New Sound (1969)

Polydor LPNG 44.027

The only album by the Victor Pilla Orquestra, about which I can tell you as much or even less than you can tell me, as there is a possibility that, maybe, you have at least heard about them, or know something, while I have never heard about them nor do I know anything except for what might be deducted from the track list and front cover (which is less revealing than the back cover, but the back cover, although more revealing than the front cover gives no more facts or information than the unrevealing front cover does).

Confused? Download the album and take a look at the back cover…

After, the “Aaaaaah, I could have guessed!”, unpack also the music and enjoy:

01. Correnteza (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
02. Roda de Palmas (Nonato Buzar / Paulinho Tapajós)
03. Sinhazinha (Nonato Buzar / Paulinho Tapajós)
04. Wave (Tom Jobim)
05. Andança (Danilo Caymmi / Edmundo Souto / Paulinho Tapajós)
06. Memórias de Marta Saré (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
07. Zazueira (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)
08. Meia-volta (Ana Cristina) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
09. O Cantador (Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta)
10. Timidez (Nonato Buzar / William Prado)
11. Sá Marina (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
12. Canto de Fé (Nonato Buzar / William Prado)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Charanga e Chara – Sai Cachorro (1970)

Tropicana 01049

Vocal duo consisting of Charanga and Chara has recorded at least two albums, this one (unlisted on Memoria Musical) and another one (listed on Memoria Musical).

On this one there is also a third vocal: The dog‘s (probably the black and white dog photographed for the cover art).

The songs are:

01. Comparação (Nicanor Negrão Cafezá) Pagóde
02. Mariposa (Anacleto Rosa / Charanga) Valseado
03. Tormento (Joel Honorato / Jezio Araujo) Tango
04. Já Vou Indo (Carijó / Chará) Canção Rancheira
05. Canta, Canta Sabiá (Nicanor Negrão Cafezá / Charanga) Baião
06. Peão Artista (Luiz Morerira / Chará) Moda de Viola
07. Sai Cachorro (Joaquim Moreira) Pagóde
08. Amor Proibido (Nilson Alves) Cateretê
09. Violeiro Divertido (Vaquerinho) Moda de Viola
10. Violeiro Folgazão (Argentino Lemos / Charanga) Pagóde
11. Rosinha (Nilson Costa / Charanga) Toada
12. Festa Longe (Chará / Nhô Nico) Cateretê


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

Sao Paolo Dixieland Band – Homenagem a Robert (1976)

Phonodisc 0.30.404.023

São Paolo Dixieland Band, which I wrongly accused of having just one career album while posting this only career album, fortunately have proven me wrong.

Another one of my “Caught in ignorance again” episodes, so often re run in this parallel reality program.

Although not listed, there it mysteriously appeared out of the Pedro & 300discos package and Saturday evening is quite suitable to enjoy their music, especially at a party.

Party or not, make it a party with:

01. Royal Garden Blues (Clarence & Spencer Williams)
02. Mama’s gone (Bocage / Piron)
03. I want a big Butter and Eggman (Venable / Armstrong)
04. Black and white Rag (Botsford)
05. Indiana (Hanley / Ballard / McDonald)
06. At The Jazzband Ball (La Rocca / Shields)
07. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie / Pinkard / Casey)
08. Limehouse Blues (Braham /Furber)
09. I ain’t gonna give nobody none of this Jelly Roll (Clarence & Spencer Williams)
10. Everybody loves my Baby (Palmer Williams)
11. Someday You’ll be sorry (Armstrong)
12. Coney Island Washboard (Durand / Adams / Nestor / Shugart)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Carlinhos E Seu Acordeom (1958)

Columbia LPCB 35050

Carlinhos Mafasoli‘s second career album (a 10’ like the previous one posted here).

More than I could ever tell you about Carlinhos Mafasoli and this release, Heitor Carillo has written on the back cover, so I suggest to read it.

The compositions performed this time are:

1. Se Acaso Você Chegasse (Lupicínio Rodrigues / Felisberto Martins) Samba
2. Prece de Amor (René Bittencourt) Bolero
3. Tenha Pena de Mim (Ciro de Souza / Babaú) Samba
4. Amor Distante (Ercilio Consoni / Manoel Ferreira / Antônio Mojica) Guarânia
5. Vedete (Gyg) Fox
6. 31 de Maio (Olinda Isabel) Baião
7. Ea Canastos (J. Palasco / Lecorde / Locatelli) Mambo
8. Retalhos do carnaval de 1957 Samba
    Goteira (Alfredo Borba / Mário Pretextato dos Santos “Popó”)
    Abraço de Jacaré (Alfredo Borba / Doca)
    Eu Quero Beber (Alfredo Borba / Edson Borges)
    Água Mole (Alfredo Borba / Edson Borges)

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Arcy Barbosa e Sua Orquestra (1962)

Odeon MOFB 3261

Maestro Arcy Barbosa with his orchestra and (as far as I could find out) his only recording (at least under his own name).
The linear notes, written by Oziel Peçanha explain a lot about his music and his orchestra counting 23 musicians out of which Arcy managed to form six different conjuntos to record this mainly para dançar album, consisting of:

01. Boato (João Roberto Kelly)
02. Onde O Céu Azul É Mais Azul (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / Alberto Ribeiro / João de Barro)
03. Brasil (Benedito Lacerda / Aldo Cabral)
04. Império do Samba (Zé da Zilda / Zilda do Zé)
05. Linda Morena (Lamartine Babo)
06. Rio de Janeiro (Ary Barroso)
07. Linda Flor (Ai Ioiô) (Henrique Vogeler / Luis Peixoto / Marques Porto)
08. Palhaçada (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa)
09. Mamãe Eu Quero (Jararaca / Vicente Paiva)
10. Tiradentes (Mano Décio da Viola / Penteado / Estanislau Silva)
11. A Lua É dos Namorados (Armando Cavalcanti / Klécius Caldas / Brasinha)
12. Pastorinhas (João de Barro / Noel Rosa)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Nestor Campos and His Latin-American Orchestra – Bolero-Mambo (1958)

Musidisc Hi-Fi 2017

Violão player Nestor Campos‘ career albums count only 3 (as far as I know), but he was playing as sideman or part of a conjunto on several albums posted in this and the other parallel reality.
Up to now, only 2 of his career albums + one compilation have been presented on the net, but now we have the last missing piece from his career albums mosaic right in front of us:

01. El Reloj (Roberto Cantoral)
02. El Bodeguero (Richard Egües)
03. Amor Mio (Álvaro Carrillo)
04. Mambo do Panamá (Steve Bernard)
05. La Barca (Roberto Cantoral)
06. Que Murmuren (Rubén Fuentes / Rafael Cardenas)
07. Esperame En El Cielo (Francisco Lopez Vidal “Paquito”)
08. Calypso (High Society) (Cole Porter)
09. Sabrá Dios (Álvaro Carrillo)
10. Mi Último Fracaso (Alfredo Gil)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Os Farroupilhas (1963)

Farroupilha LPFR-601

Os Farroupilhas LP from 1963.

The compositions on this one:

01. Por Causa De Você Menina (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)
02. O Que Eu Gosto de Você (Silvio César)
03. Azul Contente (Walter Santos / Tereza Souza)
04. Moça da Chuva (Paulinho Nogueira / Rita Moreira)
05. Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
06. A Menina de Trança (Tasso Bangel)
07. Bolinha de Sabão (Orlandivo / Adilson Azevedo)
08. Isto É Bossa Nova (Sidney Morais)
09. Pequena Marcha Para Um Grande Amor (Juca Chaves)
10. João Sebastião Bach (Dick Farney / Nestor Campos)
11. Palhaçada (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa)
12. Vozes e Flores (Tasso Bangel)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Tico-Tico No Galho Seco (1963)

Copacabana CLP 11301

Cavaquinho player and composer Tico-Tico has his premiere on Parallel Realities with his only career album, recorded in 1963. As far as I could find out his discography consists, besides the LP presented, of an collaboration album with Altamiro Carilho recorded at an unknown date and two 78 rpms.

A quite long and informative text, written by Sérgio Malta, can be read on the back cover, while the rendition of these compositions can be enjoyed after the download finishes:

01. A Moçada No Samba (Tico-Tico)
02. Tragédia de Bolso (Tico-Tico)
03. Orgulhosa (Tico-Tico)
04. Cavaquinho Transviado (Tico-Tico)
05. Teus Olhos (Tico-Tico)
06. Venina (Tico-Tico)
07. Marlene (Tico-Tico)
08. Na Corda Bamba (Tico-Tico / Altamiro Carrilho)
09. Harmonioso (Tico-Tico)
10. Dezoito Por Vinte E Quatro (18 X 24) (Altamiro Carrilho / Tico-Tico)
11. Desiludido (Tico-Tico)
12. Doidinho (Benedito Lacerda)



P.S. On Orquestra Copacabana – Nos Bailes da Minha Juventude (1961) presented here, the banjo player is credited as Tico-Tico. If it is the same one, I do not know, but his friend Altamiro Carilho is in charge of the studio direction, so this might be taken as an indice.

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Banda Municipal do Recife – Sua Excia. O Frevo de Rua

Mocambo LP 40290

More music from the Recife Carnaval recorded at an unknown date..

Banda Municipal do Recife performs:

01. Vassourinha (Matias da Rocha)
02. Pilão Deitado (Lourival Oliveira)
03. Fabuloso (Miro)
04. Alô Recife (Formiga)
05. Fogão (Sérgio Lisbôa)
06. Tim-Tim-Por-Tim-Tim (João Victor)
07. Olhe Aí (Manoel Gadelha)
08. Não Há Problema (Jones Johnson)
09. Eu e Você (Zumba)
10. Três da Tarde (Lidio)
11. Cheguei Na Hora (Eugenio Fabricio)
12. Perna de Pau (Zumba)
13. Apois Tá Certo (Manuel Albuquerque)
14. Corisco (Lourival Oliveira)
15. Desplanaviado (Leoncio Rodrigues)
16. Levanta Poeira (Tarquinho Cecesar)
17. Duas Épocas (Edson Rodrigues)
18. Esquenta Mulher (Nelson Ferreira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Sylvio Vianna e Seu Conjunto – Rio A Noite (1963)

RCA Victor BBL 1228

Today, three different versions and transfers of albums already presented in another reality will be posted.

The first one is Sylvio Vianna‘s Rio A Noite, this time as a Pedro transfer.
The Loronix transfer may be found in the other reality.

Lado A:

1. Música Maestro (Arlindo Marques Júnior / Roberto Roberti)
    Recordar (Aldacir Louro / Aloísio Marins / Adolfo Macedo)
    O Trem Atrasou (Paquito / Estanislau Silva / Arthur Villarinho)
    Atire A Primeira Pedra (Ataulfo Alves / Mário Lago)
    General da Banda (Sátiro de Melo / Tancredo Silva / José Alcides)
    Império do Samba (Zé da Zilda / Zilda do Zé)
    Tumba Lê Lê (Francisco Neto / Nilton Neves / Jarbas Reis)
    Helena, Helena (Antônio Almeida / Constantino Silva “Secundino”)
    Fechei A Porta (Sebastião Mota / Ferreira dos Santos)
    Pra Seu Governo (Haroldo Lobo / Milton de Oliveira)
    Na Cadência do Samba (Ataulfo Alves / Paulo Gesta)
    Samba do Saci (Oswaldo Nunes / Lino Roberto)
    O Samba É Bom Assim (Norival Reis / Hélio Nascimento)
    Despedida de Mangueira (Benedito Lacerda / Aldo Cabral)

Lado B:

2. Samba do Avião (Tom Jobim)
3. Volta Por Cima (Paulo Vanzolini)
4. Samba de Balanço (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
5. O Passo da Mulata (Orlandivo / Roberto Jorge)
6. Só Danço Samba (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
7. Samba do Bom (Silvio Viana)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Dilermando Reis – Meu Amigo Violao (1965)

Continental PPL 12217

Dilermando Reis performs on his friend for his friends:

01. Malagueña (Ernesto Lecuona)
02. Disse Me Disse (Dilermando Reis)
03. Chalana (Mário Zan / Arlindo Pinto)
04. Choro Nº 1 (Villa-Lobos)
05. Velha Seresta (Dilermando Reis)
06. Chico Reis (Dilermando Reis)
07. Amor Argentino (Américo Jacomino “Canhoto”)
08. Odeon (Ernesto Nazareth)
09. Última Inspiração (Peterpan)
10. Samba Meigo (Dilermando Reis)
11. Súplica (Dilermando Reis)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Tito Madi – Quero-te Assim (1959)

Continental LPP 3072

The second promised album from the current package by the great composer and singer Tito Madi.

Same advice as in the previous post:

Download today as tomorrow you may be advised to DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY.

The compositions:

01. Quero-te Assim  (Tito Madi)
02. Neste Mesmo Lugar (Klécius Caldas / Armando Cavalcanti)
03. Caminhando na Garoa (Nazareno de Brito / Dunga)
04. Minha Canção de Amor (Severino Filho / Alberto Paz)
05. O Nosso Olhar (Sérgio Ricardo)
06. Seu Nome Não É Maria (Ismael Netto / Nestor de Hollanda)
07. Pela Rua (Dolores Duran / Ribamar)
08. Mal Entendido (Ivon Cury)
09. Minha Maria Morena (João de Barro / Alcyr Pires Vermelho)
10. Braços Abertos (Norival Reis / Jair Amorim)
11. Não Me Condenem (Júlio Nagib)
12. Além do Céu (Edson Borges / Sidney Morais)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Orquestra Sob a Direcao de Astor – O Baile do Ano (1962)

Columbia LPCB 37210

The mystery about Zeca‘s last post has been finally resolved thanks to friends Noemia and Frank-Oliver and you can now finally read all about it on  yesterday’s post and comments.

While doing so, you may enjoy Astor Silva‘s track from the release posted now, recorded back in 1962:

01. Madeira de Lei (Luiz Bandeira / Renato Araújo)
02. Tumba Lê Lê (Francisco Neto / Nilton Neves / Jarbas Reis)
03. Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Nilo Menendez / Adolfo Utrera)
04. Los dos Sabemos (Cavagnaro)
05. Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Grey / Sigman)
06. Astor Em Hollywood (Astor Silva)
07. In The Mood (Joe Garland / Andy Razaf)
08. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Harry Warren / Mack Gordon)
09. Castiguei (Jorge Costa / Venâncio)
10. Samba Maravilhoso (José Toledo / Jean Manzon)
11. Angelitos Negros (Manoel Alvarez Maciste / Andres Eloy Blanco)
12. Triste Não (Jorge Smera / Othon Russo)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Astor e Sua Orquestra – Samba… So Samba! (1963)

CBS 37310

Contrary to the previously posted album by Astor Silva, this one has also been presented on Loronix but this time, as usual, Zeca‘s text can be found and read on  Órfãos do Loronix.

The tracks can, as usual, be enjoyed here:

01. Mulata Assanhada (Ataulfo Alves)
02. Garota de Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03. Só Danço Samba (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04. Saudade (Ruy Rey / Emílio Batista)
05. Olhou Pra Mim (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
06. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
07. Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
08. La Forcata (Nino Oliviero / Riz Ortolani)
09. Chora Tua Tristeza (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
10. Ti Guarderó Nel Cuore (Nino Oliviero / Riz Ortolani / Marcello Ciorciolini)
11. Eu Nasci no Morro (Ary Barroso)
12. O Que o Samba Tem (Othon Russo / Astor Silva)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Lord Astor e Seu Conjunto – E Danca (1961)

Imperial/Odeon IMP 30.025

As far as I can remember, this album by Astor Silva was posted on Loronix but for some mysterious reasons was not included on Órfãos do Loronix.
that means that I can not point to the usual location where Zeca‘s original text might be found.

Anyway, I am sure that the lack of competent information will not spoil your pleasure while listening to:

01. Agora É Cinza (Alcebíades Barcelos “Bide” / Armando “Marçal”)
02. A Noite do Meu Bem (Dolores Duran)
03. Copacabana (João de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro)
04. Fita Amarela (Noel Rosa)
05. Oh! Carol (Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield)
06. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael / Mitchell Parish)
07. Este Seu Olhar (Tom Jobim)
08. Feitiço da Vila (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
09. Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
10. The Diary (Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield)
11. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
12. Laura (David Raksin / Johnny Mercer)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

EDIT: I just discovered that Loronix has posted another album with the same lady’s same photograph on the front cover: Walter Wanderley‘s No Embalo do Samba, recorded under the false name Mike Falacao.
Probably, that’s the one I remembered…

This was the last post at Loronix and was a long time seen when you opened the website.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 by Zecalouro:
Hello, good evening! I am very close to finish an important work to Loronix and also a key effort to bring some relief to the financial problems I’m facing this year. I would love to make the announcement now, but I need some final and necessary adjustments. It is only a matter of days, days of hard work by the way. Meanwhile, I would leave you in with a great record of one of the most important Brazilian instrumentalist, Astor Silva, the legendary trombonist and arranger recording with a fake name of Lord Astor. Let’s see.

This is Lord Astor e Sua Conjunto – E Danca (1961), for Imperial, the legendary Odeon door sales subsidiary. We know Imperial uses to reissue Odeon albums with another presentation, but so far I could not identify which original Astor Silva release this album belongs. This cover was also used on another Imperial release, Mike Falcao e Seu Conjunto – No Embalo do Samba (1966), which is Walter Wanderley recording with this fake name. Anyway, better stay with the outstanding Astor Silva playing leading a Conjunto — credited by mistake as an orchestra — of unknown musicians. 

MORE TEXTS by Noemia:
More texts about this album from the blogs: Eu Ovo and Toque Musical you may read here inside the comments.

Astor e Sua Orquestra – Um Brasileiro em Roma (1959)

Odeon MOFB 3078

Looks like Astor Silva has either visited Italy in 1959 or he has simply been inspired by Italian music (which was really great at that time) while recording this album accompanied by his orchestra.

If the inspiration was from flashbacks or fantasies you may try to figure out by listening to:

01. Ciribiribin (Pestalozza)
02. Arrivederci Roma (Renato Rascel / Pietro Garinei / Sandro Giovannini)
03. Come Prima (Mario Panzeri / Sandro Taccani / Vincenzo Di Paola)
04. Santa Lúcia Luntana (E. A. Mário)
05. Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) (Domenico Modugno / Franco Migliacci)
06. Concerto D’autunno (Camillo Bargoni / Danpa)
07. O Sole Mio (Eduardo Di Capua / Giovanni Capurro)
08. Piccolissima Serenata (Gianni Ferrio / Antonio Amurri)
09. Anema e Core (Salvatore D’Esposito / Tito Manlio)
10. Domani (U. Minucci / T. Velona)
11. Torna A Surriento (Ernesto de Curtis)
12. Scapricciatiello (Pacifico Vento / Ferdinando Albano)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Astor e Sua Orquestra – Dance com Astor (1964)

CBS 37348

Another album by Maestro Astor Silva found in the current package sent to us by Pedro & 300discos.

The blonde lady on the front cover is not singing these songs:

01. Samba do Avião (Tom Jobim)
02. Moonglow (Irving Mills / Will Hudson / Eddie de Lange)
03. Tea For Two (Irving Caesar / Vincent Youmans)
04. Amore (B. Paige / P. Stone)
05. Estamos Aí (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn / Regina Werneck)
06. Dança do Bigorrilho (Astor Silva / Othon Russo)
07. Pergunte ao João (Helena Silvia / Milton Costa)
08. I’ll See You In My Dreams (I. Jones / G. Kahn)
09. Na Ginga do Samba (Astor Silva / Othon Russo)
10. Hey Hully-gully (Astor Silva / Othon Russo)
11. Days Of Wine And Roses (Henry Mancini / Johnny Mercer)
12. Vou Brigar Bem (Astor Silva / Othon Russo)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Orquestra Sob a Direcao de Astor – Boleros em Qrquestra Vol.3 (1962)

CBS 37248

Maestro Astor Silva in hot orchestral bolero action:

01. Sabrás Que Te Quiero (Teddy Fregoso)
02. Palavras de Amor (Paulo Borges)
03. Un Minuto de Amor (Álvaro Carrillo)
04. La Barca (Roberto Cantoral)
05. Obsesión (Pedro Flores)
06. Hoy (Julio Gutiérrez)
07. Nuestro Amor (J. Davis / R. Ramirez)
08. Cuesta Abajo (Carlos Gardel / Alfredo Le Pera)
09. Arrancame La Vida (Agustín Lara)
10. Esperame En El Cielo (Francisco Lopez Vidal “Paquito”)
11. No Me Quieras Tanto (Rafael Hernandez)
12. Volverás (Agustín Lara)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

ABOUT ASTOR by Mr Memory
Mestre dos metais e um compositor inspirado, Astor Silva, foi um grande arranjador marcando presença em discos de inúmeros artistas, dentre os quais, cito: Marisa Barroso, Luiz Eça, Elis Regina, Roberto Carlos, Os Ipanemas, Elza Soares, Orlando Dias, Lana Bittencourt, Sidney e Anísio Silva.

MARISA BARROSO by Milan Filipović:
The above comment by Mr Memory reminds me to remind you of another reality with two albums on which Astor Silva is backing Marisa Barroso .

Poly – Debut (1966)

EPIC BN-26193

Thanks to Stu Blagden, our friend from England, I am able to present a rarity by Poly (famous for his Hawaiian guitar playing) where he plays the classical bossa nova style guitar.

Note that the title Debut does not mean that it is Poly‘s first album, but it is, I believe, his US debut described on the front cover as The Exciting Premiere of the Brazilian Guitar Virtuoso Poly (released by Epic in 1966?).

Stu could not tell me the names of the musicians backing Poly, but he included the track list together with the names of the composers:

01. Um Punhadinho de Estralas (Mario Albanese)
02. A Brazilian In New York (O. Izar)
03. E Luxo Só (Ary Barroso)
04. O Caminho das Estrelas (Mario Albanese / C. Pereira)
05. Em Meus Braços… A Ilusao (Mario Albanese)
06. Brazilian Summer (M. Vaughan)
07. Sonhando Azul (Mario Albanese / C. Pereira)
08. Maria Ninguem (Carlos Lyra)
09. Canção de Poly (Z. de Mello)
10. Nois Dois e a Tarde (Mario Albanese)
11. Bate Caração (Z. de Mello)
12. Domingo Sentimental (Z. De Mello / Poly)


Créditos: Stu Blagden

SOUND EDIT by Edson Mendes:

There was a problem with the edition of tracks 9 and 10: track 9 is complete but it contains part of track 10, and track 10 is missing its initial part.
So, I fixed this problem and also remastered all tracks, as they had a very long initial silence (for my taste), and also removed some noise from the original long-play:


Orquestra Mista de Boleros – Vol.2 (1963)

Musicolor/Continental MLP 9090

Orqestra Mista de Boleros presented tonight is unknown to me. All I know is that their discography consists of of two albums equally named of which this one is the volume 2.

The classical boleros are masterfully performed and the complete LP is pleasant, cool and has a nostalgic flair which is a combination not everyone is able to achieve, so I suspect that an otherwise renowned maestro has produced it with his orquestra renamed especially for recording these two albums…

If someone knows more about it all, I will be happy to add his information to this post.

While waiting for the one that knows, enjoy the enchanting sound of:

01. Solamente Una Vez (Agustín Lara)
02. Amor (Gabriel Ruiz / Ricardo Lopes Mendez)
03. Dos Almas (Don Fabian)
04. Que Te Vaya Bien (Federico Baena)
04. Frenesi  (Alberto Dominguez)
05. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Osvaldo Farrés)
07. Vereda Tropical (Gonzalo Curiel)
08. Desesperadamente (Gabriel Ruiz)
09. Frio En El Alma (Miguel Angel Valladares)
10. Nosotros (Pedro Junco Jr.)
11. Perfidia (Alberto Dominguez)
12. Angelitos Negros (Manoel Alvarez Maciste / Andres Eloy Blanco)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Orquestra Festival do Rio – Isto E Samba

DIMP D-1.001

A premiere of a, to me, completely unknown orchestra, Orquestra Festival do Rio, with orchestral renditions of popular sambas, wrapped in an Op Art cover, released at an unknown date:


01. A Voz do Morro (Zé Keti)
02. Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
03. Onde o Céu Azul É Mais Azul (A. Ribeiro / João de Barro / Alcyr P. Vermelho)
04. Ai Que Saudade da Amélia (Ataulfo Alves / Mario Lágo)
05. Copacabana (Alberto Ribeiro / João de Barro)
06. A Felicidade (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
07. Madureira Chorou (Carvalinho / Julio Monteiro)
08. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
09. Maracangalha (Dorival Caymmi)
10. Meu Consôlo É Você (Roberto Martins / A. Nassara)
11. Feitiço da Vila (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
12. Agora É Cinza (Alcebiades Barcelos / A. Marçal)

VICTOR VASARELY New link 26.8.2017

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

The same LP with different name and cover can be found on Órfãos do Loronix:

Orquestra Festival do Rio – Isto E Samba

DIMP D-1.001

A premiere of a, to me, completely unknown orchestra, Orquestra Festival do Rio, with orchestral renditions of popular sambas, wrapped in an Op Art cover, released at an unknown date:


01. A Voz do Morro (Zé Keti)
02. Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
03. Onde o Céu Azul É Mais Azul (A. Ribeiro / João de Barro / Alcyr P. Vermelho)
04. Ai Que Saudade da Amélia (Ataulfo Alves / Mario Lágo)
05. Copacabana (Alberto Ribeiro / João de Barro)
06. A Felicidade (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
07. Madureira Chorou (Carvalinho / Julio Monteiro)
08. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
09. Maracangalha (Dorival Caymmi)
10. Meu Consôlo É Você (Roberto Martins / A. Nassara)
11. Feitiço da Vila (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
12. Agora É Cinza (Alcebiades Barcelos / A. Marçal)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

The same LP with different name and cover can be found on Órfãos do Loronix:

Nestor Campos e Seu Conjunto de Boite – Musica da Noite Vol.1 (1956)

Musidisc DL-1014

Nestor Campos with another album of “boite” music: Festiço, Música da Noite Vol.1 from 1956.

Travel back in time to a place and atmosphere which either does not exist any more, or is almost impossible to find. Here is the time machine:

1. Agora É Cinza (Alcebíades Barcelos “Bide” / Armando “Marçal”)
2. Arrivederci Roma (Renato Rascel / Pietro Garinei / Sandro Giovannini)
3. Madeira (Maximiniano Souza)
4. The Rose Tatoo (Harry Warren / Jack Brooks)
5. Dance e Não Se Canse (Nestor Campos)
6. C’est La Vie (E. R. White / M. Wollson)
7. Molly-O (Elmer Bernstein / Sylvia Fine)
8. Morena Boca de Ouro (Ary Barroso)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Ruy Rey e Sua Orquestra de Dancas – Te Quiero, Me Quires (1961)

Musicolor/Continental MLP 9008

Maestro Ruy Rey was featured on Parallel Realities with one career album and participating in several Carnaval recordings which you all may look up with just one CLICK.
In the newest Pedro & 300discos package I found another one of his career albums, noted on my Santa Claus list.

So here it is and so is the list of compositions he is performing with his orchestra:

01. Nossos Momentos (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa)
02. Samba Bom (Emílio Batista / Ruy Rey)
03. I’m Yours (R. Mellin)
04. Morena Linda (Dunga / Paulo Villara)
05. Gin-kana (Emílio Batista / Ruy Rey)
06. Quiereme Amame (Paulo Villara / Ruy Rey)
07. Greenfields (Terry Gilkyson / Richard Deher / Frank Miller)
08. Pra Que (Emílio Batista / Ruy Rey)
09. Agora É Cinza (Alcebíades Barcelos “Bide” / Armando “Marçal”)
10. Palo Bonito (Ricardo Rico)
11. Tudo É Ilusão (Aníbal da Silva / Eden Silva / Tufic Lauar)
12. Ansiedad (José Enrique Sarabia Rodriguez)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Pernambuco e Seu Conjunto – Em Ritmo de Danca No 2 (1958)

Polydor LPNG 4010

Pernambuco steps out of the package being downloaded as I write straight onto the dance floor, wrapped in one of the most beautiful covers I have seen lately.

If you ask me what Pernambuco‘s real name is, I will answer: Ayres da Costa Pessoa.

If you ask me who is backing him, I will answer: His Conjunoto.

If you ask me what repertoire he has prepared for dancing, I will answer:

01. Um Chorinho Pra Você (Severino Araújo)
02. Suas Mãos (Ayres da Costa Pessoa “Pernambuco” / Antônio Maria)
03. Matilda (Harry Thomas)
04. É Luxo Só (Ary Barroso / Luis Peixoto)
05. Sonhando Contigo (Anísio Silva / Fausto Guimarães)
06. It’s Not For Me To Say (Al Stillman / Robert Allen)
07. Samba de Morro (Altamiro Carrilho)
08. Se Eu Morresse Amanhã (Antônio Maria)
09. Little Darling (Maurice Williams)
10. Dama de Ouros (Zé Keti)
11. Samba Fantástico (José Toledo / Jean Manzon / Leônidas Autuori / Paulo Mendes Campos)
12. Bernardine (Johnny Mercer)

If you ask me from which state of Brazil Pernambuco comes from, I will answer:


If you ask me who sent this fine release, I will answer:

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

A Bandinha do Instituto Arruda Camara

Mocambo MR-1302

A release by the Instituto Arruda Câmara featuring an orchestra consisting of kids playing instruments and singing.
If it were not for the clear, young voices, one would assume that the music is performed by professional, grown-up musicians.

More about this project you may find out by reading a detailed text on the back cover.

How it all sounds you may find out by listening to:

01. Capitão Caçula (Theophilo D.Monteiro Magalhães) dobrado
02. Malmequer (Nassara / Frazão) marcha
03. Dorina (Francisco Freitas) samba
04. Miracema Cidade (Alberto Gomes) dobrado
05. Vassourinhas (Matias da Rocha) frevo
06. As Pastorinhas (João de Barro / Noel Rosa) marcha
07. Fita Amarela (Noel Rosa) samba
08. São Paulo Quatrocentão (Chiquinha / Garôto) dobrado
09. O Destino Desfolhou (Mario Rossi) valsa
10. Saudade de Minha Terra (Abdon Tringueiro) dobrado
11. Favela (Hekel Tavares / Joracy Camargo) samba
12. Os Palhaços (Prisco Almeida) dobrado


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Onessimo Gomes – Serestas do Brasil No 3 (1958)

Rádio 0070-GV

Onéssimo Gomes‘ premiere on Parallel Realities comes with the third volume of the Serestas do Brasil.
His discography is quite large, especially when it comes to 78 rpms which he started recording back in 1941.
His career albums count (as far as I could find out) only six, the last being released in 1963.

Enjoy a beautiful voice singing these beautiful compositions:

01. Violão (Vitório Júnior / Wilson Ferreira)
02. Deusa Da Minha Rua (Newton Teixeira / Jorge Faraj)
03. Meu Companheiro (Francisco Alves / Orestes Barbosa)
04. Professora (Benedito Lacerda / Jorge Faraj)
05. Saudades do Meu Barracão (Ataulfo Alves)
06. Transformação (Herivelto Martins)
07. Cicatrizes (Cicatrices) (Adolfo Avilés / Enrique Pedro Maroni / Vrs. Lamartine Babo)
08. Por Causa Desta Cabocla (Ary Barroso / Luis Peixoto)
09. Soluços (Sílvio Caldas / Orestes Barbosa)
10. Ave-Maria (Erothides de Campos)
11. Roxa Saudade (Heitor Catumbi)
12. Um Caboclo Apaixonado (Herivelto Martins)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Joao Maria de Abreu – Enquanto Ela Nao Chega… (1958)

Continental LPP 3040

Contrary to the previous post here is no dilemma who to invite…

A premiere of João Maria de Abreu, the piano player, and his trio.

There is a bit of confusion about the identity of João Maria de Abreu: Memoria Musical lists this album as the first and only one recorded by José Maria de Abreu. Also on melodies composed by João Maria, there is José Maria listed instead.
On the other hand when typing João Maria de Abreu in their artists search-box several albums by piano player João Maria de Abreu are listed, recorded in the period between 1976 and 1983. Is this the same João or not, I do not know. Also I do not know if João Maria de Abreu is the artistic name of José Maria de Abreu, or vice versa.
Or is it all just a typing mistake?

Anyway, don’t let this mystery spoil you the pleasure of a romantic dinner with these suitable compositions adding to the atmosphere and anticipation:

01. Você (João Maria de Abreu)
02. Nunca (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
03. Conselheiro (João Maria de Abreu)
04. Meiguice (K-Ximbinho / Del Loro)
05. Cidinha (João Maria de Abreu)
06. Mocinho Bonito (Billy Blanco)
07. You Are My Destiny (Paul Anka)
08. Moonlight In Vermont (John Blackburn / Karl Suessdorf)
09. There Will Never Be a Another You (Harry Warren / Mack Gordon)
10. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern / Otto Harbach)
11. Melodie D’Amour (Henri Salvador / Marc Lanjean)
12. Cachito (Consuelo Velasquez)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

DEDUCTION by Hercule Poirot:
The answer to this question about João and José, ah, c’est vraiment três simple, mon cher Milan: The man writing on Memoria Musical, il est un bon catholique. He goes to church tous les dimanches, and what can be more logical for this man than to write in haste José Maria instead of João Maria.