Nikola Petković – The American Dream of the Serbian Van Gogh – E-book (2012)

The regular visitor of Parallel Realities has surely noticed that there was a pause in updates during about one month.
I was deeply absorbed in another pleasant matter:
I had the honor to be part of bringing to light another forgotten artist: Nikola Petković (1893-1952), a Serbian painter who lived & painted in Pittsburgh USA during the previous century.
It all happened quite by accident… I got contacted by phone over another matter by Miloš Vujasinović, a passionate art collector, previously unknown to me. During the conversation it turned out that Vujasinović had, together with Dr.Stanislav Zivković, a renewed historian of art and art critic, written a book about Nikola Petković and was looking for someone who can help him design and prepare it for print.
Well, it took us about a month to finalize the prepress as well as an E-book version, printed on CD in a limited edition and given away for free to a selected audience.

In short: A 144 pages book written in both Serbian and English, richly illustrated which you are welcome to enjoy by downloading & reading it as PDF.


Créditos: Dr.Stanislav Živković / Miloš Vujasinović