Conjunto Bossa Nova – Bossa e Bossa EP (1960)

Odeon BWB 1152

A conjunto wich has recorded, as far as I know, only this one 4 track EP, consisting of musicians with familiar sounding names: Luiz Paulo , Helcio Milto , Bebeto , Luiz Carlos , Bill Horn and Roberto Menescal did have a premiere on loronix a long time ago.
Consider this post as the modified first reprise. Modified, as this is a different rip, done, as you have correctly guessed, by Anonymous and sent to us via 300 discos.

Close your eyes and travel back in time to a world which does not exist anymore, except, maybe, in your memories and for sure in my imagination, while playing these tracks loud and clear:

1. Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
2. Não Faz Assim
(Oscar Castro Neves)
3. Minha Saudade
(João Donato / João Gilberto)
4. Ceu E Mar
(Johnny Alf)


Créditos: Anonymous & 300 discos