Neyde Fraga – Um Milhão de Estrelas (1957)

Оdеоn МОDВ 3081

To continue with lost & forgotten 10 Inch albums by ladies, here is another premiere on Parallel Realities:
This time it is singer Neyde Fraga whose two (out of three) career albums have been available to all interested ever since Loronix posted them.
Her first album, this 10 Inch presented today called Um Milhão de Estrelas, recorded for Оdеоn in 1957, is finally brought to light thanks to Pedro & 300 discos.

Luiz Aruda Paes with orchestra and choir accompanies Neyde Fraga on tracks 1, 4, 6 and 8.

The complete albums consists of these songs:

1. Um Milhão De Estrelas (Júlio Nagib / Bernardo Cascarelli Jr. “xixa”)  Bolero
2. Juca (Haroldo Barbosa) Fox
3. Bando de Jardim (Bob Júnior / E. Badaró) Baião
4. Bangalô de Chocolate (Macedo Guedes / Miranda Alves) Samba-choro
5. Lili (Нi-lili Нi-lo) (Вronislaw Kaрer / Нelen Deutsсh / Vrs. Haroldo Barbosa) Valsa
6. Fica Вonzinho (Denis Вrean / Вlota Júnior) Samba-choro
7. Mãe Eu Juro (Peteleco / Marques Filho) Samba
8. A Dança Do Вeijo (La Danse Du Вaiser) (Miсhel Legrand / Eddie Вarсlaу / Vrs. Juraci Mendes)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos


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