Marilena Cairo Canta Para Você (1956)

Sinter SLP 1086

If there is something that I would label as almost impossible, then it is the chance to find an album recorded during the golden years of Brazilian music (1955-1964) by a lady whom I have neither heard singing, nor have I previously even been aware of her existence.

But in the innumerable infinite parallel realities existing simultaneously one next to the other, everything that is possible is possible, especially if you have support from friends. Has been proven many times and is proven again today.

In short: When opening the newest package kindly sent to us by Pedro & 300 discos there she was:

Marilena Cairo, with her only album:  Canta Para Você, a 10 Inch recorded in 1956.

A short check on the net revealed the fact that Marilena Cairo was a radio singer, and that she has recorded at least ten 78 rpms and this solitary 10 Inch.
At the moment I can only guess why her career stopped after that: Probably because of a marriage.
There is also a text about her on the back cover of this album, altogether not very informative, so if somebody knows more he is welcome to share his knowledge. So are eventual owners of some of her other recordings willing to share them.

Here is the chance to get along with Marilena Cairo while she is singing these 8 songs under the musical direction of  Leal BritoBritinho”:

1. Fita Meus Olhos (Peterpan)
2. Folha Morta (Ary Barroso)
3. Os Rios Correm Pro Mar (Custódio Mesquita / Evaldo Ruy)
4. Ninguém Para Amar (Anísio Silva / C. Portela)
5. Quem Me Dera (Anísio Silva / C. Portela)
6. Aniversário Da Saudade (Aldacir Louro / Santos Garcia)
7. Se Eu Pudesse (José Maria de Abreu / Jair Amorim)
8. Eu Sei (Alberto Paz / Carlinhos)


Revelation by: Pedro & 300 discos


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