Waldir Calmon – Romance Sin Palabras

Some weeks ago I downloaded 9 (out of 12) Waldir Calmon – Romance Sin Palabras compositions from a user called Pinh3rO. I tried to find the 3 missing tracks but in vain. As the chances to find them seem to be very slim, I decided to post what I have.
So this is an incomplete Waldir Calmon album for which I even do not know the track order…
If I find the tracks and the answers to the track order question, I will complete the zip and repost it. If not, well, enjoy it as it is.
Romance Sin Palabras
Noche de ronda
Lagrimas de Sangue
Nosotros (missing)
Acertate Mas
Separados Nada Somos
Vereda Tropical
Tres palabras
Traicoeira (missing)
Desesperadamente (missing)

3 thoughts on “Waldir Calmon – Romance Sin Palabras

  1. sorry, can't find it too… 😉

    do you know Daisy Guastini? very nice, produced by waldir calmon.

    what a question, you know…

    i'm looking for Lila everytime, i have to look in rio, i think… 😉


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