Tito Madi – Carinho e Amor (1976)

This post is a result of a mistake. Actually I was searching the net for an album by Tito Madi & Ribamar called Carinho e Amor, recorded in 1960. I managed to find a zip labeled Tito Madi – Carinho e Amor which I downloaded immediately, only to find out that Tito Madi has recorded another album with the same name in 1976, but without Ribamar (and his conjunto)… Anyway, Ribamar fans can find two of his albums on this blog (a few posts down) but Tito Madi fans will for sure be rejoicing to find their favorite singer here.
Iako je Dan mladosti prosao pre neki dan, evo ja ga naknadno obelezavam objavljivanjem albuma na kome peva drug Tito (Tito Madi), bez da mu klicu pioniri i razdragani gradjani.
Dakle: Drug Tito u misiji mira:

  1. Minha Mangueira
  2. Menina Moça
  3. Sorriu Pra Mim
  4. Ligia
  5. Só Vive Quem Morreu de Amor
  6. Gauchinha Bem Querer
  7. Carinho e Amor
  8. Não Foi Pra Ficar Só
  9. Tomara
  10. Crises
  11. Canção Do Nosso Amor
  12. Deus Me Perdoe – Helena, Helena



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