Elenco Radio Teatral – Moura Torta & Ali Baba e Os 50 Ladroes

RCA Victor 13-H2CP

Now an unexpected third album for today, this one could have been characterized as for children only, were it not for the fact that hard core Lindolfo Gaya and Zaccarias fans are more likely to be found in the grown up population.

If you understand Portuguese or if are just interested to collect every piece of music performed by the two Maestros:

Aranjos Musicais de Gaya
Zaccarias e Sua Orquestra

you will for sure enjoy:

Lado A: 

Moura Torta (Armando Louzada – Thieza)
01. Parte 1
02. Parte 2
03. Parte 3
04. Parte 4

Lado B:
Ali Babá e Os 40 Ladrões (Thieza – Augusto Mesquita)
05. Parte 1
06. Parte 2
07. Parte 3
08. Parte 4
Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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