Maria Lidia – Por Tudo E Tanto (1991)

RJ Fonográfica RJLP 90.006

When posting the previous album by Maria Lidia, I mentioned that there is another album by her. This statement proved true almost immediately. Actually it was waiting in the same (huge) package received from Pedro & 300discos where from I fished it out one day later.


1. Merengue Latino (Ronaldo Silva)
2. Por Tudo e Tanto (Maria Lidia)
3. Simples Olhar (Maria Lidia)
4. Negra Cunhã (Maria Lidia)
5. Introdução do Amor (Maria Lidia / Nego Nelson)
6. Mãe Maria (Maria Lidia)
7. Ai de Nós (Maria Lidia)
8. Insinuantes (Maria Lidia / Nego Nelson)
9. A Solidão E A Noite (Maria Lidia)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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