Waldir Calmon – Feito Para Dançar Nº 8 (1957)

Here we go with another present from Santa Claus sent via The Trackfinder.
01. Sabiá de Mangueira
02. Hino Ao Amor
03. Coquetel
04. Pé De Anjo
05. Agora É Cinza
06. Se Você Jurar
07. Urubú Malandro
08. Amoroso
09. Un Amore Splendido
10. Ouça
11. Esperame En El Cielo
12. Anastasia
Creditos: The Trackfinder (Trackfinder Brazil)
P.S. The Trackfinder‘s passion is transferring and remastering his vinyl collection to CD.
Corisco is his label…
EDIT: The included back cover had a mistake: Instead of “Feito Para Dançar Nº 8” it was written “Nº 9”
HERE is the correct back cover


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