Waldir Calmon – Feito Para Dançar Nº 6. (1957)

Breaking news!
I just received one of Santa Claus‘ packages!
Waldir Calmon‘s Feito Para Dançar Nr. 6 that The Trackfinder sent to me in form of another one of his Corisco Records CD productions. In the package are also the scans of the original front and back LP covers, as well as the complete CD covers.
Together with it went a mail explaining that the LP was in a really bad condition (which is unbelievable as it is less than 60 years old…) but I think his cleaning efforts have been quite successful.
It is common knowledge that I like Waldir Calmon’s music and I hope that also you will enjoy these tracks:
01 Anema E Core
02 Te Voio Ben
03 Solamente Una Vez
04 Non Dimenticar
05 Serra Da Boa Esperança
06 Baianada
07 Summertime In Venice
08 Samba
09 Tudo É Amor
10 Aos Pés Da Cruz
11 Perdido
12 Feitio de Oração
Creditos: Santa Claus / The Trackfinder


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