Anares Diaz e Seu Violao – Colecao de Modinhas (1960)

Chantecler CMG 2077

Violão player, composer and singer Anares Diaz has, as far as I could find out, released only this one album and then gone with the waves…

The linear notes about him and each of his compositions can be read on the back cover text, signed by Almeida.

Enjoy his premiere consisting of his presentation of his modinhas. The artistic direction is by Diogo Mulero (Palmeira):

01. Somente Pra Você (Anares Diaz)
02. Vento Frio (Anares Diaz)
03. Saci-pererê (Anares Diaz)
04. Ondas da Praia (Anares Diaz)
05. Adeus Cidade (Anares Diaz)
06. Tic-tac do Coração (Anares Diaz)
07. Grito de Carnaval (Anares Diaz)
08. Você Diz Que Não Namora (Anares Diaz)
09. Lamento (Anares Diaz)
10. Tango (Anares Diaz)
11. Saudade (Anares Diaz)
12. Teu Olhar Faceiro (Anares Diaz)
13. A Boiuna (Anares Diaz)
14. Paraguaia Linda (Anares Diaz)
15. Morena Moreninha (Anares Diaz)
16. A Marcha do Feijão (Anares Diaz)
17. Rio Mar (Anares Diaz)
18. Meu Amor (Anares Diaz)
19. Não Me Abandones (Anares Diaz)

As shown on the front cover:


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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