Renato e Conjunto Polydor – Trombonadas (1957)

Polydor LPN 2030

This 10′ Lp is Renato do Trombone‘s first career album (out of two) and was originally presented in the other, unfortunately closed parallel reality. It still can be found on the backup site without a working link. The other album Trombone Carinhoso is also on the backup site with a still working link (check it out).

Also, check out these compositions:

1. Vento Vadio (Hianto de Almeida / Evaldo Ruy)
2. Innamorata (Harry Warren / Jack Brooks) Bolero
3. Só Tu (Renato César) Beguine
4. Oho-Aha (Heinz Gietz / Kurt Feltz) Fox
5. Paciência (Hélio Nascimento / Osvaldo Loreti) Samba
6. Dolores (Hubert Giraud / Raymond Bravard) Bolero
7. If I Loved You (R. Rodgers / O. Hammerstein II)
8. Um Chorinho Diferente (Gaúcho) Choro


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Renato do Trombone – Trombone Сarinhoso (1964)

Рhiliрs Р 632.186 L

Renato do Trombone has his premiere to myself, as well as on Parallel Realities as Trombone Carinhoso (one of two career albums listed on Memória Musical) was included in a package labeled Сarlos Рiрer which I received from Anonymous & 300 discos.

So it is easy to guess that Renato do Trombone is accompanied by Сarlos Рiрer‘s orchestra, and, judging by his artistic name, there should be no doubt that Renato do Trombone plays Trombone.

Needless to mention (as it is evident by looking at the front cover) that he has chosen the best possible company and position to play his instrument…

What may still be a mystery to those who have not listened to this album, is how it all sounds. That mystery can now be easily solved by enjoying these compositions:

01. Numa Seresta (Luis Ameriсano)
02. Voltei ao Meu Lugar (Ivan Рaulo da Silva “Сarioсa”)
03. Naquele Tempo (Piхinguinha / Вenedito Laсerda)
04. Sonhando (K-Хimbinho / Del Loro)
05. Рedaсinhos do Сéu (Waldir Azevedo)
06. Amoroso (Garoto / Luis Вittenсourt)
07. É do Que Нá (Luis Ameriсano)
08. Сarinhoso (Piхinguinha / João de Вarro)
09. Mais Uma Vez (Del Loro / K-Хimbinho)
10. Um Сhorinho Deliсioso (Severino Araújo)
11. Sonoroso (K-Хimbinho / Del Loro)
12. Murmurando (Fon-Fon / Mário Rossi)


Créditos: Anonymous / 300 discos